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website — booking the entire haircare australia education portfolio is available to book online and it couldn’t be easier to secure your spot book in advance to avoid disappointment and have the ability to track all your bookings in one place learn more about our range of courses and educators and discover a new world of industry-leading education simply visit browse our education listing or search for your desired brand or course and book the dates and locations to suit book online now terms conditions due to the high demand for our courses and limited spots available all courses must be purchased upfront on our website using a credit or debit card bulk discounts may apply

haircare australia — guest artists 10 renya xydis damien rinaldo jules tognini valonz haircutters boris the cuttery aka togninis reyna xydis’ stellar career in editorial and runway work has emblazoned her name in hairdressing foke lore every year reyna puts her hair director hat on taking part in australia new york and london fashion weeks back in sydney xydis divides her time between her salons working with celebrity clientele including nicole kidman cate blanchett naomi watts toni collette richard roxburgh hugh jackman geoffrey rush miranda otto and ian thorpe roll out the red carpet @valonzhaircutters damien rinaldo winner of multiple awards hearts and meat trays has birthed boris the cuttery ed boris has a wry grin a chink in his tooth and a cabinet full of trophies not all of them real boris represents a fresh approach to hairdressing with attention to service and exacting quality at the top of his impressive resumé the compositional mood of boris ed’s

haircare australia — education team 16 steven hay andrew maltman justin o’daniel vic vic sa with a strong passion for art fashion and science steven hay’s progression to niching in colour was a natural one unsurprisingly his skills have taken him far and wide steven’s strength is his colour abilities he’s the selfanointed king of foiling having spent a large portion of his career teaching sectioning and foiling techniques in the uk yes he’s a perfectionist – which is perfect for his clients and students you know you’re always going to get the best andrew maltman has seen his fair share of hair trends starting his career back in the early 80’s he’s seen stunners and shockers but it’s all part of the fun for andrew his skills are rooted in the area of colouring but as an educator he’s a natural in front of a crowd constantly refining and growing his abilities as a presenter by learning from others andrew

togninis — lil off the top what is lil’ off the top who are we and what do we do well we are still trying to figure that out ourselves what we do know is that we dig hair we love to share and we fancy doing all of this with a great big f@ckin’ smile on our dials lott is education you will learn something you will bring it back to the salon your clients will love it they may even try to shag you what it isn’t is the type of education you sit in the back row texting nudie pictures to your lover what is peepshow sorry to disappoint but it s not the nudie bar you are used to wasting dollar bills in the must do master class for non masters it’s all about tailor making education for you and your team getting inside your head and figuring out what you really want and getting rid of all the other bullsht get the educator of your choosing all to yourselves we are your monkeys make us dance to your own rhythm nothing you think up is too crazy cutting

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