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haircare australia — guest artists 10 renya xydis damien rinaldo jules tognini valonz haircutters boris the cuttery aka togninis reyna xydis’ stellar career in editorial and runway work has emblazoned her name in hairdressing foke lore every year reyna puts her hair director hat on taking part in australia new york and london fashion weeks back in sydney xydis divides her time between her salons working with celebrity clientele including nicole kidman cate blanchett naomi watts toni collette richard roxburgh hugh jackman geoffrey rush miranda otto and ian thorpe roll out the red carpet @valonzhaircutters damien rinaldo winner of multiple awards hearts and meat trays has birthed boris the cuttery ed boris has a wry grin a chink in his tooth and a cabinet full of trophies not all of them real boris represents a fresh approach to hairdressing with attention to service and exacting quality at the top of his impressive resumé the compositional mood of boris ed’s cutting and styling involve the natural elements and textures of the hair’s silhouette allowing blending floating shapes to survive with rigid geometries @borisboriswho he drinks beer gives hugs shares smiles and wears ripped jeans you know who we’re talking about more than simply a personality jules tognini is a lifestyle inspired by everyday simplicity and a look representing all things individual if hairdressing was f1 jules tognini holds poll position founder creative director salon director international ambassador award winner… the list goes on he’s fun personable and injects life into everything he does with his hands @liloffthetop