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haircare australia — education team 16 steven hay andrew maltman justin o’daniel vic vic sa with a strong passion for art fashion and science steven hay’s progression to niching in colour was a natural one unsurprisingly his skills have taken him far and wide steven’s strength is his colour abilities he’s the selfanointed king of foiling having spent a large portion of his career teaching sectioning and foiling techniques in the uk yes he’s a perfectionist – which is perfect for his clients and students you know you’re always going to get the best andrew maltman has seen his fair share of hair trends starting his career back in the early 80’s he’s seen stunners and shockers but it’s all part of the fun for andrew his skills are rooted in the area of colouring but as an educator he’s a natural in front of a crowd constantly refining and growing his abilities as a presenter by learning from others andrew always encapsulates his audience fascinated with hair from a young age – the way people could change their hair colour – he just had to know how to do it he’s worked on the floor managed a salon taken part in fashion shows and now he’s technical educator at haircare australia his evolution matches the progressive industry he works in no two days are the same and there’s always something new to learn justin o’ daniel is one of those talents to envy he’s scientific and creative he uses the right and left side of this brain this means his colours and styles are always on point justin always pushes the envelope to understand and challenge how things work – and see if it can be done better.