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togninis — lil off the top what is lil’ off the top who are we and what do we do well we are still trying to figure that out ourselves what we do know is that we dig hair we love to share and we fancy doing all of this with a great big f@ckin’ smile on our dials lott is education you will learn something you will bring it back to the salon your clients will love it they may even try to shag you what it isn’t is the type of education you sit in the back row texting nudie pictures to your lover what is peepshow sorry to disappoint but it s not the nudie bar you are used to wasting dollar bills in the must do master class for non masters it’s all about tailor making education for you and your team getting inside your head and figuring out what you really want and getting rid of all the other bullsht get the educator of your choosing all to yourselves we are your monkeys make us dance to your own rhythm nothing you think up is too crazy cutting colouring styling men ladies mannequins live models business photoshoots look and learn if you can think it up we can produce want to know more thought you would enquire at or jump online and have a wander at @bennitognini @bennitognini @liloffthetop @liloffthetop 46.