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issue 41 – mastery f or us at haircare australia mastery means power of command and control not of others but of you educating pushing and networking to ultimately be a superior version of yourself as a person and professional – a master of your own destiny there’s nothing quite like the power of choice being in a position to choose the next step of your career your next employee or even your next holiday and that’s what we strive to provide hairdressers salon owners and artists alike choice this starts with one of the country’s largest education prospectus’ and travels through to a competitive product portfolio and progressive team of creative business leaders marketers industry veterans and award winning artists as a collective we want to provide you the client the tools intelligence and inspiration to further yourself to ultimately become a master of your future wealth and happiness as a hairdresser and human being and what is mastery

— development seek your domain at haircare australia we truly believe hairdressing is the greatest industry in the world why because the possibilities are endless no two hairdressers have the same vision skill set or style for some colour is the key for others it’s all about the texture and then there’s the type inspired by numbers each as crucial as the next when it comes to building a stronger more successful industry now and in the future from lakmé to evo and our business summit we work to support and celebrate every hairdresser s career path and present here a quick and easy quiz that might just help those in need of a little guidance when it comes to the best hair journey for them 1 the professional haircare brand you appreciate the most is 2 when you think of olaplex you think about a how you can upsell the service not only to colour clients but to your weekly blow-dry clients too that s a significant increase in weekly takings b making sure every

— event w ith the growth of australian hairdressing always top of mind haircare australia views hair expo as an integral platform to inform inspire and unite the industry not only with a powerful stead of products and professionals but with one another occupying prime position on the exhibition floor showcasing brands including olaplex babyliss verb and fabuloso pro for customised coloured conditioners haircare welcomed record numbers in traffic and activity enjoying the opportunity to chat trials and triumphs with valued clientele and always taking the chance to listen and take on board valued feedback it was over in the education rooms however where the culture and influence of the company truly made its impact hundreds of delegates walking away with fresh perspectives and technical insights as delivered by the likes of guy tang the schorem barbers and jules tognini » hca

— salon t he bearded man is a percolating pot of no-rules cool and no hierarchy this is a new kind of classroom and we’ve just been schooled by head barber josh mihan okay let’s start with the bearded women you have on deck – how does that work josh laughs “yeah it works really well girls really like coming here because they know they can come in and feel really comfortable straight away you’re not sitting on a little couch waiting to be called through our clients all sit around a big table like part of a community they talk and have a coffee.” the bearded man – school s out forever so you don’t need a beard to book “of course not the bearded man to me is an open space that’s welcoming to everyone it’s not just a haircut a wet shave or a trim as soon as someone comes in and sits in a chair it’s about making it an experience for them we work a lot on our culture and everything we do is about making

“health education everything to do with posture is very important at suki we frequently get a chiropractor podiatrist and kinesiologist into the salon training in relationships and conflict management is also important two skills particularly relevant to the salon owner’s educations.” “our industry has incredible trainers that run independently and within companies and again we all have access to them there is no reason not to be highly skilled technically and on a personal level as well.” “it’s about managing yourself and this reflects onto the clients someone with a positive physical and emotional energy always reflects well on the client,” believes sandy part of managing yourself is managing your perspective when visualising creative collections be it for hair expo or salon marketing create independently be influenced but don’t imitate at the end of the day we’re all living in the same world and are exposed to the

the cloud nine wand moroccanoil dry shampoo dark tones minimalist mastery hair director – lauren mccowan hair assistant – jennipher van bogart photography – jesse english styling – bex sheers make-up – ingeborg 30

r e n or odwe pr the gift of gold buy a limited edition gold cloud nine original or wide iron receive an exclusive styling set a ch u r 00 p 1 th er i t wd ov f i g lue va

— development how do you respond to a client when he/she brings in a celebrity reference unachievable/unsuitable to them honesty is key be tactful use your knowledge talk about natural base level skin tone maintenance and upkeep stick to facts and there will be no room for offence or misjudgement best of all the client will understand why it won’t work what are some key words and phrases stylists/technicians should consider when introducing their client to the fab pro concept during consultation introducing home haircare is not always easy often stylists feel like they are trying to push or ‘sell’ to their client when the fact is they are helping their client if the client communicates that they often have trouble maintaining depth or cool/warm tones in their hair and you have a completely personalised product that can change this you should be so excited to tell them and inform them of the benefits of a product like fab pro at what stage of the colour

got from a to b ingredients and their short and long term effects so this is a decision that makes sense to us,” said abbie dedicated to products that deliver to the hair culture of her salon and clientele abbie has endorsed olaplex since it first launched in new zealand and relishes the freedom it has since enabled her team “it has not only allowed us to be more creative but we’re able to give clients something scientific it’s not just goop in a bottle it’s a proven science and we know the results are instant.” “we use olaplex throughout every aspect of the salon service from blow-dries to global colour applications not just lightening it delivers on much more than that,” said abbie “following the business summit i returned to the salon and said to the team ‘i think it’s time we revisit our vision and salon policies and basically rewrite everything so it’s current and relevant to the team and clientele we

r enya xydis the pink haired redlipped dynamo that elevated the sydney salon landscape and set standards for ‘session styling’ in australia has built a cult following in valonz haircutters and propelled profiles in the likes of travis balcke – eugene souleiman’s right hand man cloud nine ambassador celebrity stylist savvy business woman and the driver of trend-defining instagram accounts @sydneysbesthaircolourists and @valonzhaircutters it’s a busy burgeoning life for renya xydis – one punctuated with a stream of timeless beauty moments that make pictures to last a lifetime but it hasn’t been all high times and hero hair moments while today you’ll find her working the fashion week circuit from new york to paris settling the likes of cate blanchett into her chair or creating on-set for vogue and marie claire what people don’t see are the years of sacrifice and hard work renya has invested to manifest her life today we all