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issue 42 — enlighten “people talk about environmental issues like ‘this is what might happen in the future’ … but we’re here the sh t’s hitting the fan now,” the plastic age a documentary by i-d a powerful and very true statement today there is no excuse not to be environmentally conscious our planet is in some serious trouble and as a result so are we but the good news is that together we can make a difference firstly as a salon owner if you’re not already a sustainable salons australia partner … why not paul frasca and his partner ewelina soroko are doing an incredible job in making the salon industry synonymous with sustainability together as an industry we’re getting noticed for it so do your bit and jump on board never ones to preach without practice we here at haircare australia are continuously updating our systems products and procedures to make a difference we hope that with issue 42 of the haircare

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even if you don’t have much control over the hours you have to put in take a minute to ask yourself one of the most important questions of all “what other ways am i bringing greater enjoyment into my life?” for starters business owners are putting increasing pressure on themselves to achieve greater results and as a result they are expecting more from staff too there’s a knock-on effect however maintaining work-life balance is not only important for your personal health and relationships it can also improve the efficiency of your work performance maintaining a work-life balance seems counterintuitive at first but apparently it really does work we spoke to kirra longmuir of trendz hair studio located in the lifestyle mecca and sun-soaked holiday destination of choice for millions of people the gold coast kirra said “my company went from just a few stylists to 20 staff in what felt like overnight i had to quickly adjust and realised that cutting back from

— insight eco-warriors — doing good is also good for business but just how good do you need to be these days i s there a secret to being good you probably consider yourself and your salon to be quite good already so why make a fuss about it in this issue of hca magazine we’re exploring the virtuosos of virtue the mentalities of the environmentally aware and the power to be gained by professing your love for doing what many of your customers now think should come naturally eco-warriors fight hard because they have a long fight ahead of them the incentives aren’t always clear but attached to their do-good nature is a business strategy that probably wasn’t even part of their strategy to begin with so grab something sharp you’ll need it to survive in the new battleground for salons who want to be the best at being good but let’s attack things logically… to begin with the most important thing to know is that if you want to do your part

— insight “80 of our suppliers are family run business we are like one big family.” — geoff gauvin hca managing director t he haircare australia story is a special one not just for its ground-breaking products leading collective of profiles and upmost professionalism but further more when you consider the journey of what has become an unstoppable family affair travelling right back to the beginning 40 years ago haircare australia hca founders geoff and jan gauvin opened a humble salon and a simple approach to tracking profit and loss – a box compartmentalised into sections for electricity wages and so on in 1974 the pair realised an opportunity to launch a salon-only wholesale business servicing sa and nt alone and evolved rapidly into a portfolio of over 20 brands “family has always been the centre-stone of geoff and jan’s efforts and i’m privileged to be their son and to be able to work in this business along side of them along

— insight n ot hing to see here — are you in a bit of a messy muddle clutter can breed chaos but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it e ven the biggest and busiest salons can keep a cap on clutter by eliminating those unnecessary and all-too distracting disorder zones it’s time to tidy up and reap the rewards clutter has become a part of our everyday vernacular there are books blogs and television shows about it one of the new york times best sellers is dedicated to de-cluttering homes but what about the workplace it’s easy to miss clutter at work because you’re busy working but keep in mind your clients aren’t working and unsightly clutter can have a serious negative impact on their opinion of you and your salon even though clutter is physical the affects can be felt most on our minds that goes for everyone including you and your staff if you want to lift productivity creativity and build your brand as well as your client base

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— insight mirror the brain is now working as a whole this allows for calmer more organized creative thinking rather than ‘thinking in circles,’” says matt ringrose of bondi meditation w e’re a busy bunch not just hairdressers and business owners everyone it’s so easy to get caught up in ourselves our journey today tomorrow and where we’ll be 10 years from now and not just in relation to our physical existence our social persona too how many likes did that last post get what filter should i use how many followers does this salon or educator profile have compared to mine generally speaking when we’re not working socialising or engaging life administration our heads are down buried in artificial connectivity and social status when do we stop breathe and embrace awareness arguably the true practice for self-acceptance and success less and less it seems so how do we become more mindful louise kirchner of anaka salon melbourne has

smooth and control that frizzy mop of stray-away cray with evo mane tamer shampoo conditioner and lockdown leave-in treatment make peace with the beast smooth tame the strays found wherever good hairdressers are stocked exclusively distributed by haircare australia for stockist queries call 1300 437 436 or email

— event a new york minute a fter a week of hair fashion business and culture the evo new york study tour nyst delegates return to their corners of the globe with a professional and creative outlook that simply can’t be taught through traditional education “i think what makes the new york study tour program successful is that no matter who you are what level you’re at or what you’re into we offer a touch-point to every facet of the industry,” says haircare australia creative director lauren mccowan from fashion week to photo shoots styling colour and cutting education business and networking the new york study tour covers it all in what has to be the creative epicentre of the world “for me the highlight is always the team building and amazing networking that happens between attendees lifelong personal and professional bonds that are made to grow the industry as a global network,” says lauren year-in-year-out this nyst network is