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issue 43 — beyond 30 beyond for most of us every day is a process of forecasting the weather yes but what to expect in the 18-plus waking hours ahead who will we meet how will they make us feel what will we achieve and what challenges might we incur forecasting allows us to prepare emotionally mentally and physically for what’s ahead it sets us up for success always putting the strongest version of ourselves forward as we embark on a new year and look ahead to a fresh creative canvas we have every chance to forecast and prepare for a year of great moments as humans and professionals it might be something simple like a new hot tool retailing incentive designed to really drive your bottom line or perhaps 2018 is the year you’ll master the colour correction service or jump a plane to barcelona and immerse yourself in historic culture and the lakmé manufacturing plant whatever it is you can rest assured that here at haircare australia we have the products people

blonde breakthrough a groundbreaking collection that enhances and brightens highlighted high-lift platinum and silver hair by using natural spirulina natural violet and grape skin extracts rather than 100 artificial colourants use daily for more vibrant fresher looking shades of blonde platinum and grey exclusively distributed by haircare australia for stockist enquiries call 1300 437 436 or visit

— insight highlight the tour offers a new city landscape and series of experiences events and creative opportunities to tap into “the hca barcelona study tour is designed to provide a professional development experience for senior colourists colourists seem to miss out on these types of experiences and we want to change that,” says ward staff to travel to education sessions so we’re responding with down to earth presentations and cool relaxed environments education not sales sessions,” says ward and the best part hca know how busy this industry is so simply head to at any time any day 24/7 to book online h with the men’s grooming space showing no sign of slowing hca’s prized men’s line reuzel is set to debut on the hca education calendar in 2018 with three courses on the gentleman’s table hca have listened to the needs of their valued salon and stylist network and in 2018 are focused on the concept of mobile

— insight retail ready hot tools — retailing it’s the one area of any salon business – regional inner city 6 chairs or 60 – that shows room to improve especially when it comes to hot tools w ith the power to literally turn your bottom line around retailing should be consistent considerate and as every hairdresser knows start as soon as the client steps into the salon prior to consultation successful retailing begins with the stylist it starts with the mindset or understanding that you’re not ‘selling’ to the client so much as educating them on the products and tools to make their life easier we focus on seven top tips for better hot tool retailing 2 hair plan ensure any client leaving the salon with a fresh colour or hot tool also leaves with a customised ‘hair plan’ – the products they must use to prevent hair from damage and importantly how and when to use them 20 hca 1 educate educate educate use the

rkin 35 cas hermès • bi sis • n ce pri oo m • um f e nt y u nic b e a orn u pl t y at i ne ch l a s tix c at an eub londe • m li e pl a tin u m • d eta n glin g rins nt evo fa bulos o • pla tin um blo nd e atme ir • tre lt ra c la u é m k la id rch ult ra c la ir • s hamp re a in g c — for colour that won’t crumble this season we’re seeking ultra violet rays lakmé b le a ch lak mé k blonde • tom ford • velvet o — product artlutelo vi nu m lakmé k.blonde • bleaching clay lou r #mydentity • ha ir co hca

beyond — behind the lens with moroccanoil creative direction – michele mcquillan for moroccanoil photographer – michelle tran make-up – chereine waddell stylist – sascha virgil 30 hca moroccanoil texture

— insight a brush with f.a.m.e — most of the major names in our industry have one thing in common – along their journey they have been a part of the f.a.m.e team 36 hca a ‌‌n initiative that spans two decades and two continents f.a.m.e team has kickstarted the growth of the industry’s biggest names nationally and internationally the four lucky individuals who won the year-long program of money-can’t-buy opportunities and mentorship in 2017 were fortunate enough to be supported by the best in professional products and tools via evo and cloud nine throughout their journey of stage appearances and jet setting evo and cloud nine became extensions of jamie furlan joe ribera dion lee andrew and marie cain’s hands the group list the products and tools they simply couldn’t have completed the journey

— insight themed reads — the books and printed matter that will help you and your business grow this year mindfulness a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world mark williams danny penman creating a calm space between your ears in the hair industry takes more than skill it requires dedication in an increasingly busy world it can be hard to forget your schedule of stresses but it’s incredibly important for mental health and overall productivity to create moments of inner calm mindfulness is the bestselling book by mark williams and danny penman that will create calm within you based on mindfulness-based cognitive therapy mbct – a successful form of brief meditation – this book works because it focuses on the positive the authors have a simple tactic to help you focus on adding joy to your life rather than focusing energy on trying to eradicate unhappiness fashion the sartorialist x – scott schumann if you’re not already

— product go all out this mother’s day 1 cloud nine the gift of love available with the cloud nine original or wide iron 2 moroccanoil marchesa gift with purchase available in hydrate repair and volume 3 evo eye spy available in hydrate repair and volume 46 hca

— insight the team from archie co in adelaide south australia al en c e “so many people who are academically trained have high iq but we’re really noticing that eq emotional intelligence is one of the most important things in our industry and for many industries,” she says “we need to be able to empathise and connect with our team just like we expect our team to empathise with our clients.” “we don’t have to have that duty of care but we just know that investing into our people makes such a huge difference.” — mandy mattiske this successful approach to running a salon didn’t happen through intuition alone mandy says she and stephen put a lot of effort into educating themselves prior to launching basin having a solid business plan and undergoing business coaching was instrumental to learning the immutable laws of profit and loss as well as less obvious tenets like business culture and empathy “we had been