YS Park Product Catalogue 2014 by Haircare Australia

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ys park professional tools ys chignon clip lg no.90 2 ys horse tail neck brush black 54504 gold 54508 silver 54500 54400 • light strong rounded aluminium body no grip marks • extra strong spring • holes for heat escape • finger length easy to use • shaped to the contour of the head • 100 natural horse hair • waffled horse tail mane to gently and effectively remove fine short hair stubbles from around the nape and collar line ys heavy metal mesh diffuser large 54100 small 54104 • metal mesh heats up to reach temperature close to that of the hair dryer • infra-red heat improves the flexibility of the hair • dries hair whilst retaining moisture • hair becomes glossy and shiny • use for natural styling or on foiled and set hair for faster processing