YS Park Product Catalogue 2014 by Haircare Australia

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ys park hair pins five star steel strong dependable intelligent design slip free grip comfortable hold create beautiful secure upstyles and beyond stored in convenient tins for stylists on the move 41mm 52mm 54mm 52mm 44mm ys bobby pin brown 41mm 808 45pc 54600 ys ripple pin black 52mm 815 53pc 54602 ys ripple pin black 44mm 816 52pc 54604 ys fringe pin brown 52mm 817 14gm 54606 • short strong pin • best for securing thin panels of hair and hair ornaments • .9mm thickness • medium sized pin • best for medium to long hair • .85mm thickness • small pin • .4mm thickness • super fine pin • best for undetectable hold 54mm 41mm 50mm 41mm 50mm ys flat bobby pin blue/brown 54mm 820 32pc 54608 • flat flared bobby pin 73mm 52mm 51mm 52mm ys chignon pin brown 54mm 821 24pc 54610 ys bobby pin brown 41mm/50mm mix 822 20/15pc 54612 ys bobby pin wave brown 41mm/50mm mix 823 20/15pc 54614 ys ripple pin brown 52mm/73mm mix 824 20/15pc 54616 ys fine fringe brown 51mm/ripple 52mm mix 825 5gm/20pc 54618 • perfect tool for a flawless secure chignonof hair and hair ornaments • duo of short and medium bobby pins •d  uo of short bobby pins and medium flat wave bobby pins • duo of medium and long ripple pins • duo of super fine fringe pins and medium ripple pins ys pin/hair tie mix 826 26pc 54620 • the ultimate accompaniment to your pin collection • great for hair stylists on the move contains 52mm ripple pin brown 5pcs 52mm ripple pin black 4pcs 52mm ripple pin gold 3pcs 54mm bobby pin black 5pcs 49mm bobby pin brown 2pcs 40.5mm bobby pin gold 2pcs 54mm chignon pin brown 2pcs 54mm chignon pin gold 2pcs 40mm tie black 1pcs