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the name of the ships 30 w power amplifier 30 mhz to 40 mhz circuits bank to bank 100 vac to 240 vac 50 60 hz the pigs the place meaning of call of call number 3 wire to 2 wire 2 wire to 3 wire back to back 5 both to 5 both an 6 to an 4 ham radio outlet pl 259 connectors ham radio outlet vhf uhf ham radio antenna ham radio operators ham radio license book ham radio license guide ham radio operators guide ham radio auto antenna tuner ham radio equipment ham radio variable power supply ham radio power supply 30 amp using ham radio equipment vhf uhf dual band vhf uhf mobile antennas hf vhf uhf mobile antennas hf vhf uhf base antennas mfj weather proof window feedthrough panels 144 mhz 440 mhz duplexer comet dual band antennas hf long wire antennas hf automatic antenna tuner 2 meter glass mount antenna magnet mount scanner antenna dual band glass mount uhf vhf antenna vhf uhf mobile antenna no ground plane dual band vhf uhf antenna for mobile the arrl extra class license manual dual band dual receive ht dual band mobile antenna 430 450 mhz mobile antenna kenwood sky command ii connector d connector 12 volt 12 amp battery rg 8 cable with pl 259 connectors 30 amp dc power supply 12 volt 200 amp switching power supply 2 and 6 meter glass mount antenna 24 volt dc power supply 40 amp 24 volt dc power supply dc dc power supply 50 0 50 volts dc 25 amp power supply circuits 300 ohm balanced line cable temperature and humidity sensor power supply 25 amp

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mobile radios dual band mobiles single band mobiles dual band dr-b185ht 2 m 70 cm dr-735t – $call 2 meters 85 watts $call – hro price the compact dr-b185 is loaded with high tech features high stability pll synthesizer 85 w max output 7-digit alphanumeric display and a wide variety of scanning features yet the operation is intuitive and simple • 144 mhz 440 mhz fm transceiver • tx 144-148 mhz 430-450 mhz • rx 108-174 mhz am fm 400-480 mhz fm • receiver double conversion • civil aviation and utility receive • 1000 channel programmable memory • full duplex x-band repeat • 50 20 5 w power output on both bands • huge alphanumeric lcd display • multi-color rgb backlight • independent dial vol sq knobs • removable front control head • wide variety of scanning features dual band 2 m 70 cm dr-635t – $call • tx 144-147.995 mhz rx 136173.995 mhz • scanning functions include

ftdx5000mp limited $call for hro price the ftdx 5000 mp limited hf 50 mhz 200 watt transceiver is a premium class yaesu radio with 2 independent receivers plus many unique options and accessories designed to meet the performance requirements of even the most demanding serious amateur radio operator desk microphones • the ftdx 5000mp limited radio has its own built-in power supply 110 220 vac • two 2 totally independent receivers give you performance and flexibility previously only provided by much more expensive radios md-200 a8x $call hro price desk microphone designed for base station use with yaesu s newest generation transceivers • super sharp “roofing” filters for vfo-a main receiver filters are selectable between 300 hz 600 hz 3 khz 6-pole crystal filter 6 khz 15 khz 4-pole mcf features a studio-quality polyethylene teraphthalate film dynamic element provision for incorporating user supplied mike element with a switch to select between the

swl scanner antennas log periodic books swl antennas swl guide worldwide listening guide 7th edition by john figliozzi clp5130-1 the clp5130 antennas are high gain wide band vhf/uhf log periodic beams for horizontally polarized base station use covers amateur bands from 50–1300 mhz fm broadcasting scanning vhf uhf tv air band communications government and business bands forward gain is 10 to 12 db – 10 to 16 times the gain of a nondirectional discone type antenna the vswr is less than 2.0:1 across the band the high-quality aluminum antennas have a boom design that allows movement of the phasing line distortions in the vertical and horizontal planes are minimized and element adjustment is not necessary the boom-to-mast bracket is made of a lightweight and rugged magnesium alloy create antennas dx-swl the dx-swl is tuned for the most popular swl bands 13 16 18 19 21 25 31 41 49 90 and 120 meters it can be used as a multi-band transmit antenna with the appropriate

microphones the heritage hhg the finâ„¢ the finâ„¢ utilizes the pr-20 element so popular in the professional audio realm it is housed in a gorgeous high-gloss chrome finish if phantom power not compatible with icom transceivers is provided to the finâ„¢ the blue wind screen also available in red or white becomes illuminated by 4 embedded leds now also available in satin black with red white or blue leds/foam cc-1 xlr required hro price $call hm-12 designed for hams the high output full range genesis dynamic element in the hm-12 is designed to work with just about every amateur radio low impedance transmitter the element is mounted in a unique internal shock mount and exhibits nearly -35 db of rear rejection reducing background and ambient noise from the transmitted signal the soft touch ptt switch is wired to pins 3 and 4 for transmitter control with the microphone signal fed to pins 1 and 2 of the 4 pin xlr the heil hm-12 uses heil cc-1 connecting cables this

arrl books for amateurs understanding your antenna analyzer antennas antenna book hro price $22.95 23nd edition a radio amateur s guide to understandiing antenna analyzers oscilloscopes for radio amateurs oscilloscopes allow radio amateurs to “see” the signals inside their equipment a variety of analog digital or hybrid scopes is available to hams oscilloscopes for radio amateurs is filled with practical information you’ll need for using a scope from an overview of the oscilloscope to the characteristics applications probes controls and input modes if you’re considering adding this piece of test equipment to your ham shack there is an explanation of scope specifications and features to help you select one that is right for you hro price $19.95 more arrl technical books emrfd hk hre lbd rfe rfi experimental methods in rf design hints and kinks 18th ed hands on experiments low band dxing 5th ed rf exposure and you radio frequency interference arduino for ham

yaesu celebrates its 60th anniversary from 1956 to 2016 reaffirming our commitment to achieving superiority and excellence in performance yaesu is a unique company making innovative communications equipment our founder’s vision of pursuing excellence and excitement in our products has been our goal for 60 years and we constantly endeavor to achieve this goal through the passion enthusiasm and diligence of all of our employees yaesu will continue to achieve new milestones in the coming decade through unique design innovation and hard work while never forgetting the needs of our customers we firmly believe that these efforts will ensure that our technologies and products not only appeal to the minds but also the hearts of our customers yrasrevinn 60th a

power supplies all of astron s solid-state electronically regulated power supplies have fold-back current limiting to protect from excessive current and a heavy duty heat sink output voltage 13.8 vdc ±.05 volts 220 v supplies available on special order at slightly higher price rs-a series standard power supply with on off switch adjust voltage internally sl series slim line design for low-profile looks power supplies switching supplies model rs-35m rs-m series power supplies with front meters one is for voltage and the other current ss series high efficiency switching supplies specially filtered for use with communications equipment for all frequencies including hf heavy duty design low profile light weight and emi filter vs-m series variable power supplies with separate volt and amp meters adjustable output 2-15 volts rm series 19 x 5 1/4 rack-mount power supplies available with or without meters and may be variable the rm-60 comes with or without meters daiwa switching power

coax rotator cable rope we have rf cable available from abr industries abr industries complete product details on page 66 abr industries manufacturers coax with a non-contaminating ultra-violet resistant and direct burial jacket cable x-perts davis rf jsc times microwave uses 218xatc lightweight for mobile dipole antennas jumpers between equipment in tight places 2213a uv resistant direct bury solid polyethylene dielectric high power bands below 30mhz with amplifiers 25400 uv resistant direct bury for frequencies above 144mhz coax purchase coax in any length up to 500 feet rg213 u lmr-400 – rg8 rg213 type rg-213 u coax #13 stranded copper center conductor solid polyethylene insulation 97 bare copper shield non-contaminating pvc jacket 50 ohm impedance 66 velocity factor and 2.2 db loss per 100 at 100 mhz this rg-8 type cable is best for hf it may be buried this is a standard rg8 rg213 type outdoor cable that has a solid bcca inner conductor foam polyethylene

base antennas hf resonators hustler delivers reliability and performance beyond your expectations vhf uhf base antennas 2m verticals these easy-to-assemble verticals are made of aluminum and high-strength fiberglass when disassembled the longest part is about 4 choose 3 6 or 7 db gain and the overall length that best suits your application g7 144 g7-144 hro price $199.95 • frequency range 144-148 mhz • bandwidth 4 mhz • gain 7 db g3 144 g6-144b hro price $139.95 • frequency range 143-149 mhz • bandwidth 6 mhz • gain 6 db g3-144 hro price $69.95 • freq range 144-148 mhz • bandwidth 4 mhz • gain 3db 220 440 verticals g7-220 hro price $185.95 the g7-220 is of similar design and construction as the g7-144 • freq range 220-225 mhz • bandwidth 5 mhz • construction high strength fiberglass and aluminum • gain 7 db g6-440 hro price $199.95 frt g7 220 the g6-440 is of similar design and construction as the

ma-series accessories model description weight maf raising fixture maf-series raising fixture accessory for easy raising and antenna servicing for use with marb and mab bases maf-40 raising fixture for ma-40 35 maf-550 raising fixture for ma-550 70 maf-770 raising fixture for ma-770 75 maf-850 raising fixture for ma-850 80 marb freestanding rotator base marb-40 freestanding rotator base for ma-40 with four 3/4 x 27 anchor bolts and thrust bearing 35 marb-550 freestanding rotator base for ma-550 with four 1 x 27 anchor bolts and thrust bearing 140 marb-770 freestanding rotator base for ma-770 with four 1 x 27 anchor bolts and thrust bearing 195 marb-850 freestanding rotator base for ma-850 with four 1-1/8 x 27 anchor bolts and thrust bearing 280 mab freestanding type base mab-40 freestanding hinged base for ma-40 with four 3/4 x 27 anchor bolts 55 mab-550 freestanding hinged base for ma-550 with four 1 x 27 anchor bolts 119 mab-770 freestanding hinged base for ma-770 with