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picture hanging cable and hook slat wall hook foam board hangers double acting hinge plastic drop ceiling hooks 3m hook and loop tape stainless steel joiner glass art hanging system small eye zinc plated steel screw eyes 40 copper cable price per foot 10 copper cable price per foot plastic end caps for pipes ladderless sign hang tab 1 12 x 1 58 spiral hanging coils for foam board sidewalk sign l pole sign holder sign adhesive mounts t bar fastener ladderless hanging pole pole sign holders aisle sign holder banner hanging system pop shelf sign holder ceiling mount sign holder pop sign holder super grip sign holder t bar fastener ladderless hanging sign holder metal clips clear hinged magnetic sign holders sign post wedge anchors ez bar hanging system 81 2 x 11 display easel ceiling wire hanging tool magnetic clip sign holder aluminum channel sign post plastic display twist to lock hook architectural aluminum window systems end caps for sign edges banner trak wall poster hanger banner poles merchandise strip hanger poster holders mobile super sucker plastic ceiling hangers super suckers arrowhead fastener x mas tree telescoping peg hook dowel rod connector pat pend cord with barb wire suspended ceiling mounts adhesive back plastic rolls metal wall hangers clips

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reel ez reel ez hanger ladderlesstm sign hanging system easiest safest fastest way to hang change signage especially cost-effective for ceilings from 10 to 18 ft high holds up to 2 lbs t-bar or x-beam see pg 23 made of rugged ceiling matching white plastic mounts securely to t-bar suspended ceilings with easy-to-squeeze-open spring jaws hanger houses a retractable cord reel suspending a 10 inch wide tube with 2 s hooks attach directly to punched holes in your rigid signage retractable cord allows bar and sign to be lowered as much as 11 feet 15 feet available on special order adjustable cord stop provides level uniform sign height throughout store for non-rigid paper type posters please see poster holders on pages 15 16 and 17 for many other compatible sign hanging options telescoping pole 3-section aluminum pole extends up to 10 ft plastic head lowers bar for quick sign changeover then raises and levels sign easily to predetermined on-site adjustable stop height

cables assemblies popular factory assembled sign hanging cable systems available in a wide selection of lengths and cost saving `end fittings see page 9 for cable descriptions cable assemblies with factory installed `end fittings shown with optional loop `l this end crimps 1 1/16 long jaw opens 1/8 dcac dcg see pg 9 alligator clip 11/16 long 3/16 id typical applications dco cable th cable length dce1 crimp clip i 1 1/8 long 3/16 id ball `b loop `l phx sleeve `s after crimping stop `p barb `r tc eye `e dch dce2 crimp clip ii heavy duty before crimping `h j hook assy item `l loop `r barb `b ball `p stop `e eye `s loose sleeve cable end styles hook end `h new heavy duty safety hook assembly 1/4 dia steel x 27/8 lg hook accepts material up to .350 dia includes gripple pg.9 to adjust 65 lg x 2 mm slatinless steel cable to any length loop end `l most popular cable assembly available best for connecting to ceiling t-bar hooks `s hooks etc strongest full cable

trak inserts phx signtrak see page 12 phh multi-trak see page 14 inserts see pg 12 14 holds mat l holds up up to to lbs ft for sign-traktm multi-traktm trak-inserts hang and change signs securely and quickly with inserts engineered for your specific graphic application select the perfect insert for your application for insert pricing please refer to pages 12 14 typical graphic materials pa pa adhesi-clamp patented hinge with permanent adhesive faces ps spring-clamp plastic extrusion applies pinch side pressure pt supr-grip hard plastic shell with soft vinyl teeth pm magna-grip two 1/8 x 1/2 hinged magnetic strips quick reusable pd hang-rod/rope 1/4 dia x 48 lg sleeved wood dowel or hemmed-in rope pr hang-rivet clear plastic rivet washer press together with fingers to lock phz mini grip plastic living-hinge clamp securely holds posters 1/32 2 lbs photo prints screen prints vinyl fabrics poster board card stock single double sided paper signs card stock illustration board

poster holders `hinged phkc phzc phve snap open snap close fast poster mounting changing for signage up to 1/16 thick for other `holder options please refer to `sign holder selection guide on page 13 phk gotcha® 1/4 x 1 h phgc phv euro-grip 3/4 x 11/8 h phgt phgt t-bar phg snap-grip® 3/8 x 1 h adhesive back shown 1/2 size flush to ceiling mounting 1 8 phgfa flat-grip 1/4 x 3/4 h phzc phgpr panel-grip lrg 7/8 x 13/4 h 1 /8 your 1/8 panel phgp panel-grip sml 1/2 x 3/4 h 45° coner miters not included in price phzc phqe phq maxi-grip 3/8 x 11/8 h phz mini-grip 1/4 x 3/4 h `hinged poster holders cut-to-size free for most applications item description color stock length 1 price per foot 100 500 1k clips accessories item description use with 1 price each 500 100 1k phk phg phgfa phgpr phgp phq phv phz gotcha snap-grip flat-grip panel-grip lrg panel-grip sml maxi-grip euro-grip mini-grip wt bk clr 96 96 wht blk wht blk 96 96 blk 96 wht blk wht blk 120 wt bk

foam board hangers hang panels up to 3/4 thick and up to 5 lbs per hanger great for foamboard corrugated gatorboard hook foam board fh foam-board hook 3/4 x 5/8 x .03 black spring steel with press in prongs hc hang-coil 3/8 x 11/8 x .04 nickel plated spring steel twist in place in foam boards and acoustical ceilings holds mat l holds up to upa uh panel hanger 3/4 x 2.0 x .06 brite zinc plated steel with upa aluminum post and screw requires 1/4 dia hole 1,000 ht-dl foam panel hangers item description 10min price per 100 100 500 ht-ol htd-ol hc fh uh upa large delta dolly delta hang-coil foam brd hook panel hanger 3/4 post screw 1/16 ­ 1/4 1/16 ­ 1/2 1/2 ­ 3/4 1/8 ­ 1/2 1/2 ­ 3/4 3/4 1/4 lb 2 lb 1 lb 2 lb 5 lb 5 lb 25.00 20.00 75.00 15.00 3.00 8.00 19.00 15.00 65.00 11.00 2.80 7.50 16.00 13.00 45.00 10.00 2.60 7.00 14.00 12.00 35.50 9.00 ht-dl hang-tab 2 x 33/4 x 14 mil clear pvc with adhesive tabs slat/grid wall mounts swa-1 slat wall mounts 1 wide white plastic

hook n loop hook n loop tape has permanent adhesive backing with peel-off protective liner available in continuous roll tape coins or matched pads white is standard black is available hook loop 271/2 yard rolls coins tape item description coins roll 1-2 price per roll 3-4 5-9 avr-ht25 avr-lt25 avr-ht62 avr-lt62 avr-ht75 avr-lt75 avr-ht10 avr-lt10 avr-hc50 avr-lc50 avr-hc62 avr-lc62 avr-hc75 avr-lc75 avk10 1/4 hook tape 1/4 loop tape 5/8 hook tape 5/8 loop tape 3/4 hook tape 3/4 loop tape 1 hook tape 1 loop tape 1/2 hook coin 1/2 loop coin 5/8 hook coin 5/8 loop coin 3/4 hook coin 3/4 loop coin 1.0 hook n hook 25 yd 1,560 1,560 1,310 1,310 1,120 1,120 ­ ­ 22.00 22.00 25.00 25.00 28.25 28.25 36.50 36.50 37.00 37.00 38.00 38.00 54.00 13.00 13.00 17.00 17.00 19.00 19.00 22.25 22.25 36.00 36.00 33.00 33.00 34.00 34.00 51.00 12.50 12.50 16.50 16.50 18.50 18.50 21.75 21.75 32.00 32.00 31.00 31.00 32.00 32.00 48.00 white is standard black is available other widths and

mobile formers formers support hang your graphic panels promote your products at point-of-purchase tri-mobiles crystal clear lexan 12 post tri-spoke former 21/4 tri-spoke free spinning hub trk-h hanging kit displays 3 panels 8 18 wide residue free removable adhesive base trk-c counter kit displays panels 8 12 wide score bend 40%h h 7/32 1/4 dia hole mobile shapes formed with tri-spokes typical closures adhesive pads die cut interlocks staples edge molding most cost effective ship flat construction tri-way kits natural polypropylene quadaramas® natural polypropylene 6 3/8 tr-s 125/8 tr-l 6 3/8 tr-q quadarama kit 2 plastic formers and 1 skmc 72 white displays 4 panels 12 24 wide tr-s vt versa tool see page 2 small tri-way kit displays 3 panels 8 24 wide tr-l large tri-way kit displays 3 panels 15 40 wide all kits include 1 skmc white plastic sky hook w/6 ft white cord n barb except trk-c all panels require 7/32 1/4 dia holes for former pop through tips tgmc barbs 2

merchandiser strips 12 station merchandisers conveniently display up to 12 product packages strips are available for light medium and heavy duty applications consumer friendly easy to remove or replace packages without damage logo and scan headers available wal-mart crq msd-6 lite duty approved crystal clear strips msl-12h msl-12k msl-12 8 mil x 1 w with 11/16 dia msh-12h msd-6 stik n pic adhesive dots 4.0 ® tm msl-12k msm-12 msh-12 msm-12h apart roll holds 700 strips 24 lg and displays 6 items/strip msd-12 lite duty same as above except 1/2 dia dots are 2 apart and roll holds 600 strips 24 lg and displays 12 items/strip msl-12h lite duty wal-mart® approved natural polyethylene 12 station 24 mil x 11/4 w x 211/4 lg with 11/4 h x 2.0 w header msl-12k lite duty clear plastic 18 mil x 11/2 w x 231/2 lg hang from crq shelf hook msl-12 lite duty natural polyethylene 20 mil x 11/2 w x 231/2 lg hang directly from 11/4 price rail or with crq shelf hook use adhesive tape at

mag-bar magnetic sign hanger super-magnets provides safe fast perfect sign hanging without hazardous ladders magnets nest securely in mag-bar s round slotted recessed seats simply raise mag-bar with magnets and sign/poster attached to ceiling immediately upon contact with steel t-bar air duct steel ceiling panels pipes or other steel surface magnets will automatically release from bar and snap/clamp securely to ceiling allowing pole to be removed mag-pole 12 ft 2 section aluminum pole unscrews readily from bar for compact storage handling mag-bar mbl long bar 8 magnet seats 24 oal mbs short bar 2 magnet seats 7.5 oal provides hanging points for narrow and wide graphics red powder coated aluminum magnets rare earth super-magnets 3/4 dia x 11/2 21/2 lg mbt mb2t-x mb2t item description mag-bar mbl shown magnet mag-bar mbl-8 mag-pole mag-bar system holds up to 1 price each in quantities of 25 50 100 500 mcb pg 32 wound string area mbs-12 mbl-12 mbt mb2t mb2t-s mb2t-x

super sucker tm banner pole super suckertm suction base anchors signs and banners securely to any non-porous surface with just the flip of a lever no tools required great for windows mirrors tile parked car tops scl5-bhtm window mount scl5-bp-24 super sucker banner pole kit contains 1 5 dia base 1 24 lg pole 2 retaining rings 3 pear clips popular projecting banner mounting indoor or outdoor window banner hanging super suckerstm item description price ea in quantity of 1 10 25 scl5-bp-24 window mount banner pole kit scl5-bh 5-1/4 lever action suction cup base 34.50 17.25 33.50 16.75 32.50 16.25 parked vehicle attention getter open/closed mbh open/closed sign 20 x 10 horizontal message board signs informative open/closed sign frames mount securely to windows with 4 vinyl suction cups sliding message board reveals open or closed sign each vertical and horizontal sign includes combined total of 360 red black letters numbers and characters black plastic frames open/closed signs item

hang-ups unlimited 1904 14th street santa monica ca 90404 prst.std us postage paid hang-ups unlimited attention visual merchandise manager or display hardware buyer