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”for more than 20 years axor have been developing visions we at ”my aim was to combine what is most archetypal about the living space around the bathroom as the lighting with water so as a living space to give the the axor waterdream enhanced sensuous dimension in designed by nendo shower an a way we have not yet seen symbolizes the increasing before the result is something that dissolution of is not just a shower nor just a separate living and sanitary lamp but a hybrid — a magic trick spaces — unconventionally with and surprisingly.” philippe grohe head of axor light and water that is available day after day.” oki sato chief designer

axor transforms the bathroom into a truly special place — a personal invaluable place of retreat axor symbolizes the visionary power to continually redefine living and water the partnership–based collaboration with internationally renowned designers has resulted in multi–award–winning solutions which offer each bathroom its own distinctive character as hansgrohe‘s designer brand axor uses the world‘s leading faucet and shower manufacturer‘s 100–plus years of experience to facilitate an innovative interaction between space water and man hansgrohe inc 1490 bluegrass lakes parkway alpharetta ga 30004 tel 800-334-0455 fax 770-360-9887 nendo dreams of the disappearance of boundaries — of different living areas coming together — of a shower where you can simply draw up a chair switch on a light and read the result — an astounding living room light that is a shower light and water combine in an