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5x haute couture for the shower how much potential is in a square axor showercollection shows there is a vast amount showers mixing valves and accessories that can be freely combined to create custom solutions which can be perfectly tailored to the requirements of your customer each element of the collection was developed by axor and philippe starck based on a 5 x 5-inch square on the following pages you can see for yourself how perfectly all the components work together we will explain how the modular principle informs not only the beautiful aesthetic of the finished trims but also the rough components behind the wall making them very easy to assemble six comprehensive planning examples provide you with detailed information on the actual installation this brochure for professionals shows you how easy it is to turn an ordinary shower into a personal spa with axor showercollection axor showercollection axor showercollection with philippe

the modular principle the showerheaven with three distinctive spray zones the showerheaven guarantees a truly special showering experience the spray zones from left to right · bodyzone is the 20 x 20-inch outermost showerhead zone · rainzone is the air-injected 10 x 10-inch central showerhead zone · laminar spray is a powerful 3 ⁄4 diameter non-aerated stream in the very center · a combination of spray zones always comply with your local plumbing codes the shower module as a showerhead multiple shower modules can be configured into an overhead shower by mounting them adjacently or in a custom pattern axor

ceiling construction 1 lowered ceiling the three supply lines for the showerheaven must be routed through the ceiling to install the shower­heaven #10625801 flush with the ceiling you need an intermediate or lowered ceiling made e. g of gypsum board with a clearance of at least 3 the net weight of the showerheaven without water is approximately 65 lbs 7 handshower module #10651001 installation of the handshower module requires the rough #10650181 a volume control is built in both parts must be ordered separately handshower flow rate is 2.5 gpm at 44 psi maximum throughput of module is 8 gpm at 44 psi plumbing installation 8 short shelf #40872000 2 hot water supply based on individual showering preferences as well as on the number of users each system must be designed on an individual basis maximum working pressure 110 psi recommended working pressure 46–70 psi maximum hot water temperature 140° minimum capacity recommendation 40 gallons note large differences in

shower module the planning examples the complete shower experience axor showercollection handshower module short shelf shower module shower module thermostatic module installed in a corner this solution offers the complete water experience water from three sides 6 overhead shower modules and 6 body shower modules 3 on each side · the 6 overhead shower modules are centrally controlled by one of the volume controls integrated in the thermostatic module · additional shower modules are installed in a corner setup allowing for an exhilarating experience the shower modules on each side are controlled independently · the handshower adds the increased versatility not only allowing you to easily direct water towards specific areas of your body but makes cleaning your shower area

components hot water cold water 1 x wall-mounted showerhead trim with showerarm #10925001 1 x rough wall-mounted showerhead #10921181 mixed water dimensions assume a body height of 5 11 1 x thermostatic mixer trim #10755001 1 x rough thermostatic mixer #10754181 1 1 x volume control trim #10972001 1 x rough volume control #10971181 1 x handshower module trim #10651001 1 x rough handshower module #10650181 3 85 2 x short shelf #40872000 5 7 47 2 4 7

ceiling construction ceiling connector to install showerhead #10926001 the 10 ceiling showerarm sold separately must be screwed into a 1⁄ 2 internal thread the showerarm is then attached to the connection fitting and fixed with screws lastly the showerhead is screwed tightly onto the ceiling connector attention the net weight of the showerhead is approximately 4.5 lbs without water please provide an adequate ceiling reinforcement at this point 1 plumbing installation 2 hot water supply based on individual showering preferences as well as on the number of users each system must be designed on an individual basis maximum working pressure 110 psi recommended working pressure 46–70 psi maximum hot water temperature 140° minimum capacity recommendation 40 gallons note large differences in pressure between the hot and cold supplies must be balanced or the valve will not work properly 3 supply lines thermostatic mixer 2 x 3 ⁄4 hot/cold showerhead 1 x 3 ⁄4

concepts for individual planning you can use the flexible modular system of the axor shower­collection to create your own individual shower areas the following illustrations show possible ideas for the concept of your personal well-being zone for all sizes the shower module is worked into an adjustable metal escutcheon a simple sliding motion will change the jet angle of the shower this example shows the installation with the jets at a vertical adjustment depending on the user s needs and body height this can easily be adjusted light, sound showers function showers light sensual arrangement for body and mind the light modules ensure a mood-pleasing lighting of the shower ideally these are arranged close to the ceiling or close to the floor the speaker modules are also at head level the shower and temperature control are always within reach larger areas or one point if the shower module is rotated by 90° during the installation the water jets can be adjusted horizontally

the installations 12 13 screw in the threaded sleeves and shorten to 1 ⁄ 2 from the wall all elements must now be sealed with silicone toward the wall insert the threaded adapter and shorten to 1 from the wall surface 14 15 remove the flushing block and install the thermostatic module unit into the thermostatic module rough install and fasten the threaded adapter and the handle stop install the chrome-plated sleeve install the cover plate of the thermostatic module 16 17 screw the three handle sleeves onto the threaded sleeve kit of the thermostatic module and then insert the handles install the thermostatic handle and tighten the fastening screws screw the handle sleeve onto the threaded sleeve kit of the volume control and then attach the handle note installation information provided in this brochure is intended as a general aid for bathroom planning only for detailed technical installation instructions please visit axor

44 45 axor

product overview thermostatic modules/valves 3 5 14⅛ 4¾ 2 ¾ 4¾ 1⅜ 4¾ 4¾ 2 4¾ 3½ Ø 1⅞ 1 4¾ ¾ npt 2¾ 14⅜ 4 6 5½ 4¼ ¾ npt 5¼ 3⅛ 4¼ 3⅜ g½ 3⅛ g¾ thermostatic modules 1⅝ 6 3½ 4⅛ ¾ npt 3¾ ¾ npt g¾ 3¾ 3¾ g¾ valves 1 thermostatic module trim part no 10751 001 -821 3 thermostatic mixer trim part no 10755 001 -821 5 volume control trim part no 10972 001 -821 2 rough thermostatic module part no 10750181 4 rough thermostatic mixer part no 10754181 6 rough volume control part no 10971181 finish chrome 000 001 polished stainless steel 801 brushed nickel 820 -821 axor

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