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wholesalers/distributors ibox universal plus eliminates the need for a multitude of roughs streamlining ordering warehousing and distribution and reducing inventory costs general contractors professional remodelers ibox allows construction to begin even if final trim decisions have not been made yet resulting in scheduling flexibility plumber installation ibox standardizes and streamlines the installation process for projects large and small allowing faster and easier installation than ever before ibox universal plus one for all plumbers and distributors architects and designers

installation at-a-glance ibox universal plus ibox universal plus package contents ibox installation flange 1 plug rubber wall seal flushing insert protective cap and assembly instructions create connection fittings when using copper pipes connection fittings should be created prior to installation install connection fittings clamp ibox in a vice using a ¾ nipple threaded into the top or bottom outlet then install connection fittings level mounting mount the ibox in exactly the right position using the integrated leveling points connect water supply solder the water supply pipes and other risers to the previously installed fittings note please maintain a minimum 4 distance from the housing while soldering valve flushing simply turn on the water supply to flush the valve the water passes through the flushing insert which comes pre-installed shut off water after flushing shut off water using built-in service stops operated by an allen wrench or flathead screwdriver replace

showerselect button extension for greater accessibility the select buttons can be installed in a position that slightly protrudes from the trim plate in the off position by using the included extension caps enabling those with limited mobility to use an elbow or fist to operate the trim without extension caps select button closed and flush with trim select button open with extension caps select button closed and slightly protruded 14 select button

showerselect thermostatic 2-function trim a triumvirate of select in addition to the thermostatic 2-function trim with the latest push-button technology both the overhead shower and the handshower shown in this installation select planning example feature select technology select your shower functions and select your spray mode on each of the shower components all at the touch of a button 1 universal plus rough with service stops ¾ #01850181 2 showerselect square thermostatic 2-function trim #15763xx1 thermostatic temperature control and on/off for two shower functions new 2 2 functions 1 ibox 2

thermostatic with volume control enjoy the benefits of both a handshower and a fixed showerhead by choosing a hansgrohe wallbar set then add a hansgrohe thermostatic hansgrohe planning example trim featuring integrated temperature and volume control the result a versatile high-performance thermostatic shower that is extremely easy to install 1 2 1 ibox 2 s/e thermostatic trim with volume control #04352xx0 thermostatic temperature and volume control for one shower function 1 function universal plus rough with service stops ¾ #01850181 1

thermostatic plus two volume controls fine-tuning your shower experience is as natural as it is intuitive in this shower configuration the two volume controls allow you to operate the two shower functions independently boost the handshower 3 4 1 2 3 1 ibox universal plus rough with service stops ¾ #01850181 axor planning example without altering the showerhead setting or vice versa arrive at the perfect balance by turning both volume controls at once then shut off the water using the same controls 2 axor 3 2x rough volume control #15977181 4 2x axor massaud volume control trim #18974001 2 functions massaud thermostatic trim #18741001 thermostatic temperature control

pressure balance valve complement the beautiful minimalist forms of axor starck by taking a similar approach to design your shower configuration by adding a pressure balance trim with a single axor planning example handle to control temperature and volume to a wallbar featuring the axor starck handshower philippe starck’s vision remains intact 1 2 1 ibox 2 axor starck pressure balance trim #10407xx1 temperature control and volume control 1 function universal plus rough with service stops ¾ #01850181 6