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economy 20 management approach 20 ec 1 direct economic value generated and distributed 20 ec 2 financial implications of climate change 20 ec 3 coverage of the organization’s defined benefit plan obligations 21 ec 4 financial government assistance 22 ec 5 entry level wage compared to local minimum wage 22 ec 6 business policy practices and proportion of expenditure for local suppliers 22 ec 7 procedures of local hiring and proportion in management positions 22 ec 8 development and impact of investments in welfare 22 ec 9 indirect economic impacts 23 environmental protection 24 management approach 24 en 1 materials used 25 en 2 percentage of materials used that are recycled 25 en 3 direct energy consumption 25 en 4 indirect energy consumption 26 en 5 energy savings 26 en 6 energy-efficient products and services 27 en 7 initiatives to reduce indirect energy consumption 28 en 8 total water consumption classified by source 28 en 9 water sources affected by withdrawal of water 28 en

2 profile of the organisation 2.1 name of the organisation hansgrohe se 2.2 most important brands products and services hansgrohe is a manufacturer of fittings bathroom and kitchen shower heads complete shower systems tubs and grey water recycling systems the products are distributed under four brands within the international network of the hansgrohe group hansgrohe is the brand which has made a name for itself worldwide as a result of product innovations quality and functionality in the fields of shower heads and bathroom and kitchen fittings axor is the designer brand of hansgrohe se in line with its motto – “designer visions for your bathroom” – axor works with selected designers architects and interior designers to develop collections which offer lots of different solutions for creating individual bathrooms the brand pharo focuses on furnishing feel-good bathrooms with premium shower and spa systems such as shower temples shower panels whirlpools and

e-learning system for example possible conflicts of interest are stated and regulations are set down this concerns regulations on the acceptance of gifts hospitality participation in events possible financial favouring of relatives handling of information and competitors of financial auditors government officials and other officials within the hansgrohe group there is no crossholding with equitable or voting interest with other companies 4.7 expertise of the members of the highest management body in the divisions of economy environment and social affairs there are no formal qualification requirements here 4.8 concepts codes of behaviour and principles of sustainability as a company which observes its social and ecological responsibility hansgrohe has formulated its own concepts as a basis for the responsible handling of all employees more information on the guiding principles of a sustainability company can be found on the hansgrohe website environment and

in the same way laws and regulations on both european and international levels influence the economic action of hansgrohe as a result of its proactive action such as in the “green company” steering committee the hansgrohe group is in the position to react to changing conditions promptly the monitoring and evaluation of company chances and risks is guaranteed through the risk management procedure it is not possible to make a quantitative statement about the financial consequences of climate change ec 3 coverage of the organization’s defined benefit plan obligations it is only possible to make a complete statement about the organisation’s additional benefits for the company’s german sites benefits at foreign sites are based on the relevant country’s practices in 2014 hansgrohe paid its employees in germany a profit share of €1.25 million 2013 €1.1 million every year at christmas employees also have the chance to choose one of several

in 2014 the integrated management system at the german production sites of the company was supplemented by an energy management system this fulfils the requirements of din en iso 50001:2011 and is based on comprehensive energy data acquisition through this internal energy flows will be transparent and improvements in energy use and consumption will be determined focal areas were identified to effectively increase the energy efficiency in production and administration these have been sensitised specifically in their handling of energy in a second step energy projects are being developed here in 2013 the hansgrohe group saved approx 3,380 gj of electrical energy these savings were mainly achieved through measures in lighting replacement of bulbs a new compressed air concept and measures in energy management automatic deactivation of consumers 294 gj were saved in thermal terms in 2013 in 2014 the saving was approx 2,294 gj of electrical energy these optimisations come mainly from the

as well as the focus on the water consumption of the products the materials and chemicals used in the production process also play a decisive role in the environmental impact of the products we strive to achieve a constant reduction in the hazardous substances used through measures of the ehs manager represented at the production sites for example the quantity of hazardous substances used in germany has been reduced by about 17 percent since 2010 furthermore an extensive product risk analysis is carried out more information about product responsibility can be found in indicator pr1 en 27 percentage of products sold for which the packaging materials are reclaimed hansgrohe is obligated to participate in the take-back system in all countries in which its packaging material is put into circulation there is currently no quantitative evaluation of this data en 28 fines and non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations there were no incidences of

is a shared transition and take-over period furthermore an agreement is made with some knowledge carriers who are retiring that they will return temporarily or for specific tasks or projects la 12 employee performance and career development reviews all employees who are employed through collective bargaining agreements receive an annual performance review on which their performance-related pay which is governed by a collective bargaining agreement is based the performance evaluation is carried out with the employee’s manager during this evaluation the current performance is assessed and the targets and measures to achieve the goals are specified apprentices receive regular performance evaluations as part of their training plan la 13 diversity in the workforce and governance bodies the age structure gender distribution and number of regions from which employees come are indicator of the diversity of employees within the hansgrohe group in the reporting period the hansgrohe group

pr 1 life cycle stages in which health and safety impacts of products are assessed all products of the hansgrohe group represent very low usage risks in terms of health and safety for customers when properly installed and used during the planning and development phase all the products run through a risk analysis in which the products are examined with regards the relevant health and safety aspects pr 2 non-compliance of regulations concerning health and product safety an extensive risk analysis for hansgrohe products forms the basis for safe installation commissioning and use during the reporting period there were no convictions or warnings about infringements on conditions relating to product safety and health protection pr 3 legal obligations to provide information about products and services the assembly instructions of all hansgrohe products contain information for the correct installation safe cleaning industry correct cleaning and proper usage in addition they contain

49 basis for identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engage approaches to stakeholder engagement including frequency of engagement by type and by stakeholder group key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement and how the organization has responded to those key topics and concerns including through its reporting 4.15 4.16 4.17 18 18 fully 17 location of disclosure fully fully level of reporting for partially reported disclosures reason for indicate the part not reported omission fully fully fully fully fully labor/management relations occupational health and safety training and education diversity and equal opportunity fully overall employment fully transport aspects fully compliance disclosure on management approach la fully products and services dma la fully emissions effluents and waste partially water not fully energy biodiversity fully materials indirect economic impacts disclosure on management approach en fully market

55 total number and rate of employee turnover by age group gender and region benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees by major operations la2 la3 minimum notice periods regarding significant operational changes including whether it is specified in collective agreements la5 rates of injury occupational diseases lost days and absenteeism and number of work-related fatalities by region education training counseling prevention and risk-control programs in place to assist workforce members their families or community members regarding serious diseases health and safety topics covered in formal agreements with trade unions la7 la8 la9 la10 average hours of training per year per employee by employee category training and education percentage of total workforce represented in formal joint management-worker health and safety committees that help monitor and advise on occupational health and safety programs la6 occupational health and