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pie cut corner hinge flat head hex head bolt flat head hex head bolt size step by step instruction ball bearing slides self closing t hinge truss head slotted screws 9 bugle head screws soft close hinges ball bearing slide pie cut corner countersunk head machine screws heads pan head flat pan head screws slotted phillips hex head machine screws flat head machine screws cold rolled steel cold roll steel pan head screw 4 pan head screw pan head screws soft close hinge double pan head screws oval head machine screws washer head screw washer head screws oval head screw black powder coat screws soft close cabinet hinges pan washer head 1 4 20 white powder coat screws pan head wood screw flat head screws screw flat head flat head screw 4 x 1 flat head screw push to open cabinet hinges flat head plastic screw tool box drawer slides heavy duty hinges phillips flat head screw sink base cabinet sink bases cabinets bathroom sink base cabinet drawers bathroom sink base cabinet sink base cabinet drawers heavy duty shelf kitchen sink base cabinet black powder coated screws hollow wall anchor truss head screw 4 48 flat head screw trim head screw 6 48 flat head screw powder coated steel

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testing certifications functional hardware hardware resources is committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers products that give a lifetime of consistent reliable performance part of that commitment requires extensive field testing with our products in the hands of real customers using them in the most challenging real world applications the other part of fulfilling that commitment is ensuring that our products meet the required standards set forth by national institutions such as ansi and the woodwork institute in order to meet these standards we ensure our products go through extensive 3rd party testing we believe in delivering a quality product so much that we routinely have our products tested above and beyond industry standards throughout our catalog you will see reference to various certifications including ansi/bhma and the woodwork institute wi these are some of the most common ratings and their meanings for concealed hinges ansi/bhma hinge grade

hinge plate selection guide for 700 725 and 900 series hinges concealed hinges frameless cabinetry full overlay hinge /0 crank dowel adj plate /0mm half overlay mat hinge /9 crank dowel adj plate /0mm mat 90Ëš 700.0161.25 sc press-in cam 600.1233.05 steel 110Ëš 700.0536.25 sc none cam 600.1233.05 steel 110Ëš 700.0535.25 sc none cam 600.0118.05 euro steel 110Ëš 700.0179.25 sc press-in cam 600.0118.05 euro steel 110Ëš 700.0181.25 sc 110Ëš 725.0535.25 none cam 110Ëš 725.0181.25 press-in cam 600.0r22.05 cam 110Ëš 900.0535.05 hd none cam 600.0r23.05 cam 110Ëš 900.0181.25 hd press-in cam 600.0p71.05 cam/euro zinc 600.0p71.05 cam/euro zinc 125Ëš 700.0u85.05 sc none cam 600.0p72.05 cam/euro zinc 600.0p72.05 cam/euro zinc press-in cam 600.2118.05 steel 110Ëš 900.0536.05 hd none cam 600.2118.05 steel 600.3118.05 euro steel 110Ëš 725.0536.25 none cam 600.3118.05 euro steel zinc 110Ëš 725.0179.25 press-in cam 600.0r22.05 cam zinc zinc 110Ëš 900.0179.25 hd press-in cam

105˚ pie corner hinge 500 series specialty hinges pie corner 18mm crank application »» 105˚ opening angle »» hinge plate provide 6-way adjustment 3 dimensional »» cold rolled steel and zinc construction with nickel plating »» designed for connecting two doors in a corner unit »» self-closing feature eliminates the need for a magnetic catch »» recommended for use with 0mm plates 500.0u22.05 100/ctn press-in 8mm dowels inside corner application abbreviations dw door width 20˚ use with 165˚ or 170˚ hinge on adjacent door gap h plate height iw interior width r reveal t door thickness w side panel width general specifications +2 -2.5 31 31 -2.5 +2.5 11.2 35 mm bore 16-22 boring pattern the cam adjustment of the pie corner european hinge allows for -2 +2.5 mm adjustment 20˚ the doors for a pie corner european hinge application can be of equal or unequal width to calculate the door width dw of each door follow the step-by-step

concealed hinges hinge accessories 90˚ angle restrictor clips for eurpean compact hinges »» convert 110˚ european hinges to 90˚ »» restrictor clip slips easily into the back of the cup to restrict opening angle to 90˚ »» keeps cabinet door from contacting an appliance wall or other cabinet 90˚ restrictor clip 90˚ restrictor clip for 500 series european hinges and 22855 soft-close hinges 500.rc 100pcs/box for 700 725 900 series european hinges 700.rc 100pcs/box for 5390 and 4390 compact hinges 5390.rc 100pcs/box full box quantities only full box quantities only custom branded hinge cover caps your logo printed in black on white plastic caps 3 week production lead time hinge cover cap with custom branding for 500 series euro hinges 500.cap 1000/ctn for 700 725 900 series euro hinges 700.cap 1000/ctn screwdriver #2 pozi screwdriver with magnetized tip 682 hinge cover cap with custom branding for 3390 series compact hinges 3390 .cap 1000/ctn dowels

slide and hinge installation tool hr-tool-300 drawer slides each kit includes • mounting jig new • • • • 7mm drill bit drill bit depth collar allen wrench 2.5mm drill bit drilling location for rear hook hole on drawer box left and right ordering description part number slide and hinge installation tool hr-tool-300 drilling location for hardware resources undermount slide clip drill locations for compact hinge on face frame cabinets 2.5mm drill bit 2.5mm drill bit “v” notches for frameless hinge plate holes at 28mm and 37mm setback drill locations for hinge plates in frameless cabinets with 37mm seback 37mm notch 28mm notch 32mm 2.5mm drill bit 800.463.0660 www.hardwareresources.com 697

100lb standard duty slides 303-50 series ball bearing slides hole pattern and length specifications drawer member specifications l3 a3 b3 c3 d3 303-50-12 12” 297 96 128 90 303-50-14 14” 347 128 128 85 303-50-16 16” 397 128 192 110.5 303-50-18 18” 447 160 192 101 303-50-20 20” 497 192 224 95 303-50-22 22” 547 224 224 81 303-50-24 24” 597 192 320 140 installation covers protect slides from paint stain and dust during installation 303cover-c 100pcs/ctn installation cover cabinet member 303cover-d 100pcs/ctn installation cover drawer member high strength plastic allows for multiple uses installs on job site to protect slides from dust paint stain and damage sold in 8’ sticks cut to fit any slide length easily snaps on and off cabinet member l a specifications bclabcd 303-50-12 12” 300 128 96 – – 303-50-14 14” 350 128 96 – – 303-50-16 16” 400 128 96 64 – 303-50-18

screws fasteners bits no broken cartons full cartons only item length drive material part bit #2 x 1” phillips steel 3395 1m bit #2 reduced shank x 1” phillips steel 3400 1m bit #2 x 1 pozi steel 3407 new 1m bit #2 reduced head x 1 pozi steel 3408 new 1m bit #1 reduced head x 1 square steel 3402 new 1m bit #1 x 1 square steel 3403 new 1m bit #2 reduced head x 1” square steel 3404 1m bit #2 x 1” square steel 3405 1m bit #2 x 3” square steel 3406 1m bit #2 x 6” square steel s2-6drive .5m bit holder two piece magnetic 1/4” hex steel 3410 .25m bit holder one piece magnetic ss 1/4” hex steel 3411 .25m bit holder super magnetic 1/4” hex steel 3412 .25m screwdriver 4” shaft hardened magnetized tip #2 pozi – 800.463.0660 www.hardwareresources.com hr-screwdriver qty 1 727

shelf supports angled functional hardware 5mm pin diameter »» solid steel construction »» 3/4” long arm »» available in carton of 1000pcs standard with 1/8” hole with brown sleeve 1706ab 1707ab 1708ab antique copper 1707ac 1708ac black 1707blk antique brass bright nickel 1706bn 1707bn polished brass 1706pb 1707pb 1000pcs/ctn 1000pcs/ctn with almond sleeve with white sleeve with clear sleeve with diamond hole 1710ac 1720blk-sp† 1708bn 1708wbn 1708cbn 1708apb 1000pcs/ctn 1000pcs/ctn 1710bn 1710pb 1000pcs/ctn 1000pcs/ctn 1000pcs/ctn no broken cartons full cartons only † with high back 1/4” pin diameter standard antique brass 1609ab antique copper bright nickel with 1/8” hole »» solid steel construction »» 3/4” long arm »» available in carton of 1000pcs with brown sleeve with brown sleeve 7/8” long arm 1611ac 1915ac 1610ab 1610ac 1609bn 1610bn 1610pb 1611pb 1000pcs/ctn 1000pcs/ctn 1000pcs/ctn polished

functional hardware brackets flat mending plates hole center to center 2” x 5/8” 2-3/16” x 5/8” 3” x 3/4” 4” x 7/8” 2” x 1-9/16” 32mm 32mm staggered 2 sets 1-5/8” staggered 2 sets 2-3/8” staggered 2 sets 32mm horizontal slotted 32mm vertical slotted bright nickel zinc recommended screw 9005bn 9313 9314 9315 9317 #6 or #8 flat head #6 or #8 flat head #6 or #8 flat head #6 or #8 flat head #5 pan head 500pcs/ctn 500pcs/ctn 500pcs/ctn 500pcs/ctn 500pcs/ctn drawer adjustment dimensions hole center to center “figure 8” drawer front connecting plate with slotted adjustment “figure 8” drawer front connecting plate 90˚ drawer bracket 90˚ drawer bracket cover plastic euro bracket 1-11/16” 1-5/16” 2” x 1” x 5/8” 2-1/8” x 1” x 1/2” 42mm x 47mm x 23mm 15/16” 5/8” 11/16” horizontal slotted 11/16” vertical slotted beige 32mm

heavy duty standards brackets trk05 series commercial hardware »» 1000lbs per pair »» double slot design »» steel with zinc plating or white powdercoating »» adjustable in 1” increments »» 1-1/4” x 1/2” x length below »» ansi/bhma a156.9-2003 ordering length thickness zinc track white track 24” 16 gauge trk05-24 trk05-24wh 36” 16 gauge trk05-36 trk05-36wh 48” 16 gauge trk05-48 trk05-48wh 60” 16 gauge trk05-60 trk05-60wh 72” 16 gauge trk05-72 trk05-72wh 84” 16 gauge trk05-84 trk05-84wh 96” 16 gauge trk05-96 trk05-96wh 10pcs/ctn 10pcs/ctn heavy duty standards brackets part no a trk05-24 24” trk05-36 36” trk05-48 48” trk05-60 60” trk05-72 72” trk05-84 84” trk05-96 96” note proper installation and mounting required tested to meet or exceed ansi/bhma performance standards weight limits are based on standards mounted on 16” centers utilizing all