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c security storage 775 security systems c h-d® security system smart siren ii security and convenience in one the harley-davidson® smart siren ii combines the functionality of the smart siren and pager transmitter into one easy-to-install unit featuring a built in back-up power supply the siren and transmitter functions will continue to operate even if the wires are cut or the vehicle battery is disconnected when combined with the pager receiver ii sold separately the integrated fm transmitter can warn of tampering up to 1/2 mile away smart siren ii features an enhanced sound chamber a redesigned internal battery access cover and ultra low power consumption during the standby mode when activated the security system fob arm and disarm commands are confirmed with a blink feature and 07-later models can be programmed to emit a chirp smart siren ii is certified for use in north america smart siren battery replacement kit not shown replacement battery kit for harley-davidson ®

780 security storage a b new motorcycle covers a motorcycle super shield covers this premium heavy-duty motorcycle cover is constructed of a resilient 2-layer fabric the outside layer is durable fade resistant urethane-coated polyester that resists water dirt and stains internal layer is a sturdy yet soft tricot material providing a paint-friendly soft to the touch finish double stitched and heat sealed taped seams provide strength and superior water resistance venting system allows for breathability and accommodates longer-term storage additional features include heat resistant exhaust panels elastic edges securing strap/grommets and a deluxe storage bag the covers are accented with a silver harley-davidson bar shield logo touring version comes with hook-and-loop secured openings to accommodate dual antennas 98744-09 $179.95 fits softail® dyna® wide glide® and vrsctm models 98743-09 fits touring models except trike $189.95 b premium cotton indoor storage covers we take these

d security storage 785 motorcycle tie-downs d hog ties® straps and hog ties soft hooks 1 hog ties straps made and designed specifically for harley-davidson® motorcycles these are among the sturdiest tie-downs on the market each tie-down is a full 1-1/2 inches wide for unbelievable holding strength with sturdy buckles that feature the harleydavidson bar shield logo at least 50 wider and 50 stronger than a standard tie-down don t trust your harleydavidson® motorcycle to anything less 94649-98 fits all models pair $39.95 2 hog ties® straps with integrated soft hooks this version of the popular hog ties tie-down has integrated soft hooks along with the standard coated steel hooks allowing you a choice of either the soft or steel hook against the motorcycle it is especially useful for avoiding pinching of brake lines wiring or other parts that can be damaged by steel hooks features sturdy buckles with cast harley-davidson bar shield logo 94672-99 1 2 fits all models pair $42.95 d

790 maintenance a new surface care products a harley-davidson® surface cleaners 1 harley-davidson® bug remover remove bugs with little effort bugs have natural acids in their systems that can prove to be very damaging to motorcycle finishes if not removed harley-davidson bug remover melts away bugs without damaging metal plastic or painted surfaces biodegradable 94657-98 8-oz pump spray $5.95 2 harley-davidson® sunwash® concentrate this revolutionary cleaner lets riders wash their bikes where they want to in the sun most bike wash products can be used only on cool days or in the shade harley-davidson sunwash concentrate has a unique formulated sheeting action that prevents hard water spots and rinses clean even on hot days in the sun biodegradable 94659-98 8-oz bottle $4.95 3 harley-davidson® wheel tire cleaner the road provides plenty of nasty elements that can be potentially damaging to the finish of motorcycle wheels harley-davidson wheel tire cleaner cleans wheels tires and

new e new e maintenance 795 surface care products e saddlebag storage stand never set your saddlebags on the ground again this convenient folding rack holds touring hard saddlebags while you wash or work on your bike and utilizes the bag s quarter-turn quick-disconnect fasteners to securely lock them in place the strong lightweight rack features 4 adjustable feet to level the stand and keep the bags off the ground you can wash dry detail and re-install the bags with minimal handling stand accommodates both standard and extended hard saddlebags 94778-10 $99.95 for use with touring model standard and extended-length saddlebags e saddlebag storage stand e saddlebag storage stand f harley® rejuvenator treatment for black leather harley rejuvenator black-pigmented leather treatment puts new life back into faded black leather seats and saddlebags to re-color and condition weathered leather just clean the surface and apply the treatment with a harley ® softcloth wipe off the excess buff

800 maintenance a battery chargers harley-davidson® battery chargers extend the life of your motorcycle battery with an easy-to-use battery charger or battery tender designed to maintain full charge during storage or between rides all harley-davidson battery chargers include quick-disconnect harnesses for simple plug-in connection a 1.25 amp global battery charger a universal power supply unit enables the global battery charger to properly charge and maintain all h-d® 12-volt batteries advanced solid-state circuitry constantly monitors the battery s voltage without overcharging which causes damage switches to float mode automatically adjusting the charge rate up or down to keep the battery properly maintained for extended periods of time accepts worldwide voltage 100 to 240 vac 50 to 60 hz maximum charge rate of 1.25 amperes kit includes a quick-disconnect 7.5 amp fused battery charging harness with ring terminals that can attach to the battery screw terminals for easy connection

new e new f maintenance 805 tools e oil filter wrench ­ end cap style simplify oil filter removal and installation with this convenient end cap style filter wrench the wrench grips the filter without crushing the canister and allows the spin-on filter to be turned with a 3/8 drive socket wrench 94863-10 for use with all h-d® spin-on oil filters $9.95 f disposable oil absorbent work station mat ideal for lining a workbench or for use as a floor mat this absorbent mat traps oil drips and keeps them locked inside manufactured from thick durable felt the mat features a plastic liner and bound edges to contain the mess properly dispose of the saturated mat according to local regulations 97409-10 36.0 x 48.0 $27.95 g transmission/crankcase fill funnel fill your transmission and crankcase without the mess this funnel is shaped to fit into tight spaces and is designed to reach even the toughest access points the anti-burp design ensures smooth oil flow and the smooth orange plastic

810 maintenance a oil lube a formula transmission and primary chaincase lubricant developed with a proprietary mineral basestock formula tested-certified by harley-davidson motor company formulated to provide lubricity for the anti-wear requirements of transmission gears formulated to maintain the coefficient of friction for proper clutch operation and provide adequate lubrication to the primary chain approved for use in all stages of transmission and primary chaincase life not for use in the crankcase as a motor oil tested-certified extended service intervals primary chaincase 84-later big twin models with wet-type diaphragm spring clutch every 10,000 miles or prior to winter or extended storage periods transmission all big twin models every 20,000 miles or prior to winter or extended storage periods primary/transmission 71-later xl and 83 84 xr1000 models every 10,000 miles or prior to winter or extended storage periods 99851-05 $7.95 formulated for use in harley-davidson®

c maintenance 815 batteries c h-d® agm original equipment batteries genuine h-d® batteries offer the latest technology for higher cold cranking amps long life and improved rechargeability featuring the latest agm technology and great harleydavidson® graphics these batteries are durable long-lasting and trouble-free made in the u.s.a 1 2 3 5 1 completely sealed valve regulated maintenance-free design eliminates acid spills and corrosion damage 6 4 15 8 9 7 2 re-engineered vent system is specially designed to minimize leakage 3 exclusive molded terminal design increases strength and durability 4 unique positive post bushing resists vibration damage and retards acid leaks and corrosion 5 heat sealed cover prevents electrolyte leakage and improves reliability 6 larger diameter through-partition welds direct more power to the starting motor 7 heavy top lead improves plate-to-lug adhesion for vibration resistance and long life damage for longer life 10 11 8 plates are lock-bonded

820 tires maintenance dunlop® · harley-davidson® tire series original equipment and recommended replacement tires part number price 43124-94b 43118-92a 43115-91a 43022-91a 43218-08 43211-09a 41474-06b 43109-09a 43115-09a 43371-07 41999-07b 43229-08 44026-09a 40567-90a 41566-08b 55055-11 43112-91a 43172-01b 55193-10 43104-93a 43390-08a 43125-94b 43119-92a 43114-91b 43102-91b 43167-08 43353-03 43332-04 43200001 40565-91b 43264-02 43228-08 43329-09 43332-09 43230-09 55192-10 43169-00a 41998-07 43242-06a 43970-08 43231-08 41771-10 43173-01 41688-08 41473-06 44006-09 $184.95 $169.95 $164.95 $139.95 $153.95 $172.95 $179.95 $170.95 $185.95 $181.95 $202.95 $174.95 $165.95 $119.95 $119.95 $151.95 $124.95 $181.95 $169.95 $119.95 $122.95 $214.95 $194.95 $189.95 $164.95 $249.95 $202.95 $195.95 $169.95 $146.95 $165.95 $233.95 $236.95 $246.95 $251.95 $196.95 $194.95 $196.95 $201.95 $195.95 $220.95 $215.95 $239.95 $254.95 $218.95 $229.95 descriptions 16 front d402f mt90b16 wide whitewall with

824 maintenance a brake pads belts a h-d® original equipment brake pads 42739-08 front $44.95 fits 08-later xr models 42310-08 rear $40.95 fits 08-later xr models 44082-08 front $41.95 fits 08-later dyna® and 08 10 softail® except springer models 46363-11 front $54.95 fits 11 softail models except springer 42298-08 rear $49.95 fits 08-later dyna and softail models 42897-08 front fits 08-later vrsctm models $44.95 41854-08 front $49.95 fits 08-later touring models 41852-08a rear $54.95 fits 08-later touring models 83911-09a rear $89.95 fits 09-later trike models 44082-00d front/rear $43.95 fits front and rear brakes on 00 03 xl 00 05 vrsc 00 07 dyna® and touring models 00 07 softail® models except front brakes on fxsts and flsts springer does not fit 06 07 rear brakes on fxsts fxst fxstb and flstfse2 models 46721-06a rear $42.95 fits 06-later fxsts fxst fxstb and flstfse2 models 42897-06a front fits 06 07 vrsc models $44.95 42850-06b rear fits 06-later vrsc