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suspension what’s the right balance of softness and responsiveness for you how high should your motorcycle ride off the ground these are the questions we find the answers handlebar fit ™ shop ™ the difference between the right handlebar position and almost the right handlebar position is like the difference between a lightning bolt and a lightning bug risers can put any bar in exactly the right place seat the right seat puts both the ground and the handlebars within easy reach it also keeps your tailbone from going numb after a couple hundred miles foot controls when your boots are in the right place so are your ankles knees and hips whether mid-mount is your style or you go in for heels-in-the-wind forward controls we’ll get you set up right build the bike you were born for a harley-davidson® motorcycle isn’t truly yours until it fits you so well it feels like an extension of your own body confidence skyrockets corners get smoother and every mile in the saddle just gives you appetite for more miles the trained hd-1™ fit shop™ experts at your local dealer can help you get your bike set up just right perfectly matched to your individual body dimensions and riding attitude if you want the ultimate combination of body soul and machine this is the place to go the more you give to a harley-davidson® motorcycle the more it gives back to you like the road itself the journey of customization never ends because once you get started the ideas just keep coming there’s always one more detail you can tweak or performance upgrade you can make that will make your bike even more uniquely your own and the ride even more rewarding your dealer can turn you on to more than 10,000 items in the h-d® genuine parts and accessories catalog like your harley® motorcycle they’re made to go the distance in terms of authentic styling and road-proven durability you never run out of options and it just keeps getting better.