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you spoke we listened you spoke we listened and now after countless hours of testing tweaking and refining we’re proud to bring you the most advanced air management system for riding gear ever developed the ultimate companion to the 2014 rushmore motorcycles and the entire touring line our triple vent system maximizes airflow and circulates it around your body as your ride the result more temperature control and more comfort during long rides in warmer weather so before you head out on our most innovative touring bikes yet pick up this one-of-a-kind riding jacket you’ll stay cooler – and want to stay out on the road even longer snap closures pull vents closer together or hold them open allowing greater control of airflow with three vents on each side to capture air and circulate an upward air current throughout the jacket the harleydavidson® triple vent system keeps you cooler and more comfortable than ever side vents eliminate backrests from covering vents in the back of the jacket which restricts airflow venting extends to the armpits to maximize airflow at speed and allows the jacket and you to breathe even when idling our new triple vented system was designed not just around the rider but around the bike as well it allows air to circulate more freely around your body keeping you cooler throughout longer rides discover more at www.h-d.com/2014motorclothes