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one history lesson none of us will fall asleep in there is only one company with a history that runs in an unbroken road all the way back to the roots of motorcycling in america the harley-davidson museum® is where this story comes to life the historical machines are all there a true enthusiast could get lost for days just looking at those motorcycles but the real story that comes through is of free-spirited individuals from every generation who have made harleydavidson an american success story a cultural phenomenon and an icon of freedom around the globe there is no other story like the harley-davidson story and there are always new chapters being added the harley-davidson museum® is something to see for everyone we ride it’s always been the case that when you buy a harley-davidson® motorcycle you join an exclusive group of riders in 1983 we made it official by founding the harley owners group® motorcycle club it’s a worldwide brother and sisterhood of people who believe nothing in the world compares to being in the saddle of a harley-davidson® motorcycle thundering towards the horizon whether you’re riding solo or in a group you’re never alone wherever your travels take you your new harley-davidson® motorcycle comes with a free one-year membership welcome to the largest most adventure-seeking freedom-loving motorcycle riding club on earth www.h-d.com/2014museum