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770 garage surface care – clean a quick wash fast and easy to use quick wash is tough on dirt oil and bugs but gentle on other surfaces this all-over bike cleaner is safe for use on all surfaces of your motorcycle and does not strip wax corrode fasteners or spokes or stain leather and vinyl seats and saddlebags just spray it on and hose it off quick wash gets into hard-to-reach spaces and cleans without scrubbing sheeting action rinses clean and prevents spotting available in easy-to-handle trigger pump bottles and convenient refill containers 16 fl oz 473 ml spray bottle 93600011 93600071 u.s international $7.95 $7.95 32 fl oz 946 ml trigger bottle 93600012 u.s $15.95 1 gallon 3.79 l refill bottle 93600013 u.s $42.95 b sunwash® bike soap this revolutionary cleaner lets riders wash their bikes where they want to – in the sun most bike wash products can be used only on cool days or in the shade sunwash® bike soap has a unique sheeting action that prevents hard water

garage 777 surface care c harley® travel care kit everything you need to make your bike shine – except the water whether you are starting the ultimate biker’s garage or want to keep your ride clean on the road the harley® travel care kit is your answer the kit includes five 2 oz refillable bottles of proven harley-davidson® cleaning products the kit features sunwash® bike soap cleaner spray-on bug remover fast-acting wheel tire cleaner glaze poly sealant gloss detailer and a soft microfiber detailing cloth the complete kit fits easily in the compact reusable zip-closure bag so you can take it along for the ride or store it neatly in your garage 93600007 five 2 oz bottles $25.95 c harley travel care kit d hog® blaster motorcycle dryer dry your bike in minutes with the hog® blaster this powerful dryer blows a stream of warm dry filtered air at 18,000 feet minute allowing you to cut your drying time up to 75 the hog blaster reduces streaks and water

784 garage versatile storage the detach depot garage storage system provides versatile secure off-the-floor storage for detachable accessories — saving valuable shelf and floor space the convenient detach depot wall rack and saddlebag mounts put detachables within easy reach and protect your components from storage wear and tear for a 360° view 7for a video view log on to www.h-d.com/partsvideos detach depot example configurations wall rack the detach depot wall rack can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of detachable accessories just mount the rack to the wall studs move the soft-touch rods into position and mount your accessories the versatile storage rack has the flexibility to grow with you as you change bikes or add more accessories sportster® detachables dyna® detachables softail® detachables softail® deluxe detachables road king® classic detachables touring detachables sportster detachable saddlebags dyna detachable saddlebags fat

790 garage motorcycle locks a disc brake lock and reminder cord 1 designed to prevent roll-away theft this lock provides security protection and resists cutting and chisel attacks hardened drop-forged steel lock features a dual-reinforced high-security disc-style cylinder and blade-style key the sleek and compact design is available in mirror-chrome or in a bright orange finish for maximum visibility kit includes 2 blade-style keys and a high-visibility reminder cord that loops from the lock to the handlebar as a visual indication that your lock is still engaged key registration and replacement service is available fits front brake rotor on ’83-later models except those with 19-inch laced front wheels on vrsc™ models fits on rear brake rotor does not fit front brake rotor on models equipped with solid disc wheels 46086-98a 94873-10 chrome orange $49.95 $49.95 also available lock reminder cord 1 remember to remove your disc or fork lock before beginning your ride with

garage 797 tire gauges d compact air compressor with light correct tire pressure is crucial to safe operation and long tire life but checking the pressure finding a gas station with a working air pump and filling the tire is a chore that many of us ignore compact air compressor is designed to simplify this necessary procedure the compact lightweight 12v pump is designed for life on the road the all-in-one pump plugs into your bike’s battery charging harness and features a built-in 0-160 psi pressure gauge and bright led work light the 11 air hose and 6 fuse-protected power cord easily reach the front and rear wheels and are stored in convenient compartments when not in use the lightweight pump features durable impact-resistant construction and is small enough to fit easily in a saddlebag or strap-on luggage kit includes pump valve stem extension and nylon carrying bag 12700020 d compact air compressor with light e valve stem extension $40.95 e valve stem extension sometimes

garage 803 flashlights e rechargeable led cigarette lighter flashlight now you don’t need batteries to see the light always charged and at your fingertips the cigarette lighter flashlight fits into any harley-davidson® “cigarette lighter” style power outlet or 12-volt power supply powerful led 15 lumen lamp projects a brilliant pool of blue-white light that illuminates your work area and grabs attention in the dark light features safety strobe setting to ensure that you are seen from a distance 12700022 e rechargeable led cigarette lighter flashlight $29.95 f tactical led flashlight with safety strobe the tactical led flashlight with safety strobe won’t leave you in the dark the compact flashlight features 3 settings – high low and strobe – plus an adjustable lens to focus the light from a narrow beam to a wide flood of light powered by standard aaa batteries the flashlight’s high beam reaches 140 yards at 100 lumens and the

810 garage specialty tools a screamin’ eagle® inner cam bearing removal tool this precision tool simplifies the removal of the inner cam bearing and reduces the risk of damaging the crankcase tool is also designed to keep the pin rollers from accidentally falling into the crankcase 94078-09 $134.95 for use on ’99-’05 dyna® ’00-’06 softail® and ’99-’06 touring models 94144-09 $134.95 for use on ’06-later dyna and ’07-later softail and touring models b screamin’ eagle inner cam bearing installation tool this precision tool is designed to ease the installation of the inner cam bearing into the bore manufactured from hardened tool steel this precision tool perfectly positions the bearings and prevents the pin bearings from falling into the engine case 94107-09a $185.95 for use on ’99-later twin cam engines featuring both earlyand late-model inner cam bearing designs c screamin’ eagle mainshaft

garage 817 new oil lube g ethanol guard fuel stabilizer ideal for winter storage and year-round use this premium fuel stabilizer keeps fuel fresh for up to 12 months blended with corrosion inhibitors this fuel stabilizer is formulated to protect fuel tanks fuel lines carburetors and injectors from long-term exposure to the adverse affects of ethanol-blended fuel it fights deposits that can accumulate as a result of ethanol-produced solvents and acts as a demulsifier to eliminate condensation in your fuel system 4 ounces treats 10 gallons of fuel 91600001 4 oz bottle $5.95 h genuine harley-davidson® extended life antifreeze and coolant antifreeze is pre-diluted with deionized water to eliminate cooling system contamination formulated to use at full strength do not add water this coolant provides exceptional heat transfer properties protects the entire cooling system against corrosion formula is silicate-free phosphate-free nitrate-free and borate-free one gallon container 99822-02

garage 823 spark plugs a harley-davidson® double platinum spark plugs double platinum spark surfaces offer superior erosion resistance even after millions of sparks h-d® double platinum plugs also feature a semiconductor suppressor a triplecoated shell with special anti-seize coating copper core center electrode for high thermal capacity and peak performance at all engine speeds tapered center and platinum side electrodes for maximum combustibility special high alumina insulator provides self-adjusting temperature for maximum resistance to fouling harley-davidson®’s longest lasting spark plugs 32364-04 6r12pp $9.95 each fits ’86-later evolution®-equipped xl models and ’99-later twin cam-equipped models 32334-05 10r12app $9.95 each fits ’02-later vrsc™ models 32363-04 5r6app $9.95 each fits ’75-’85 shovelhead and ’84-’00 evolution 1340-equipped models b harley-davidson gold spark plugs a special thread and shell

830 garage tires – sportster® models original equipment and recommended replacement tires model fitment stock or optional fitment tread size rim size in inches psi sidewall style part number price sportster® – front dunlop® harley-davidson® performance tires ’96-’03 xl1200 sport stock ’04-later xl except xl custom xl1200x xl1200v xr1200/x or ’11-later xl883l installation requires installation of matching gt502 rear tire p/n 40555-04a optional ’96-’10 xl883c optional ’96-’10 xl1200c optional ’10-later xl1200x stock on my ’10 d402f mt90b16 3.00 x 16 ’08-’13 xr1200/x stock on my ’08-’11 d209f rp 120/70zr18 3.50 x 18 ’04-later xl except xl custom xl1200x xl1200v xr1200/x or ’11-later xl883l bw stock on my ’04-’10 d401f 100/90-19 2.15 x 19 30 d401f 100/90-19 2.15 x 19 gt502f 100/90-19 2.15 x 19 30 bw 40554-04a $165.95 gt502f 80/90-21 2.15 x

836 garage tires – vrsc™ models original equipment and recommended replacement tires stock or optional fitment model fitment tread rim size in inches size psi sidewall style part number price 36 bw 43172-01b $226.95 36 bw 43213-11 $239.95 8.00 x 18 42 bw 41473-06 $289.95 5.50 x 18 38/42 bw 43173-01 $282.95 42 bw 43189-11 $319.95 vrsc™ – front dunlop® harley-davidson® tire series ’02-later vrsc™ models stock my ’02-’10 d208f 120/70zr19 3.00 x 19 michelin® harley-davidson® tire series ’07-’10 vrscaw optional ’07-’08 vrscd optional ’07-later vrscdx stock my ’11-later ’09-later vrscf stock my ’11-later ’06 vrscse2 optional ’07 vrscx optional scorcher 11 120/70zr19 3.00 x 19 vrsc – rear dunlop® harley-davidson® tire series ’07-’10 vrscaw stock ’07-later vrscdx stock my ’07-’10 ’09-later vrscf stock my