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garage 845 security systems c h-d® security system smart siren ii if your bike is equipped with an original equipment or accessory h-d smart security system this smart siren provides added security and convenience in one the harley-davidson® smart siren ii combines the functionality of the smart siren and pager transmitter into one easy-to-install unit featuring a built in back-up power supply the siren and transmitter functions will continue to operate even if the wires are cut or the vehicle battery is disconnected when combined with the pager receiver ii sold separately the integrated fm transmitter can warn of tampering up to 1/2 mile away smart siren ii features an enhanced sound chamber a redesigned internal battery access cover and ultra low power consumption during the standby mode when activated the security system fob arm and disarm commands are confirmed with a blink feature and ’07-later models can be programmed to emit a chirp smart siren ii is certified for use in north america smart siren battery replacement kit not shown replacement battery kit for harley-davidson factory security system smart siren includes replacement nickel metal hydride battery and instructions 69309-10 $15.95 notice the prices appearing in this catalog are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices actual retail prices may vary c h-d security system smart siren ii h-d security systems north america model year security system smart siren ii kit 2007-later 68207-07a $339.95 68328-06a $94.95 vrscf 2009-later 91684-08a $339.95 68328-06a $94.95 vrsc except vrscr 2002-2006 68200-00d $299.95 68328-06a $94.95 vrscr 2006 68207-00d $299.95 68328-06a $94.95 trike 2009-2013 68200-07a $339.95 68328-06a $94.95 touring and trike 2014-later 41000087b $359.95 68328-06a $94.95 touring 2007-2013 68200-07a $339.95 68328-06a $94.95 touring 2002-2006 68200-00d $299.95 68328-06a $94.95 touring 2000-2001 68200-00d $299.95 68317-06a $129.95 dyna® 2012-later 41000087b $359.95 68328-06a $94.95 dyna 2007-2011 68207-07a $339.95 68328-06a $94.95 dyna 2004-2006 68207-00d $299.95 68328-06a $94.95 2000-2003 68200-00d $299.95 — — 2011-later 41000021c $359.95 68328-06a $94.95 dyna ® softail softail except fxcw/c 2007-2010 68207-07a $339.95 68328-06a $94.95 softail fxcw/c 2008-2010 91684-08a $339.95 68328-06a $94.95 softail 2003-2006 68207-00d $299.95 68328-06a $94.95 softail 2000-2002 68207-00d $299.95 — — xl 2014-later 41000087b $359.95 68328-06a $94.95 xl/xr 2007-2013 68200-07a $339.95 68352-06b $129.95 xl 2004-2006 68200-00d $299.95 68352-06b $129.95 p/n 88115-03 bank angle switch kit sold separately or security system p/n 68200-00d or 68200-07a are required for use on 2000-2013 fl touring models equipped with a tle/ultra sidecar pager function requires remote pager receiver ii p/n 91660-06 or 91672-07 sold separately garage model family vrsc™ except vrscf