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garage 857 why use genuine harley-davidson oils filters and service parts ® when it comes to parts and service there are a lot of people vying for your business and a confounding array of products to choose from why should you use harley-davidson® products here are a few of the many reasons harley-davidson quality care fit function and synergy surface finish all genuine harley-davidson® service parts have been designed tested and manufactured as part of the complete motorcycle and created to work in harmony with the entire vehicle our parts are made of the same materials and to the same exacting standards as those that were installed during the manufacture of your motorcycle whether chromed painted powder-coated or polished all harley-davidson service parts receive the same exacting surface finish as the original components testing harley-davidson has invested vast resources in state-of-the-art design testing manufacturing technology and facilities from the motor company’s renowned product development center to its test track in arizona genuine h-d® parts are evaluated individually against their design specifications as well as on the test track as part of the complete motorcycle durability and continuous improvement h-d engineers monitor the durability and performance of most components on every model gathering hard data to identify any improvements that can be incorporated in addition many parts are put through exhaustive tests this process identifies any aspect of a part that needs improvement long before it becomes a retail product waterproofing all electrical and ignition parts are subjected to exhaustive water testing to ensure that they will perform perfectly even in the worst downpour these high standards apply to all harley-davidson electrical and ignition service parts making them reliable and durable corrosion resistance harley-davidson parts are required to pass the most demanding anti-corrosion standards processes and materials are evaluated constantly to ensure they remain state of the art the bottom line no other brand provides the long-term value and reliability of genuine harleydavidson parts using these products helps ensure that your harley-davidson motorcycle will continue to operate as intended no matter how many miles you ride.