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796 garage oil change accessories a.low profile oil drain pan reduce the mess and cleanup required when changing the fluids on your motorcycle this reusable drain pan is designed specifically for use with harley-davidson® motorcycles the low-profile design fits easily under standard height and lowered motorcycles and slips beneath the bike even when on the side stand the 10-quart capacity pan will capture 2 engine oil changes or the complete drain fluids engine oil primary and transmission from one motorcycle the drain pan is large enough to catch the oil from the entire length of the primary and is sized to hold and drain an inverted primary cover the drain pan features a raised hardware corral a filter drain surface and a pressure vent hole to prevent messy oil burping the drained waste oil is sealed safely inside the pan with high-quality gasketed caps and plugs convenient carrying handle simplifies transport to an approved waste oil facility 63795-10 10-quart capacity $29.95 b.disposable oil absorbent work station mat ideal for lining a workbench or for use as a floor mat this absorbent mat traps oil drips and keeps them locked inside manufactured from thick durable felt the mat features a plastic liner and bound edges to contain the mess properly dispose of the saturated mat according to local regulations 97409-10 36.0 x 48.0 $27.95 c.oil filter wrench ­ end cap style simplify oil filter removal and installation with this convenient end cap style filter wrench the wrench grips the filter without crushing the canister and allows the spin-on filter to be turned with a 3/8 drive socket wrench 94863-10 $9.95 for use with all h-d® spin-on oil filters d.oil filter removal wrench this slip-resistant wrench featuring a stainless steel band is designed to make the removal of your oil filter much easier 94686-00 $9.95 fits all models with spin-on oil filters a low profile oil drain pan a low profile oil drain pan b disposable oil absorbent work station mat c oil filter wrench ­ end cap style notice the prices appearing in this catalog are the manufacturer s suggested retail prices actual retail prices may vary d oil filter removal wrench