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8 new products 9 new products a lithium life battery want a reliable long-lasting motorcycle battery with powerful cranking amps now you can have all that along with a massive reduction in battery weight the harley-davidson lithium life batteries offer more than 2-times longer battery life and more cranking amps than standard agm batteries compared to agm batteries the lithium life batteries weigh an impressive 17.6 lbs less on touring models 12.2 lbs less on softail dyna and v-rod models and 8.8 lbs less on sportster and street™ models the lithium life battery has a very slow self-discharge rate during storage and when properly disconnected they are maintenance free for 12 months the life motorcycle battery uses an impressive 85 of amp hour capacity compared to only 10 for an agm battery which provides power to your accessories such as audio and lighting the life battery features high quality machined brass terminals for an uncompromised connection and an on-board tester that allows you to instantly see your battery s power level touring and softail model life batteries come with a caddy that ensure perfect fitment into the battery compartment foam blocks are not required for optimal charging use the harley-davidson 800 ma weatherproof dual mode battery tender sold separately a 1 c ® ® ® 1 66000171 ® ® 4ah battery 2 $199.95 4ah battery – california $199.95 fits 15-later xg 04-later xl and 08 13 xr models 04 13 xl models require separate purchase of hardware kit p/n 66000234 6ah battery $249.95 3 6ah battery – california $249.95 fits 07 17 vrsc except 07 vrscr 04 17 dyna and 04-later softail models 07 17 vrsc and 04 07 softail models require separate purchase of hardware kit p/n 66000234 8ah battery $299.95 3 66000230 8ah battery – california $299.95 fits ‘04-later touring and ’09-later trike models 04 07 touring models require separate purchase of hardware kit p/n 66000234 b lithium life battery hardware kit this kit enables fitment of lithium life motorcycle batteries on older model vehicles kit includes 2 washers and 2 extended length screws 66000234 $7.95 for use with h-d life batteries on the following models 04 07 touring 04 07 softail 04 13 xl 02 17 vrsc ® 66000181 u.s $59.95 66000182 europe $59.95 66000183 u.k $59.95 66000184 australia $59.95 66000185 japan $59.95 d harley-davidson® heavy synthetic gear oil 2 66000229 3 66000175 this fully-automatic harley-davidson weatherproof dual-mode battery tender is perfect for short or long-term motorcycle battery charging needs selectable charge options provide optimal charging for your harley-davidson lithium life motorcycle or agm lead-acid batteries and the waterproof housing ensures there won t be a problem even if water gets into your storage area the vibration and shock-resistant battery tender is reverse polarity protected and spark-proof even when the leads touch the tender also includes an led front panel to indicate the battery s state of charge time to recharge a fully discharged lithium battery is 5-9 hours time to recharge a dead agm battery is 8-12 hours for use with harley-davidson lithium and agm batteries 1 66000228 2 66000174 c harley-davidson® 800 ma weatherproof dual mode battery tender b tested-certified for use in harley-davidson transmission and primary chaincase applications exclusively engineered for harley-davidson motorcycles this heavy synthetic gear oil is intended for use in extreme temperature environments desert heat or cold weather frequent two-up riding and heavy load riding applications this dual viscosity sae 80w-140 heavy weight gear primary oil was developed with proprietary additives and pure synthetic base stock so it flows better at cold start-up then in high temperatures viscosity behaves like a 140 weight oil to provide maximum protection formulated to maintain the proper coefficient of friction for clutch operation and to provide superior lubrication for the primary chain drive this gear oil was formulated to provide specialized lubricity for the anti-wear requirements of transmission gears across a wider temperature range than mineral based oil this heavy synthetic gear oil is approved by harley-davidson for use in all stages of transmission and primary chaincase life this is not for use in the crankcase as a motor oil for all h-d transmissions and the following primary chaincase applications ‘71-later xl ’83 84 xr1000 08 13 xr and 84-later big twin models with wettype diaphragm spring clutch not for use in 02 17 vrsc™ or 15-later xg models ® b 62600091 u.s $19.95 62600093 europe/latin america $19.95 62600094 asia/pacific $19.95