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Harvard Apparatus Physiology Catalog contains hundreds of products to accelerate your physiological research with single cells, tissue samples, organs or whole animals.

18 mm x 3 mm stainless steel tube in tube 100 vac to 240 vac 50 60 hz top top table 23 x 23 balls heart to heart 1 in tube x 1 in female stainless steel tube id 15 mm 100 240 v 50 60 hz 100 240 y 50 60 hz 220 volt ac to 12 volt ac 220 volt ac to 24 volt ac 23 tube in tube tube to tube tube to tube connection 14 volt ac to 28 volt ac 24 volt to 5 volt 12 volt to 6 volt 6 volt to 12 volt 12 volt to 24 volt 24 volt to 12 volt 12 volt to 9 volt left to left back to back 14 28 to 12 28 h and r 30 30 316 stainless steel tubing 316 stainless steel tube 316 6 stainless steel tubing male tee fit to female tee 15 pin d sub connector male to female thread adapters a male to female thread adapter high pressure high flow regulator stainless steel heat exchangers stainless steel needle valves 316 stainless steel tube 10 see a slide door slide bnc to bnc cable t connector male to male stainless steel tube id back lit lcd display male to male adapter adapter male to male male to male adapters high pressure stainless steel 6 pin connector to 8 pin din connector tube fitting cross reference chart cylinder aluminum cylinder head 4 cylinder aluminum cylinder head animal with animal stainless steel rod 30 mm stainless steel soft tube soft teflon coated stainless steel 3 pin connector cable to cable

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regenerative medicine new 3d bioreactor systems bioreactor for hollow organs bronchus trachea blood vessels regenerative medicine regenerative medicine holder induce continuous mixing of the culture medium to increase oxygenation and mass transport the cell/matrix construct is moved by a dc motor 0-5 rpm adjustable separated from the culture compartments the connection between the motion unit and the culture chamber allows the first to remain in the incubator for the whole culture period moving the chamber independently every time is needed i.e sampling medium exchange an external control unit regulates and monitors rotation autoclavability ease of handling under sterile conditions reliability and precision ensure the full compatibility of the device with the glp rules good laboratory practice organizer™ series model 100 “in breath” for the development of tissue-engineered hollow organs benefits features • facilitates cell seeding procedures on both sides

syringes harvard apparatus stainless steel syringes all syringes are supplied with inside diameter dimensions for use with harvard apparatus microprocessor controlled pumps and rate charts for use with older ‘classic’ pumps replacement viton o-rings are available as are the more chemically resistant perfluoroelastomer o-rings harvard apparatus high pressure stainless steel syringes 200 ml pumps high pressure 2.5 ml and 8 ml stainless steel syringes 100 ml syringes 50 ml 2.5 ml 8 ml 20 ml these syringes have been designed to utilize the high forces available in our syringe pumps to produce pressures up to 7500 psi and 1500 psi respectively these syringes are constructed entirely of #316 stainless steel the 2.5 ml stainless steel syringe contains one perfluoroelastomer o-ring seal and one ball seal this syringe is available with a 1/16 inch swagelok® tip only the 8 ml stainless steel syringe contains two perfluoroelastomer o-ring seals and two teflon o-ring seals this

restraint devices cones and holders tube type holders universal rodent restrainers animal handling containment universal rodent restrainers tube type holder • • • • tube type holder specifications restrains mice down to 10 grams removable raised inner floor adjustable headgate and removable tailgate headgate fits into any of four positions for various sizes of rodents • tailgate allows maximum closeness of occluding cuff to body when testing indirect blood pressure restraint devices these universal rodent restrainers have a unique raised inner floor which provides a better fit for smaller rodents and which may be removed for larger rodents the inner floor is attached to the bottom by two nylon screws knurled nickel-plated brass screws serve as base fasteners and legs these universal rodent restrainers are constructed of 6.4 mm 1/4 in thick rigid clear acrylic plastic openings in the headgate reduce restrictions on the rodent’s breathing not

tweezers forceps harvard apparatus line of surgical instruments py2 72-8547 order py2 72-8590 product py2 72-8547 adson tissue forceps 12.0 cm 1 x 2 teeth py2 72-8548 adson tissue forceps 12.0 cm 1 x 2 teeth light weight order product py2 72-8590 graefe iris forceps serrated 10.0 cm straight points 0.7 mm py2 72-8591 graefe iris forceps serrated 10.0 cm straight points 1.0 mm py2 72-8593 graefe iris forceps non-magnetic 10 cm serrated straight points 1.0 mm py2 72-8556 product py2 72-8595 iris forceps serrated 11.5 cm straight 1.0 mm order product py2 72-8555 micro-adson tissue forceps 12.0 cm 1 x 2 teeth 0.8 mm no finish py2 72-8598 py2 72-8556 micro-adson tissue forceps 12.0 cm 1 x 2 teeth extra delicate 0.5 mm py2 72-8557 micro-adson tissue forceps 12.0 cm 1 x 2 teeth angled py2 72-8558 micro-adson tissue forceps 15.0 cm 1 x 2 teeth extra delicate order py2 72-8575 micro-adson-biemer ultrafine tissue forceps 12 cm 1 x 2 teeth super delicate py2 72-8598 graefe iris forceps

capnographs new capnograph type 340 for small rodents capnograph type 340 back settings the following signals are available as analog signals on the rear of the unit • co2 waveform • end tidal co2 etco2 in extended version • respiratory flow • tracheal pressure capnographs output respiration all the settings are done using the display and keypad on the front panel • respiratory rate • tidal volume specifications co2 range 0 10 tracheal pressure range -10 to +80 cmh2o airflow range mouse ±3.00 ml/sec rat ±30.00 ml/sec tidal volume range mouse 1.0 ml rat 5.0 ml respiratory rate range 0 to 300 bpm output signal range ±4 volt sampling rate mouse ~15 ml/min rat ~10 ml/min order product py2 73-3809 capnograph type 340 100-240 vac 50/60 hz py2 73-3816 flow pressure sensor for mouse to capnograph type 340 py2 73-3817 flow pressure sensor for rat to capnograph type 340 harvard apparatus • phone 508.893.8999 • toll free u.s

anxiety depression aron test for screen anxiolytic substances aron test box specifications cage materials white transparent plastic and stainless steel dimensions 18 x 25 x 16 cm shock 0-3 ma timer 0-10 sec square pulse shock delivery footswitch order model product py2 76-0006 le830 aron test box shock generator py2 76-0159 must be ordered separately behavioral research key features • an elegant and economical solution for screening anxiolytic drugs in mice • punishment based conflict test • shock with adjustable intensity parameters measured • number of punished crossings citations foreman mm et al 2009 anxiolytic effects of lamotrigine and jzp-4 in the elevated plus maze and in the four plate conflict test eur j pharmacol 6022-3 316-20 mouse usa jacobsen jp et al 2008 sk3 k channel-deficient mice have enhanced dopamine and serotonin release and altered emotional behaviors genes brain behav 78 836-48 masse f et al 2008 anxiolytic-like effects of doi

teaching recorders complete electrophysiology teaching unit complete electrophysiological teaching unit physiology harvard apparatus’ electrophysiological teaching unit enables students to grasp the essentials of complex electrophysiological control functions including • electrocardiograms recorders • electromyograms • simple electroencephalograms • other bioelectrical measurements the electrophysiological teaching unit is for investigating displaying and analyzing most bioelectrical phenomena of importance to nerve-muscle studies including • stimulus-reaction times • reflexes • nerve transmission speed • nerve mapping • nerve-muscle preparation • neurological reflex i64 the electrophysiology teaching unit has the following integral components • 2-channel oscilloscope • 2-channel stimulator • audio amplifier switchable between channels • transducer interface same as py2 50-8861 transducer

telemetry systems telemetry biopotential transmitters physiology telemetry biopotential transmitter small animal mle1010 telemetry biopotential transmitter large animal mle1011 specific features benefits • a high gain amplifier analog to digital converter 2 khz sampling frequency and an input range of ±2 mv for the measured biopotential signal specific features benefits • a high gain amplifier analog to digital converter 2 khz sampling frequency and an input range of ±2 mv for the measured biopotential signal the mle1010 telemetry biopotential transmitter is suitable for measuring ecg eeg eog emg and temperature in small animals ≥200 g ideally suited to rats the mle1011 telemetry biopotential transmitter is suitable for measuring ecg eeg eog and emg and temperature in large animals ≥1.5 kg compatible receivers the mle1011 transmitter is programmed with one of 12 independent transmission frequencies and is compatible with the following receivers the

advanced research tissue bath systems mayflower tissue bath system continued mayflower chamber with direct stimulation electrode electrical stimulation electrodes the stimulation electrodes can be of different types – coaxial electrode for contact stimulation stainless steel mayflower chamber with field electrodes a standard tissue holder is used for small muscle preparations the tissue is attached to both hooks by threads if point stimulation is required a miniature coaxial stimulation electrode is installed using our mini ball joint postioning system the electrode can therefore precisely and easily be placed – two plate electrodes for field stimulation platinum or agagci – flexible platinum wires for direct contact with the tissue tissue holders three different tissue holders are available tissue holders can be exchanged the holders consist of two parts a fixed part positioning the tissue inside the bath and the part transmitting the contractile force to the

micro-incubators dh-40i micro-incubation system complete environment on the microscope permits imaging with perfusion temperature and gas control cflex or pe160 perfusion suction tube controls tygon tubing heating elements suction outlet tube perfusion inlet tube pe160 chamber clamps exhaust ports 2 magnetic stainless steel gas port used as an open chamber with 35 mm dish insert adapter rings for corning falcon and willco 35 mm dishes clamps suction tube base 7.3 mm height for petri dish approx 6.0 mm deep • designed for rc-40 quick change imaging chambers and 35 mm culture dishes • adapters for willco wells corning nunc wpi mattek and falcon dishes • heated top coverslip optional eliminates condensation when used as a closed chamber • accommodates upright and inverted microscopes the dh-40i micro-incubator is a system designed for imaging live cells at the required temperature and atmospheric conditions this versatile chamber is designed for high resolution