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karl marx greatness and illusion gareth stedman jones “a deeply original and illuminating account of marx’s journey through the intellectual history of the nineteenth century stedman jones explores the friendships affinities rivalries and hatreds that shaped marx’s life with elegance and analytical brilliance.” —christopher clark author of ‚ƒthe sleepwalkers as much a portrait of his time as a biography of the man karl marx greatness and illusion returns the author of das kapital to his nineteenth-century world before twentieth-century inventions transformed him into communism’s patriarch and fierce lawgiver gareth stedman jones depicts an era dominated by extraordinary challenges and new notions about god human capacities empires and political systems—and above all the shape of the future in the aftermath of the battle of waterloo a europe-wide argument began about the industrial transformation of england the revolution in france

democracy a case study david a moss democracy a case study d av i d a moss to all who declare that american democracy is broken—riven by partisanship undermined by extremism and corrupted by wealth—history offers hope in nearly every generation since the nation’s founding critics have made similar declarations and yet the nation is still standing when should we believe the doomsayers in democracy a case study historian david moss adapts the case study method made famous by harvard business school to revitalize our conversations about governance and democracy and show how the united states has often thrived on political conflict democracy’s nineteen case studies were honed in moss’s harvard course which is among the institution’s most highly rated each one presents readers with a pivotal moment in u.s history and raises questions facing key decision makers at the time should delegates to the constitutional convention support james

thomas hardy half a londoner mark ford “‚‘wanted good hardy critic’ jested philip larkin mark ford fits the bill like his subject thomas hardy ford is an eminent poet and a knowledgeable londoner there is much for the lover and student of hardy to learn about an area of his life which has not till now received the attention it deserves.” —john sutherland university college london because thomas hardy is so closely associated with the rural wessex of his novels stories and poems it is easy to forget that he was in his own words half a londoner focusing on the formative five years in his early twenties when hardy lived in the city but also on his subsequent movement back and forth between dorset and the capital mark ford shows that the dorset-london axis is critical to an understanding of his identity as a man and his achievement as a writer thomas hardy half a londoner presents a detailed account of hardy’s london experiences from his arrival

elvis’s army cold war gis and the atomic battlefield brian mcallister linn “the story of how the army sought to adapt to the atomic age is a fascinating one and linn goes considerably beyond what has previously been written.” —thomas g mahnken u.s naval war college when the u.s army drafted elvis presley in 1958 it quickly set about transforming the king of rock and roll from a rebellious teen idol into a clean-cut gi trading in his goldtrimmed jacket for standard-issue fatigues elvis became a model soldier in an army facing the unprecedented challenge of building a fighting force for the atomic age in an era that threatened soviet-american thermonuclear annihilation the army declared it could limit atomic warfare to the battlefield it not only adopted a radically new way of fighting but also revamped its equipment organization concepts and training practices from massive garrisons in germany and korea to nuclear tests to portable atomic weapons the army

virtual competition the promise and perils of the algorithm-driven economy ariel ezrachi • maurice e stucke shoppers with internet access and a bargain-hunting impulse can find a universe of products at their fingertips in this thought-provoking exposé ariel ezrachi and maurice stucke invite us to take a harder look at today’s app-assisted paradise of digital shopping while consumers reap many benefits from online purchasing the sophisticated algorithms and data-crunching that make browsing so convenient are also changing the nature of market competition and not always for the better computers colluding is one danger although longstanding laws prevent companies from fixing prices data-driven algorithms can now quickly monitor competitors’ prices and adjust their own prices accordingly so what is seemingly beneficial—increased price transparency—ironically can end up harming consumers a second danger is behavioral discrimination here companies track

science • technology • medicine deepwater horizon a systems analysis of the macondo disaster earl boebert • james m blossom foreword by peter g neumann “destined to be a classic case study a great deal of safety analysis focuses on searches for the root cause of accidents and disasters but the deepwater horizon incident demonstrates that the causality of some disasters has a fundamentally multifactor nature this book should be read by anyone concerned with safety of large complex systems.” —herb lin stanford university on april 20 2010 the crew of the floating drill rig deepwater horizon lost control of the macondo oil well forty miles offshore in the gulf of mexico escaping gas and oil ignited destroying the rig killing eleven crew members and injuring dozens more the emergency spiraled into the worst human-made economic and ecological disaster in gulf coast history senior systems engineers earl boebert and james blossom offer the most

elusive refuge chinese migrants in the cold war laura madokoro probing the ethics of holocaust culture edited by elusive refuge recovers the lost history of millions of chinese who fled the 1949 communist revolution and recounts the humanitarian efforts to find new homes for refugees displaced by civil strife laura madokoro points out a constellation of factors—entrenched bigotry in predominantly white european countries the spread of human rights and cold war geopolitics—which coalesced to shape domestic and international refugee policies that still hold sway although the united states canada australia new zealand and south africa were home to sizeable asian communities chinese migrants were a perpetual target of legislation designed to exclude them government officials and the broader public questioned whether chinese refugees were true victims of persecution or opportunistic economic migrants humanitarian ngos such as the lutheran world federation and the world

jeffrey henderson general editor • founded by james loeb 1911 • loeb classical library early greek philosophy volumes i–ix edited and translated by andré laks • glenn w most the fragments and testimonia of the early greek philosophers often labeled the presocratics have always been not only a fundamental source for understanding archaic greek culture and ancient philosophy but also a perennially fresh resource that has stimulated western thought until the present day this new systematic conception and presentation of the evidence differs in three ways from hermann diels’s groundbreaking work as well as from later editions it renders explicit the material’s thematic organization it includes a selection from such related bodies of evidence as archaic poetry classical drama and the hippocratic corpus and it presents an overview of the reception of these thinkers until the end of antiquity volume i contains introductory and reference materials

itineraries of power texts and traversals in heian and medieval japan terry kawashima movements—of people and groups through travel migration exile and diaspora—are central to understanding both local and global power relationships but what of more literary moves textual techniques such as distinct patterns of narrative flow abrupt leaps between genres and poetic figures that flatten geographical distance this book examines what happens when both types of tropes—literal traversals and literary shifts—coexist itineraries of power examines prose narratives and poetry of the mid-heian to medieval eras 900–1400 that conspicuously feature tropes of movement terry kawashima argues that the appearance of a character’s physical motion alongside literary techniques identified with motion is a textual signpost in a story urging readers to focus on how the work conceptualizes relations of power and claims to authority from the gendered intersection of

american railroads decline and renaissance in the twentieth century robert e gallamore • john r meyer h a choice outstanding academic title of the year once an icon of american industry railroads fell into a long decline beginning around the turn of the twentieth century overburdened with regulation and often displaced by barge traffic on governmentmaintained waterways trucking on interstate highways and jet aviation railroads measured their misfortune in lost market share abandoned track bankruptcies and unemployment today however as robert gallamore and john meyer demonstrate rail transportation is reviving rescued by new sources of traffic and advanced technology as well as less onerous bureaucracy “a comprehensive account.” —daniel machalaba wall street journal “detailed sophisticated occasionally technical and provocative [gallamore and meyer’s book provides a superb and often fascinating analysis of the economics technological change and the

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