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the origin of others toni morrison foreword by ta-nehisi coates “there is no more compelling writer for our global times toni morrison’s writings explore slavery racism the violence against women the dehumanization of minorities—all the barbarisms that are too often endured and justified in the name of civility progress order and modernity her imaginative reach is poignant and powerful and though she speaks as an african-american she embodies aesthetic and ethical values that extend way beyond the u.s.” —homi bhabha america’s foremost novelist reflects on the themes that preoccupy her work and increasingly dominate national and world politics race fear borders the mass movement of peoples the desire for belonging what is race and why does it matter what motivates the human tendency to construct others why does the presence of others make us so afraid drawing on her norton lectures toni morrison takes up these and other vital questions bearing on

the ordinary virtues moral order in a divided world michael ignatieff “michael ignatieff has long served as a bellwether of liberal internationalism and what he has to say is important in itself and a reflection of a temperament evolving in time ignatieff ’s writerly gifts make reading it a wonderful experience whether one agrees or not with the contentious thesis he advances about virtue ethics and human rights.” —samuel moyn what moral values do human beings hold in common as globalization draws us together economically are our values converging or diverging in particular are human rights becoming a global ethic these were the questions that led michael ignatieff to embark on a three-year eight-nation journey in search of answers the ordinary virtues presents ignatieff’s discoveries and his interpretation of what globalization—and resistance to it—is doing to our conscience and our moral understanding through dialogues with favela

just a journalist on the press life and the spaces between linda greenhouse in this timely book a pulitzer prize–winning reporter trains an autobiographical lens on a moment of remarkable transition in american journalism just a few years ago the mainstream press was wrestling with whether labeling waterboarding as torture violated important norms of neutrality and objectivity now major american newspapers regularly call the president of the united states a liar clearly something has changed as the old rules of “balance” and “two sides to every story” have lost their grip is the change for the better will it last in just a journalist linda greenhouse—who for decades covered the u.s supreme court for the new york times—tackles these questions from the perspective of her own experience a decade ago she faced criticism from her own newspaper and much of journalism’s leadership for a speech to a college alumnae group in which she

when the state meets the street public service and moral agency bernardo zacka “reads as one might imagine a collaboration between bernard williams richard sennett and james scott could turn out if there can be such a thing as an instant classic this book is one.” —david owen “beautifully written tightly argued and totally original.” —michael piore when the state meets the street probes the complex moral lives of street-level bureaucrats the frontline social and welfare workers police officers and educators who represent government’s human face to ordinary citizens too often dismissed as soulless operators these workers wield a significant margin of discretion and make decisions that profoundly affect people’s lives combining insights from political theory with his own ethnographic fieldwork as a receptionist in an urban antipoverty agency bernardo zacka shows us firsthand the predicament in which these public servants are entangled

beyond test scores a better way to measure school quality jack schneider “in this important book schneider asks us to reconsider the purpose of schools and how we evaluate them.” —diane ravitch when it comes to sizing up america’s public schools test scores are the go-to metric of state policy makers and anxious parents looking to place their children in the “best” schools yet ample research indicates that standardized tests are a poor way to measure a school’s performance it is time—indeed past time—to rethink this system jack schneider says beyond test scores reframes current debates over school quality by offering new approaches to educational data that can push us past our unproductive fixation on test scores using the highly diverse urban school district of somerville massachusetts as a case study schneider and his research team developed a new framework to more fairly and comprehensively assess educational effectiveness

technosystem the social life of reason andrew feenberg we live in a world of technical systems designed in accordance with technical disciplines and operated by personnel trained in those disciplines this is a unique form of social organization that largely determines our way of life but the actions of individuals and social protest still play a role in developing and purposing these rational systems in technosystem andrew feenberg builds a theory of both the threats of technocratic modernity and the potential for democratic change feenberg draws on the tradition of radical social criticism represented by herbert marcuse and the frankfurt school which recognized the social effects of instrumental rationality but did not advance a convincing alternative to the new forms of domination imposed by rational systems that is where the fine-grained analyses of science technology and society sts studies can contribute feenberg uses these approaches to reconcile the claims of rationality with

france’s long reconstruction in search of the modern republic herrick chapman france’s greatest postwar challenge was to repair a civil society torn asunder by nazi occupation and total war recovery required economic and social transformation but just what form a “new france” should take remained the question at the heart of french political combat until the algerian war ended over a decade later herrick chapman charts the course of france’s long reconstruction from 1944 to 1962 offering insights into the ways the expansion of state power produced fierce controversies at home and unintended consequences abroad in france’s crumbling empire abetted by a new elite of technocratic experts the burgeoning french state infiltrated areas of economic and social life traditionally free from government intervention politicians and intellectuals wrestled with how to reconcile state-directed modernization with the need to renew democratic participation and

albert’s anthology edited by kathleen m coleman albert’s anthology comprises 76 brief and informal reflections on a line or two of greek or latin poetry—and a few prose quotations and artistic objects—composed by colleagues and students of albert henrichs on the occasion of his retirement in spring 2017 appointed professor of greek and latin at harvard university at the age of thirty in 1973 and eliot professor of greek in 1984 professor henrichs has devoted his scholarly career to greek literature and religion—especially his favorite greek god dionysos—and to incomparably enthusiastic teaching of countless students at both the graduate and undergraduate level his scholarship and dedication are legendary this volume is offered to a brilliant and beloved scholar with gratitude affection and respect kathleen m coleman is james loeb professor of the classics at harvard university july 244 pp. cloth $20.00x •

knowing bodies passionate souls sense perceptions in byzantium justinianic mosaics of hagia sophia and their aftermath natalia b teteriatnikov edited by susan ashbrook harvey • margaret mullett how does sense perception contribute to human cognition how did the byzantines understand that contribution byzantine culture in all its domains showed deep appreciation for sensory awareness and sensory experience the senses were reckoned as modes of knowledge—intersecting realms both human and divine bodily and spiritual physical and intellectual scholars have attended to aspects of sight and sound in byzantine culture but have generally left smell taste and touch undervalued and understudied through collected essays that redress the imbalance the contributors explore how the byzantines viewed the senses how they envisaged sensory interactions within their world and how they described narrated and represented the senses at work the result is a fresh charting of the byzantine

the coming of the terror in the french revolution timothy tackett between 1793 and 1794 thousands of french citizens were imprisoned and hundreds sent to the guillotine by a powerful dictatorship that claimed to be acting in the public interest only a few years earlier revolutionaries had proclaimed a new era of tolerance equal justice and human rights how and why did the french revolution’s lofty ideals of liberty equality and fraternity descend into violence and terror “by attending to the role of emotions in propelling the terror tackett steers a more nuanced course than many previous historians have managed imagined terrors as tackett very usefully reminds us can have even more political potency than real ones.” —david a bell the atlantic “[tackett contributes to an important realignment in the study of french history.” —ruth scurr the spectator “boldly conceived and important this is a thought-provoking book that makes a

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