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2017–2018 jan m ziolkowski general editor daniel donoghue old english editor danuta shanzer medieval latin editor alice-mary talbot byzantine greek

new titles christian novels from the menologion of symeon metaphrastes edited and translated by stratis papaioannou created in the tenth century most likely as an imperial commission the menologion is a collection of rewritings of saints’ lives originally intended to be read at services for christian feast days yet symeon metaphrastes’s stories also abound in transgression and violence punishment and redemption love and miracles they resemble greek novels of the first centuries of the common era highlighting intense emotions and focusing on desire both sacred and profane symeon metaphrastes was celebrated for rescuing martyrdom accounts and saints’ biographies that otherwise may have been lost his menologion among the most important byzantine works represents the culmination of a well-established tradition of greek christian storytelling a landmark of byzantine religious and literary culture the menologion was revered for centuries—copied in hundreds of

forthcoming in 2018 carmina burana volume i and volume ii edited and translated by david a traill carmina burana literally “songs from beuern,” is named after the village where the manuscript was found the songbook consists of nearly 250 poems on subjects ranging from sex and gambling to crusades and corruption compiled in the thirteenth century in south tyrol a german-speaking region of italy it is the largest surviving collection of secular medieval latin verse and provides insights into the vibrant social spiritual and intellectual life of the middle ages the multilingual codex includes works by leading latin poets such as the archpoet walter of châtillon and the canonist peter of blois as well as stanzas by german lyric poets more than half these poems are preserved nowhere else this new presentation of the medieval classic in its entirety makes the anthology accessible in two volumes to latin lovers and english readers alike doml 48 2018 602 pp 9780674660250 $29.95

byzantine greek the history michael attaleiates the life of saint symeon the new theologian translated by anthony kaldellis and dimitris krallis doml 16 2012 656 pp 9780674057999 $35.00 • £27.95 translated by richard p h greenfield doml 20 2013 448 pp 9780674057982 $35.00 • £27.95 accounts of medieval constantinople the patria translated by albrecht berger doml 24 2013 384 pp 9780674724815 $35.00 • £27.95 the histories laonikos chalkokondyles translated by anthony kaldellis vol i books 1–5 doml 33 2014 560 pp 9780674599185 $29.95 • £19.95 vol ii books 6–10 doml 34 2014 576 pp 9780674599192 $29.95 • £19.95 on difficulties in the church fathers maximos the confessor edited and translated by nicholas constas the ambigua vol i doml 28 2014 544 pp 9780674726666 $29.95 • £19.95 the ambigua vol ii doml 29 2014 400 pp 9780674730830 $35.00 • £27.95 niketas stethatos miracle tales from byzantium translated by

saints’ lives poetic works henry of avranches bernardus silvestris edited and translated by david townsend vol i edited and translated by winthrop wetherbee doml 38 2015 384 pp 9780674743786 $29.95 • £19.95 vol ii one hundred latin hymns doml 30 2014 352 pp 9780674051287 $29.95 • £19.95 doml 31 2014 304 pp 9780674728653 $29.95 • £19.95 ysengrimus edited and translated by jill mann doml 26 2013 576 pp 9780674724822 $35.00 • £27.95 the arundel lyrics the poems of hugh primas edited and translated by christopher j mcdonough doml 2 2010 336 pp 9780674055575 $35.00 • £27.95 apocalypse an alexandrian world chronicle pseudo-methodius edited and translated by benjamin garstad doml 14 2012 464 pp 9780674053076 $35.00 • £27.95 histories richer of saint-rémi edited and translated by justin lake vol i books 1–2 doml 10 2011 448 pp 9780674060036 $35.00 • £27.95 vol ii books 3–4 doml 11 2011 496 pp 9780674061590

cambridge ma 02138 79 garden st the dumbarton oaks medieval library presents original byzantine greek medieval latin and old english texts with facing-page translations designed to make written achievements of western medieval and byzantine cultures available to english-speaking scholars and general readers aimed at a global audience it offers familiar classics of the medieval canon as well as lesser-known texts of literary and cultural value in accessible modern translations based on the latest research by leading figures in the field “a boon to professional medievalists their students and the general reader and every good library ought to own the series.” —keith sidwell times literary supplement dumbarton oaks medieval library