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practice for life making decisions in college lee cuba • nancy jennings • suzanne lovett • joseph swingle “[practice for life has been invaluable as a way of thinking about helping my students adjust to college…for those interested in advising students the vignettes collected here provide much food for thought.” —jason b jones chronicle of higher education 2016 256 pp $35.00 £25.95 cloth 9780674970663 air light time space how successful academics write helen sword next gen phd a guide to career paths in science melanie v sinche “next gen phd is a practical and thorough manual for the entire career transition process from defining personal interests and deciding on a career path all the way to day one of a new job.” —teegan a dellibovi-ragheb science “with its focus on phd level scientists this book fills a gap in job search and career information literature it’s a must-read for those contemplating or

the vicarious brain creator of worlds alain berthoz translated by giselle weiss “this book allows us to better understand how the human brain provides us with the remarkable ability to improve our quality of life.” —kenneth m heilman university of florida college of medicine 2017 224 pp $24.95 £18.95 cloth 9780674088955 the enigma of reason hugo mercier • dan sperber “as evolutionary psychologists mercier and sperber ask what might have been adaptive for our ancestors and thus built into our brains some have argued for modules specialized for reasoning about particular topics but mercier and sperber argue for a single module that can frame an argument and its conclusion the former aids cooperation and the latter communication so the ultimate goal of reasoning is persuasion it’s an extraordinarily ambitious theory presented with brilliant insights profound scholarship and entertaining anecdotes.” —philip johnson-laird princeton

how the vertebrate brain regulates behavior direct from the lab donald pfaff “this book is an authoritative historical account of our understanding of the brain and behavior and serves as an important example of how intellectual curiosity drives science forward.” —eric b keverne university of cambridge 2017 28 line illus 272 pp $35.00 £27.95 cloth 9780674660311 wisdom won from illness essays in philosophy and psychoanalysis jonathan lear “what resources does psychoanalysis provide for those who seek to understand their lives in broadly aristotelian terms lear has given an unusually interesting and insightful answer to this question.” —alasdair macintyre university of notre dame 2017 344 pp $39.95 £29.95 cloth 9780674967847 ruling minds psychology in the british empire erik linstrum “challenging one-dimensional accounts that stress the unapologetic complicity of psychologists in the project of empire [linstrum excels in unpicking the

who gets in strategies for fair and effective college admissions rebecca zwick “the endless debate about fairness in college admissions needs a wise thoughtful informed and far-ranging consideration of the issues and rigorous data to support the conclusions which is exactly what zwick offers…this book will immediately be regarded as the definitive source on fairness in college admissions and i expect it to be the gold standard for years to come.” —bella depaulo author of how we live now 2017 31 tables 288 pp $35.00 £27.95 cloth 9780674971912 digital giza visualizing the pyramids peter der manuelian “a well-written profusely illustrated and thought-provoking case study of the digital giza project.” —w kotter choice metalabprojects 2016 89 color illus 11 halftones 256 pp $25.00 £18.95 paper 9780674731233 new in paper the young professional’s survival guide from cab fares to moral snares c k gunsalus “a useful guide to

ven mintz new york times book review editors’ choice knap press 5 432 pp .00 £27.95 cloth 0674047679 why torture doesn’t work shane o’mara h highly commended medical book award british medical association h an irish examiner best book of the year 2015 336 pp $29.95 £23.95 cloth 9780674743908 the prime of life steven mintz h a new york times book review editors’ choice belknap press 2015 432 pp $35.00 £27.95 cloth 9780674047679 the seven pillars of statistical wisdom stephen m stigler h a choice outstanding education and the commercial mindset samuel e abrams 2016 432 pp $39.95 £31.95 cloth 9780674049178 inside graduate admissions julie r posselt evolution and human sexual behavior peter b gray • justin r garcia 2016 2013 376 pp $21.95 £17.95 paper 9780674660007 the graduate school mess leonard cassuto 2015 320 pp $29.95 £23.95 cloth 9780674728981 minds online michelle d miller 2016 296 pp $17.95 £14.95 paper 9780674660021

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79 garden st cambridge ma 02138 non-profit u.s postage paid boston ma permit no 2709 forthcoming in fall 2017 arithmetic paul lockhart 9780674972230 the ordinary virtues michael ignatieff 9780674976276 mostly straight ritch c savin-williams 9780674976382 beyond test scores jack schneider 9780674976399 how college works daniel f chambliss • democracy a case study david a moss “democracy should command the attention of teachers and students of all ages…moss’s case studies are engagingly written well researched rich in content and context.” —glenn c altschuler huffington post christopher g takacs paper 9780674979802 “a sterling educational tool that offers a fresh presentation of how ‘democracy in america has always been a contact sport.’” unequal colleges in the age of disparity —kirkus reviews starred review charles t clotfelter 9780674975712 observation and experiment paul r rosenbaum