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the china questions critical insights into a rising power edited by jennifer rudolph • michael szonyi “this book cuts through the cacophony of information misinformation and nonsense on china that circulates in our modern world to give us reliable answers to crucial questions about one of the world’s most important nations… it should be on the shelf of anyone seeking to understand this fast-rising superpower.” —ian johnson author of the souls of china 2018 4 graphs 2 tables 352 pp $27.95 • £22.95 cloth 9780674979406 out of china how the chinese ended the era of western domination robert bickers “[bickers’s thoughtful engaging and well-written analysis helps to separate fact from myth when it comes to understanding the nature of chinese nationalism.” —rana mitter new york review of books “teeming with nuances while assailing the communist party’s nationalistic narrative bickers’ book is a

a cold welcome the little ice age and europe’s encounter with north america sam white “in his deeply researched and exciting new book…[white weaves an intricate complex tapestry as he examines the effects both of climate—meteorological conditions over relatively long periods of time—and of weather—the conditions of the atmosphere over a short term—on vulnerable colonists in north america in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries…his fresh account of the climatic forces shaping the colonization of north america differs significantly from long-standing interpretations of those early calamities.” —susan dunn new york review of books safe passage the transition from british to american hegemony kori schake “why was the transition from the united kingdom to the united states as the world’s predominant power managed without conflict between the two in safe passage kori schake describes the different

the color of money black banks and the racial wealth gap mehrsa baradaran “baradaran…provides a deep accounting of how america got to a point where a median white family has 13 times more wealth than the median black family.” —gillian b white the atlantic belknap press 2017 384 pp $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674970953 black mirror the cultural contradictions of american racism eric lott “this is a rich book eric lott made worlds i thought i knew look unexplored more interesting more cryptic more threatening more alive.” —greil marcus belknap press 2017 9 halftones 288 pp $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674967717 city of debtors a century of fringe finance anne fleming “fleming’s fascinating carefully researched study reveals the pivotal role new york played in the development of consumer-credit regulation new york might be an outlier in the twenty-first century but at the turn of the twentieth century when small-sum

the avignon papacy contested an intellectual history from dante to catherine of siena unn falkeid “falkeid’s book is a welcome addition to the history of the political and intellectual climate of europe in the fourteenth century.” —new criterion i tatti studies in italian renaissance history 2017 288 pp $49.95 • £39.95 cloth 9780674971844 clerical households in late medieval italy roisin cossar the classical debt greek antiquity in an era of austerity johanna hanink h a new statesman best book of the year “cleverly connects western europe’s investment in ancient greek origins with the decadeold greek debt crisis.” —a e stallings wall street journal “one of the most striking new books about the legacy of greco-roman antiquity.” —emily wilson new statesman “bold and uncompromising… hanink has written an important contribution to the ongoing debate about why classics matters.”

sold people traffickers and family life in north china johanna s ransmeier “this brilliant exposé—no other word will do—concentrates on late qing or manchu china at the end of the 19th century when trafficking was illegal but the laws were widely ignored or too vague ransmeier pursues the subject into the era of the post-1911 republic and on to mao’s china where the communist party’s one-child policies put a new kind of pressure on the family as ransmeier underlines trafficking was not a system but a process and it still is.” —jonathan mirsky times higher education 2017 15 halftones 3 maps 4 tables 408 pp $49.95 • £39.95 cloth 9780674971974 political violence in ancient india upinder singh “singh’s new book intended as a foray into the history of political ideas in ancient india is a pioneering attempt it seeks to puncture the myth perpetrated by leaders like gandhi and nehru in their various writings that

visualizing community art material culture and settlement in byzantine cappadocia robert g ousterhout “once described as a ‘monastic disneyland,’ the rock-cut churches and other monuments of byzantine cappadocia in central turkey are systematically re-examined in this masterly account…the excellent photographs taken by the author are witness to his careful and prolonged face-to-face examination of all the structures he discusses…this is without doubt now the best reference book for the study of the region.” —robin cormack times literary supplement letters of light arabic script in calligraphy print and digital design j r osborn “a fascinating investigation of the development of arabic scripts over the past millennium and their problematic encounter with western typography which sliced expressive lines of cursive writing into individual sorts of cold type osborn ingeniously explores how the advent of new computer technologies in the

new in paperback from the war on poverty to the war on crime the making of mass incarceration in america elizabeth hinton h a new york times notable book of the year h a new york times book review editors’ choice h a wall street journal favorite book of the year h thomas j wilson memorial prize “an extraordinary and important new book.” —jill lepore new yorker “those of us who believe in the principles of democracy and justice would do well to witness as detailed in hinton’s pages the shameful theft of liberty in this so-called land of the free.” —imani perry new york times book review 2017 2016 11 halftones 464 pp $18.95 • £14.95 paper 9780674979826 vietnam and the memory of war river of dark dreams slavery and empire in the cotton kingdom walter johnson h society for historians of the early american republic book prize “[one of the most impressive works of american history in many years.” —timothy shenk

new in paperback sharing the prize the economics of the civil rights revolution in the american south gavin wright h alice hanson jones prize economic history association h a choice outstanding academic title “top 25” selection “this excellent economic history offers the best empirical account to date of the effects the civil rights revolution had on southern labor markets schools and other important institutions.” —ira katznelson new york review of books belknap press 2018 2013 2 halftones 3 maps 47 graphs 16 tables 368 pp $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674980402 mexicans in the making of america neil foley h a choice outstanding academic title of the year “a usefully compact yet abundantly revealing history.” —julia preston new york review of books belknap press 2017 2014 22 halftones 2 maps 368 pp $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674975354 american apocalypse a history of modern evangelicalism matthew avery sutton h a choice

forthcoming in spring 2018 pandora’s box jörn leonhard not enough samuel moyn zbigniew brzezinski justin vaïsse bring the war home kathleen belew april belknap press $39.95 • £31.95 9780674545113 april belknap press $29.95 • £23.95 9780674737563 march $35.00 • £27.95 9780674975637 april $29.95 • £23.95 9780674286078 the law of blood johann chapoutot nemesis david stuttard the known citizen sarah e igo globalists quinn slobodian april belknap press $35.00 • £27.95 9780674660434 april $29.95 • £23.95 9780674660441 may $35.00 • £27.95 9780674737501 march $35.00 • £27.95 9780674979529 china at war hans van de ven the muslim brotherhood and the west martyn frampton vatican i john w o’malley the rise of rome kathryn lomas may belknap press $24.95 • £19.95 9780674979987 february history of the ancient world • belknap press $35.00 • north america only 9780674659650 february $35.00

forthcoming in spring 2018 what is china ge zhaoguang beyond abortion mary ziegler colonial al-andalus eric calderwood dante marco santagata march belknap press $39.95 • £31.95 9780674737143 february $45.00 • £35.95 9780674976702 april belknap press $45.00 • £35.95 9780674980327 h a times literary how the other half banks mehrsa baradaran authors in court mark rose thinking small daniel immerwahr history and presence robert a orsi march $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674984134 h merle curti award h a choice february $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674984127 june belknap press $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674984592 march $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674983960 dark ghettos tommie shelby h north american society for social philosophy book award july belknap press $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674984073 30 lincoln’s tragic pragmatism john burt h a new york times book review editors’ choice july belknap press $25.00 •

79 garden st cambridge ma 02138 www.hup.harvard.edu non-profit u.s postage paid boston ma permit no 2709 impeachment a citizen’s guide cass r sunstein “thoroughly grounded in constitutional history and past practice…excellent.” —noah feldman and jacob weisberg new york review of books “explains the historical origins of the impeachment concept and offers a checklist as to when the principle might be applied…now more than ever cool heads are needed to safeguard the u.s republic thank goodness for this book—and its handy impeachment checklist.” —gillian tett financial times “a concise enlightening and argumentative history and guide to getting rid of presidents.” —carlos lozada washington post 2017 208 pp $7.95 • £6.95 9780674983793 h05815 22m