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2017–2018 james hankins ge ner a l e di tor shane butler associate editor leah whittington associate editor ornella rossi assistant editor ariane schwartz assistant editor founded

new titles greek and latin poetry latin poetry angelo poliziano ludovico ariosto edited and translated by peter e knox edited and translated by dennis looney and d mark possanza angelo poliziano 1454–1494 was one of the great scholar-poets of the renaissance and a leading figure in florence during the age of the medici his poetry composed in a variety of meters includes epigrams elegies and verse epistles as well as translations of hellenistic greek poets among the first latin poets of the renaissance to be inspired by homer and the poems of greek anthology poliziano’s verse ranges from love songs to funeral odes from prayers to hymns from invectives directed against his rivals to panegyrics of his teachers artists fellow humanists and his great patron lorenzo de’ medici “il magnifico.” the present volume includes all of poliziano’s greek and latin poetry with the exception of the silvae itrl 14 all translated into english for the first time

also available in the new i tatti titlesrenaissance library commentary on plotinus against the jews and the gentiles volume 4 ennead iii part 1 volume 5 ennead iii part 2 and ennead iv books i–iv marsilio ficino giannozzo manetti edited and translated by stephen gersh edited by stefano u baldassarri and daniela pagliara translated by david marsh marsilio ficino 1433–1499 was the leading platonic philosopher of the renaissance and is generally recognized as the greatest authority on ancient platonism before modern times among his greatest accomplishments as a scholar was his 1492 latin translation of the complete works of plotinus 204–270 ce the founder of neoplatonism the i tatti edition planned in six volumes contains the first modern edition of the latin text and the first translation into any modern language giannozzo manetti 1396–1459 was a celebrated humanist orator historian philosopher and scholar of the early renaissance mastering not only

the i tatti renaissance library—all volumes famous women giovanni boccaccio itrl 1 2001 560 pp 9780674003477 platonic theology marsilio ficino vol 1 books i–iv itrl 2 2001 368 pp 9780674003453 vol 2 books v–viii itrl 4 2002 416 pp 9780674007642 vol 3 books ix–xi itrl 7 2003 384 pp 9780674010659 vol 4 books xii–xiv itrl 13 2004 384 pp 9780674014824 vol 5 books xv–xvi itrl 17 2005 368 pp 9780674017191 vol 6 books xvii–xviii itrl 23 2006 432 pp 9780674019867 history of the florentine people leonardo bruni vol 1 books i–iv itrl 3 2001 544 pp 9780674005068 vol 2 books v–viii itrl 16 2004 608 pp 9780674010666 vol 3 books ix–xii memoirs itrl 27 2007 512 pp 9780674016828 humanist educational treatises itrl 5 2002 384 pp 9780674007598 on discovery polydore vergil itrl 6 2002 752 pp 9780674007895 momus leon battista alberti itrl 8 2003 448 pp 9780674007543 4 biographical writings giannozzo manetti itrl 9 2003 352 pp

the i tatti renaissance library—all volumes book on music florentius de faxolis itrl 43 2010 368 pp 9780674049437 on exile francesco filelfo itrl 55 2013 512 pp 9780674066366 sacred painting museum federico borromeo itrl 44 2010 336 pp 9780674047587 notable men and women of our time paolo giovio itrl 56 2013 784 pp 9780674055056 humanist tragedies itrl 45 2010 384 pp 9780674057258 genealogy of the pagan gods giovanni boccaccio vol 1 books i–v itrl 46 2011 928 pp 9780674057104 vol 2 books vi–x itrl 81 2017 720 pp 9780674975590 letters to friends bartolomeo fonzio itrl 47 2011 256 pp 9780674058361 latin poetry girolamo fracastoro itrl 57 2013 560 pp 9780674072718 on methods jacopo zabarella vol 1 books i–ii itrl 58 2013 312 pp 9780674724792 vol 2 books iii–iv on regressus itrl 59 2013 412 pp 9780674724808 correspondence lorenzo valla itrl 60 2014 448 pp 9780674724679 modern poets lilio gregorio giraldi itrl 48 2011 400 pp 9780674055759 the battle of

also available the avignon papacy contested an intellectual history from dante to catherine of siena unn falkeid “in this intellectually ambitious book falkeid demonstrates quite well how the development of the avignon papacy created a disconcerting yet fertile environment that forced many of the smartest people in europe at the time to confront new issues and strike out in new directions.” —george w dameron author of florence and its church in the age of dante i tatti studies in italian renaissance history 2017 288 pp $49.95 £39.95 cloth 9780674971844 clerical households in late medieval italy roisin cossar “this is a major contribution not only to the history of the late medieval family and the italian church but also to historical methodology.” —shannon mcsheffrey author of marriage sex and civic culture in late medieval london i tatti studies in italian renaissance history 2017 240 pp $49.95 £36.95 cloth 9780674971899 san lorenzo a

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cambridge ma 02138 79 garden st non-profit u.s postage paid boston ma permit no 2709 the i tatti renaissance library is the only series that makes available to a broad readership the major literary historical philosophical and scientific works of the italian renaissance written in latin each volume provides a reliable latin text together with an accurate readable english translation on facing pages accompanied by an editor’s introduction notes on the text brief bibliography and index presenting current scholarship in an attractive and convenient format the i tatti renaissance library aims to make this essential literature accessible to students and scholars in a wide variety of disciplines as well as to general readers “the most ambitious and innovative writings of the italian renaissance in prose and verse in fields that range from comedy to metaphysics and beyond—works that for centuries only scholars have been able to read—have suddenly become accessible