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access our website pot of gold marvel civil war explanatory notes sea fishing how to control anger physical parts of speech mechanism the man with the bag cloth of gold parts of a wind generator speak to the sky orator l074 laches l178 l322 l050 l157 l270 l138 minos l103 l102 l500 l101 lcl halcyon delphi sobriety beata l210 l300 antonius consul l120 l150 lenzing marius generals l200 l105 35m groom germania fisherman olympus e 3 crowns olympus olympus e 5 e 3 olympus h25 gregory ix ny 405 2 power commanders euclid parts

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new titlesrenaissance library also available in the i tatti plato early greek philosophy euthyphro apology crito phaedo volumes i–ix edited and translated by chris emlyn-jones • william preddy edited and translated by andrÉ laks • glenn w most plato of athens laid the foundations of the western philosophical tradition and in range and depth ranks among its greatest practitioners traditionally ascribed to plato are thirty-five dialogues developing socrates’ dialectic method and composed with great stylistic virtuosity together with the apology and thirteen letters the four works in this volume recount the circumstances of socrates’ trial and execution in 399 bc this edition which replaces the original loeb edition by harold north fowler offers text translation and annotation that are fully current with modern scholarship the fragments and testimonia of the early greek philosophers often labeled the presocratics have always been not only a

the loeb classical library—complete checklist 2017 achilles tatius l045 leucippe and clitophon aelian l486 historical miscellany l446 on animals vol i books 1–5 l448 on animals vol ii books 6–11 l449 on animals vol iii books 12–17 aelius aristides l533 orations vol i aeneas tacticus asclepiodotus and onasander l156 aeschines speeches l106 aeschylus l145 vol i persians seven against thebes suppliants prometheus bound l146 vol ii orestia agamemnon libationbearers eumenides l505 vol iii fragments alciphron aelian and philostratus l383 the letters ammianus marcellinus l300 history vol i books 14–19 l315 history vol ii books 20–26 l331 history vol iii books 27–31 excerpta valesiana apollodorus l121 vol i the library books 1–3.9 l122 vol ii the library books 3.10–end epitome apollonius rhodius l001 argonautica apostolic fathers l024 vol i i clement ii clement ignatius polycarp didache l025

the loeb classical library—complete checklist 2017 l327 vol vi learned banqueters books 12–13.594b l345 vol vii learned banqueters books 13.594b–14 l519 vol viii learned banqueters book 15 general indexes augustine l411 city of god vol i books 1–3 l412 city of god vol ii books 4–7 l413 city of god vol iii books 8–11 l414 city of god vol iv books 12–15 l415 city of god vol v books 16–18.35 l416 city of god vol vi books 18.36–20 l417 city of god vol vii books 21–22 l026 confessions vol i books 1–8 l027 confessions vol ii books 9–13 l239 select letters ausonius l096 vol i books 1–17 l115 vol ii books 18–20 paulinus pellaeus eucharisticus babrius and phaedrus l436 fables basil l190 vol i letters 1–58 l215 vol ii letters 59–185 l243 vol iii letters 186–248 l270 vol iv letters 249–368 on greek literature bede l246 vol i

the loeb classical library—complete checklist 2017 l462 vol xxviii letters to quintus and brutus letter fragments letter to octavian invectives handbook of electioneering claudian l135 vol i panegyric on probinus and olybrius against rufinus 1 and 2 war against gildo against eutropius 1 and 2 fescennine verses on the marriage of honorius epithalamium of honorius and maria panegyrics on the third and fourth consulships of honorius panegyric on the consulship of manlius on stilicho’s consulship 1 l136 vol ii on stilicho’s consulship 2–3 panegyric on the sixth consulship of honorius gothic war shorter poems rape of proserpina clement of alexandria l092 exhortation to the greeks rich man’s salvation to the newly baptized columella l361 vol i on agriculture books 1–4 l407 vol ii on agriculture books 5–9 l408 vol iii on agriculture books 10–12 on trees cornelius nepos l467 on great generals on historians curtius quintus

the loeb classical library—complete checklist 2017 herodian l454 vol i history of the empire books 1–4 l455 vol ii history of the empire books 5–8 herodotus l117 vol i persian wars books 1–2 l118 vol ii persian wars books 3–4 l119 vol iii persian wars books 5–7 l120 vol iv persian wars books 8–9 hesiod l057 vol i theogony works and days testimonia l503 vol ii the shield catalogue of women other fragments hippocrates l147 vol i ancient medicine airs waters places epidemics 1 3 l148 oath precepts nutriment vol ii prognostic regimen in acute diseases sacred disease art breaths law decorum physician ch 1 dentition l149 vol iii on wounds in the head in the surgery on fractures on joints mochlicon l150 vol iv nature of man regimen in health humours aphorisms regimen 1–3 dreams heracleitus on the universe l472 vol v affections diseases 1 diseases 2 l473 vol vi diseases 3 internal affections regimen in acute

the loeb classical library—complete checklist 2017 libanius l478 autobiography selected letters vol i autobiography letters 1–50 l479 autobiography selected letters vol ii letters 51–193 l451 selected orations vol i julianic orations l452 selected orations vol ii orations 2 19–23 30 33 45 47–50 livy l114 vol i history of rome books 1–2 l133 vol ii history of rome books 3–4 l172 vol iii history of rome books 5–7 l191 vol iv history of rome books 8–10 l233 vol v history of rome books 21–22 l355 vol vi history of rome books 23–25 l367 vol vii history of rome books 26–27 l381 vol viii history of rome books 28–30 l295 vol ix history of rome books 31–34 l301 vol x history of rome books 35–37 l313 vol xi history of rome books 38–39 l332 vol xii history of rome books 40–42 l396 vol xiii history of rome books 43–45 l404 vol xiv

the loeb classical library—complete checklist 2017 l434 vol ii florus hadrian nemesianus reposianus tiberianus dicta catonis phoenix avianus rutilius namatianus others nonnos l344 dionysiaca vol i books 1–15 l354 dionysiaca vol ii books 16–35 l356 dionysiaca vol iii books 36–48 oppian colluthus tryphiodorus l219 ovid l041 vol i heroides amores l232 vol ii art of love cosmetics remedies for love ibis walnut-tree sea fishing consolation l042 vol iii metamorphoses books 1–8 l043 vol iv metamorphoses books 9–15 l253 vol v fasti l151 vol vi tristia ex ponto papyri l266 vol i private documents agreements receipts wills letters memoranda accounts and lists and others l282 vol ii public documents codes and regulations edicts and orders public announcements reports of meetings judicial business petitions and applications declarations to officials contracts receipts accounts and lists correspondence and others l360 vol iii

the loeb classical library—complete checklist 2017 l098 parallel lives vol vi dion and brutus timoleon and aemilius paulus l099 parallel lives vol vii demosthenes and cicero alexander and caesar l100 parallel lives vol viii sertorius and eumenes phocion and cato the younger l101 parallel lives vol ix demetrius and antony pyrrhus and gaius marius l102 parallel lives vol x agis and cleomenes tiberius and gaius gracchus philopoemen and flaminius l103 parallel lives vol xi aratus artaxerxes galba otho general index polybius l128 histories vol i books 1–2 l137 histories vol ii books 3–4 l138 histories vol iii books 5–8 l159 histories vol iv books 9–15 l160 histories vol v books 16–27 l161 histories vol vi books 28–39 fragments procopius l048 vol i history of the wars books 1–2 persian war l081 vol ii history of the wars books 3–4 vandalic war l107 vol iii history of the wars books 5–6.15

the loeb classical library—complete checklist 2017 l483 vol iii fragments statius l206 vol i silvae l207 vol ii thebaid books 1–7 l498 vol iii thebaid books 8–12 achilleid strabo l049 geography vol i books 1–2 l050 geography vol ii books 3–5 l182 geography vol iii books 6–7 l196 geography vol iv books 8–9 l211 geography vol v books 10–12 l223 geography vol vi books 13–14 l241 geography vol vii books 15–16 l267 geography vol viii book 17 general index suetonius l031 lives of the caesars vol i julius augustus tiberius gaius caligula l038 lives of the caesars vol ii claudius nero galba otho and vitellius vespasian titus domitian lives of illustrious men grammarians rhetoricians poets terence virgil horace tibullus persius lucan lives of pliny the elder and passienus crispus tacitus l035 vol i agricola germania dialogue on oratory l111 vol ii histories 1–3 l249 vol iii

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