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the ordinary virtues moral order in a divided world michael ignatieff ★ a new york times book review editors’ choice “ignatieff combines powerful moral arguments with superb storytelling.” —david herman new statesman “makes for illuminating reading.” —simon winchester new york review of books 2017  272 pp  $27.95 • £22.95  cloth  9780674976276 one another’s equals the people vs democracy the basis of human equality jeremy waldron “[this insightful book .suggest[s that if we don’t recommit ourselves to political equality we will become ever more closed authoritarian societies.” —robert b reich new york times book review “this highly original and important book provides a thorough and sophisticated treatment of an issue that is of fundamental importance in moral and political philosophy.” —samuel freeman belknap press  2017  280 pp  $29.95 • £23.95  cloth 

dark ghettos injustice dissent and reform tommie shelby ★ north american society for social philosophy award ★ a choice outstanding academic title “for shelby ghettos represent not aberrant dysfunction but the natural workings of a deeply unfair scheme the only real solution in this way of thinking is the ‘fundamental reform of the basic structure of our society.’” —james ryerson new york times book review belknap press  paperback july 2018  352 pp  $19.95 • £15.95  9780674984073 cloth also available $29.95 • £23.95 9780674970502 humanity without dignity moral equality respect and human rights andrea sangiovanni “one of the most original and powerful political philosophers of our time presents his moral groundwork skeptical of rationalistic frameworks andrea sangiovanni asks us to start from a consideration of human vulnerability and of the wrongness of treating others as inferior the result is a comprehensive

the origin of others toni morrison foreword by ta-nehisi coates ★ a pbs newshour “book that will make you think” ★ the millions “most anticipated book” selection ★ a vanity fair “what to read this month” selection “[morrison traces through american literature patterns of thought and behavior that subtly code who belongs and who doesn’t who is accepted in and who is cast out as ‘other’…the origin of others combines toni morrison’s accustomed eloquence with meaning for our times as citizens of the world.” on betrayal avishai margalit ★ a seminary co-op notable book of the year “the range of margalit’s examples is astonishing margalit is a connoisseur of thick relations that doesn’t mean that he loves or admires every community he isn’t in fact a communitarian but he is much more knowledgeable about and comfortable with communities and in communities than

living with robots paul dumouchel • luisa damiano translated by malcolm debevoise “a very substantial philosophical study.” —philosophie magazine “the authors provide a conceptual framework for thinking about possible scenarios of human–robot interactions most extensively with regard to our relationships with social robots unit[es the intellectual depth of a carefully documented academic treatise with the pleasure of a casual page-turner.” —paula quinon science 2017  13 illus.280 pp  $29.95 • £23.95  cloth  9780674971738 eros and illness the fateful triangle race ethnicity nation david b morris “this remarkable book focuses on the fundamental and fraught relationship of what the author terms ‘medical logos’ and ‘medical eros.’ these terms mirror the philosophical relationship of logos to eros and bear upon how desire and knowledge in the context of illness reshape that relationship

liberalism’s religion cécile laborde “liberalism’s religion is a major contribution to a crowded field offering a distinctive and powerful approach to the familiar problem of the relationship between religion and state laborde also offers a shrewd critical map of the intellectual territory the book is more than an application of liberal political philosophy to religion it deepens our understanding of liberalism itself.” —andrew m koppelman northwestern university 2017  6 tables  344 pp  $35.00 • £27.95  cloth  9780674976269 the invention of humanity equality and cultural diff erence in world history siep stuurman ★ a choice outstanding academic title “ [a splendid book stuurman’s panoramic vision of discovery and invention reiterated in many different cultural and religious idioms across a vast expanse of time and space makes for a dramatically original history.” —michael walzer the nation 2017  5 maps

the age of responsibility luck choice and the welfare state yascha mounk “[a smart and engaging book.” —james ryerson new york times book review “impressive frequently charming the book employs a fair amount of extant philosophical work to provoke a change in our public discourse and practices while also performing some creative philosophical work that might be of interest to disciplinary philosophers it is overall erudite and enjoyably readable a laudable and fruitful achievement.” basic income a radical proposal for a free society and a sane economy philippe van parijs • yannick vanderborght ★ a seminary co-op notable book of the year ★ a times higher education book of the week “van parijs and vanderborght have done the discussion of a universal basic income a great service they have set forth clearly and comprehensively what is probably the best case to be made today for this form of economic and social policy.”

recently published the language animal charles taylor belknap press $35.00 £27.95 9780674660205 adorno and existence peter e gordon $29.95 £23.95 9780674734784 a natural history of human morality michael tomasello $36.00 £28.95 9780674088641 walter benjamin a critical life howard eiland and michael jennings belknap press $22.95 £18.95 paper 9780674970779 the topological imagination angus fletcher $39.95 £31.95 9780674504561 the market as god harvey cox $26.95 £21.95 9780674659681 cancer stem cells lucie laplane $39.95 £31.95 9780674088740 inside ethics alice crary $51.50 £40.95 9780674967816 nihilism and negritude célestin monga $29.95 £23.95 9780674970724 prophecy without contempt cathleen kaveny $49.95 £39.95 9780674495036 makers of modern asia ramachandra guha belknap press $22.95 £18.95 paper 9780674970809 success and suppression dag nikolaus hasse $59.95 £47.95 9780674971585 achieving our country leftist thought in

when the state meets the street public service and moral agency bernardo zacka “one emerges from this insightful book with a considerable measure of respect for bureaucrats.” “we can only welcome —glenn c altschuler psychology today an undertaking like the murty classical library “reads as one might imagine a collaboration between bernard williams richard sennett and james scott could turn out if there can be such a thing as an instant classic this book is one.” of india which intends to inject fresh blood directly into the circulatory system of the english language —david owen university of southampton belknap press  2017  1 halftone 3 line illus 2 tables  320 pp  $35.00 • £27.95  cloth  9780674545540 any intelligent reader cannot fail to be favorably index appiah as if 2 margalit on betrayal 6 bejan mere civility 4 marx hatred of literature 6 bruckner the wisdom of money 10 mercier/sperber enigma of reason 5 7 butler notes

forthcoming in spring 2018 not enough samuel moyn belknap press april $29.95 £23.95 9780674737563 thinking and being irad kimhi june $39.95 £31.95 9780674967892 no morality no self james doyle april $39.95 £31.95 9780674976504 plato as critical theorist jonny thakkar may $39.95 £31.95 9780674971769 lincoln’s tragic pragmatism john burt belknap press july $25.00 £19.95 paper 9780674983991 dignity michael rosen may $14.95 £11.95 paper 9780674984059 self and soul mark edmundson july $18.95 £14.95 paper 9780674984004 an inquiry into modes of existence bruno latour june $22.95 £18.95 paper 9780674984028 james and royce reconsidered david c lamberth harvard divinity school july $22.50 £17.95 paper 9780674033054 the dumbarton oaks medieval library jan m ziolkowski general editor “a boon to professional medievalists their students and the general reader and every good library ought to own the series.” —keith sidwell times

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