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chimpanzees and human evolution edited by martin n muller • richard w wrangham • david r pilbeam “comprehensive judicious authoritative up-to-date well written and thoroughly fascinating to anyone interested in either species.” —steven pinker “it is as much about human nature as it is about chimpanzee behavior and cognition a truly valuable and informationpacked volume.” —craig stanford belknap press  2017  41 halftones 31 graphs 27 tables  848 pp  $55.00 • £43.95  cloth  9780674967953 the rhinoceros and the megatherium an essay in natural history juan pimentel translated by peter mason ★ a times higher education book of the week “a dazzlingly strange and resolutely readable dual biography the rhinoceros and the megatherium becomes as much an interrogation of history and science as it is a chronicle of these two animals’ stories.” —colin dickey los angeles review of books 2017  67

viruses agents of evolutionary invention michael g cordingley “an engaging and enlightening description of viruses from a refreshingly different viewpoint as agents that drive not only their own evolution but that of their hosts.” —vincent racaniello columbia university “michael cordingley describes the complex life of viruses from the perspective of evolutionary agents with carefully selected and easily understandable examples he makes the argument that viruses follow the laws of darwinian evolution this book is highly recommended for microbiologists and individuals who care about global health care.” —peter sarnow stanford university school of medicine 2017  384 pp  $49.95 • £39.95  cloth  9780674972087 bioinspired devices emulating nature’s assembly and repair process eugene c goldfield seventh edition robert a novelline m.d “explores modern bioengineering’s dance between technology and nature illuminating how

how the vertebrate brain regulates behavior direct from the lab donald pfaff “this book is an authoritative historical account of our understanding of the brain and behavior and serves as an important example of how intellectual curiosity drives science forward.” —eric b keverne university of cambridge 2017  28 line illus  272 pp  $35.00 • £27.95  cloth  9780674660311 the vicarious brain creator of worlds alain berthoz translated by giselle weiss “alain berthoz defines vicariance as the substitution of one process for another when attempting to achieve a specific goal the forms of vicariance which are so well described by berthoz are a product of our brain’s capacity for learning and creative divergent thinking this book allows us to better understand how the human brain provides us with the remarkable ability to improve our quality of life.” —kenneth m heilman university of florida college of medicine 2017  224 pp  $24.95

making faces the evolutionary origins of the human face adam s wilkins “wilkins pairs biological and genetic studies with the archaeological record to examine how humans developed the most expressive faces in the animal kingdom it was an intriguing transformation that also provided the foundation for some of our species’ unique characteristics including the neural and muscular mechanisms necessary for speech the cognitive ability to interpret emotional responses and thereby sociability and culture   gives a truly fresh appreciation of the wonders of the human face.” —nicholas bartos current world archaeology belknap press  2017  22 color illus 54 line illus 2 graphs  472 pp  $45.00 • £35.95  cloth  9780674725522 the animal game searching for wildness at the american zoo daniel e bender “what emerges is a story of adaptation and survival that exposes the modern zoo as ‘a third nature’ .those who are

vanishing america species extinction racial peril and the origins of conservation miles a powell “carefully researched and captivating no other book manages to be as thorough convincing and chronologically expansive in its efforts to show how concerns about the annihilation of wildlife and racial decline profoundly shaped one another.” —mark v barrow jr author of nature’s ghosts 2016  26 halftones  264 pp  $39.95 • £31.95  cloth  9780674971561 collecting the world hans sloane and the origins of the british museum james delbourgo counting and the course of human cultures ★ a guardian book of the week ★ a times book of the week “delbourgo’s book is both a magnificent scholarly coup and an enthralling read it explores sloane’s voluminous manuscript catalogues which no one except sloane and his helpers has used before and it conveys the excitement of original research as well as the thrill of tracking exotic

hygiene volume i books 1–4 volume ii books 5–6 thrasybulus on exercise with a small ball galen edited and translated by ian johnston galen of pergamum physician to the court of the emperor marcus aurelius was a philosopher scientist and medical historian a theoretician and practitioner who wrote forcefully and prolifically on an astonishing range of subjects and whose impact on later eras rivaled that of aristotle his treatise hygiene also known as “on the preservation of health” de sanitate tuenda was written during one of galen’s most prolific periods 170–180 and ranks among his most important and influential works providing a comprehensive account of the practice of preventive medicine that still has relevance today living with robots paul dumouchel • luisa damiano translated by malcolm debevoise “a timely and fascinating examination of social robots that exist in the real world have bodies and interact with human beings while

new in paperback after physics david z albert “valuable for readers seriously interested in scientific metaphysics albert offers a piercing analysis of modern physics.” —david kordahl los angeles review of books 2016  10 halftones  192 pp  $18.95 • £14.95  paper  9780674970878 bee time lessons from the hive mark l winston ★ governor general’s literary award for non-fiction ★ science in society general book award canadian science writers’ association “in this personal and scientific journey into the history we share with bees [winston ranges over neonicotinoid pesticides and colony collapse the control of african ‘killer’ bees and more the charismatic social insects emerge as both icons of societal cohesion and symbols of nature’s paradoxically mingled power and fragility.” —barbara kiser nature 2016  296 pp  $18.95 • £14.95  paper  9780674970854 the invaders how humans and

recently published cancer stem cells lucie laplane $39.95 • £31.95 9780674088740 a natural history of human morality michael tomasello $36.00 • £28.95 9780674088641 walden’s shore robert m thorson $23.50 • £18.95 9780674088184 lysenko’s ghost loren graham $24.95 • £19.95 9780674089051 the global transformation of time vanessa ogle $41.00 • £32.95 9780674286146 the society of genes itai yanai martin lercher $27.95 • £22.95 9780674425026 evolution and human sexual behavior peter b gray • justin r garcia $21.95 • £17.95 9780674660007 animal electricity robert b campenot $41.00 • £32.95 9780674736818 wilhelm reich biologist james e strick $41.00 • £32.95 9780674736092 social neuroscience russell k schutt $51.50 • £40.95 9780674728974 bone rooms samuel j redman $29.95 • £23.95 9780674660410 the seven pillars of statistical wisdom stephen m stigler $22.95 • £18.95

forthcoming in spring 2018 the new chimpanzee craig stanford march $35.00 • £27.95 9780674977112 universe in creation roy r gould may $24.95 • £19.95 9780674976078 cognitive gadgets cecilia heyes belknap press april $29.95 • £23.95 9780674980150 the great rift michael e hobart april $39.95 • £31.95 9780674983632 our universe jo dunkley belknap press march $25.95 • usa 9780674984288 adaptive oncogenesis james degregori march $39.95 • £31.95 9780674545397 as the world ages kavita sivaramakrishnan may $39.95 • £31.95 9780674504639 14 the end of sex and the future of human reproduction henry t greely april paperback $19.95 • £15.95 9780674984011 harvard university press an inquiry into modes of existence bruno latour june paperback $22.95 • £18.95 9780674984028 superbugs william hall april $29.95 • £23.95 9780674975989 first in fly stephanie elizabeth mohr march $35.00 •

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