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the federal judiciary strengths and weaknesses richard a posner “[posner’s call to arms against originalism and outdated procedures in the american judicial system are as urgently relevant as they have ever been…posner demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that originalism is a bankrupt legal philosophy.” —glenn c altschuler huffington post 2017 464 pp $35.00 • £27.95 cloth 9780674975774 supreme injustice slavery in the nation’s highest court paul finkelman “[finkelman’s incontrovertible and startling findings about the involvement of justice marshall in slave owning and selling and justice story’s pro-slavery decision in prigg v pennsylvania are essential reading for anyone interested in american constitutional development in the antebellum era and its enduring influence on american law and society.” —sanford levinson author of an argument open to all the nathan i huggins lectures 2018 304 pp $35.00

when police kill franklin e zimring “timely…essentially a 300-page riff on a single statistic roughly 1,000 americans die each year at the hands of the police…police kill african-americans at more than double their share of the population a phenomenon zimring painstakingly demonstrates is not explained by higher crime rates in black neighborhoods.” —bill keller new york times “if you think for one second that the issue of cop killings doesn’t go to the heart of the debate about gun violence think again…[a valuable and important book.” —mike weisser huffington post end of its rope how killing the death penalty can revive criminal justice brandon l garrett “[a tremendous book…what is revealed in the text are a host of possible explanations for the steep decline in the use of the death penalty in the united states…thanks to garrett’s thoughtful and precise analysis of the decline of the death penalty

numbers and the making of us counting and the course of human cultures caleb everett “a fascinating book.” —james ryerson new york times book review “numbers is eye-opening even eye-popping and it makes a powerful case for language as a cultural invention being central to the making of us.” —vyvyan evans new scientist 2017 7 halftones 1 line illus 312 pp $27.95 • £22.95 cloth 9780674504431 zero degrees just a journalist geographies of the prime meridian charles w j withers “[a compelling book…withers manages to turn what might have been an obscure rather technical topic into a fascinating account of international rivalry and a meditation on what the whole business of measuring the world around us can reveal about broader cultural patterns.” —jon wright geographical 2017 11 halftones 18 maps 7 tables 336 pp $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674088818 on the press life and the spaces between linda greenhouse

inside the lost museum curating past and present steven lubar “gives readers a privileged peek into the storerooms boardrooms and curatorial offices of many storied institutions in doing so the book offers a scholarly snapshot of the role that museums have played throughout history as well as the challenges they face today.” —paul d brinkman science 2017 21 halftones 416 pp $35.00 • £27.95 cloth 9780674971042 corporations and american democracy edited by naomi r lamoreaux • william j novak “this is a stellar work that sets out a sophisticated and cutting-edge take on the story of the corporation the essays do not just tell the story the writers back it up by providing substantial accumulations of data and historical material the result is a volume that is a vastly important contribution to the field it will instantly become the go-to one-volume treatment of the history of the corporation in the united states.” —john fabian witt

apollo in the age of aquarius neil m maher “succeeds admirably in weaving a seamless web of technological economic political social and cultural strands and their multiple intended and unintended consequences.” —zaheer baber times literary supplement “a substance-rich original on every page exploration of how the space program interacted with the environmental movement and also with the peace and ‘whole earth’ movements of the 1960s most of all it is a social history of technology.” —tyler cowen marginal revolution 2017 42 halftones 368 pp $29.95 • £23.95 cloth 9780674971998 mostly straight american niceness ritch c savin-williams carrie tirado bramen a cultural history sexual fluidity among men “an illuminating new study about male sexual fluidity.” —uli lenart attitude “offers an opportunity to challenge the status quo of tripartite sexual identities and attractions—bi gay straight—

new in paperback the invaders how humans and their dogs drove neanderthals to extinction pat shipman h a times higher education book of the week “an engagingly comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving understanding of our own origins.” —toby lester wall street journal belknap press 2017 2015 19 halftones 4 line illus 2 tables 288 pp $18.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674975415 inventing the individual religion in human evolution from the paleolithic to the axial age robert n bellah h distinguished book award american sociological association h a new york times book review editors’ choice h an abc australia best book on religion and ethics of the year “of bellah’s brilliance there can be no doubt the sheer amount this man knows about religion is otherworldly…bellah stands in the tradition of such stalwarts of the sociological imagination as emile durkheim and max weber only one word is appropriate to characterize this book’s

new in paperback the struggle for pakistan a muslim homeland and global politics ayesha jalal “[an important book…ayesha jalal has been one of the first and most reliable [pakistani political historians [on pakistan]… she is especially telling when she points to the lack of serious academic or political debate in pakistan about the role of the military.” —ahmed rashid new york review of books belknap press 2017 2014 22 halftones 4 maps 448 pp $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674979833 why muslim integration fails in christian-heritage societies claire l adida • david d laitin • marie-anne valfort “using a variety of resources research methods and an innovative experimental design the authors contend that while there is no doubt that prejudice and discrimination against muslims exist it is also true that some muslim actions and cultural traits may at times complicate their full integration into their chosen domiciles this book is

painted words nahua catholicism politics and memory in the atzaqualco pictorial catechism elizabeth hill boone • louise m burkhart • david tavárez painted words presents a facsimile decipherment and analysis of a seventeenth-century pictographic catechism from colonial mexico preserved as fonds mexicain 399 at the bibliothèque nationale de france works in this genre present the catholic catechism in pictures that were read sign by sign as aids to memorization and oral performance they have long been understood as a product of the experimental techniques of early evangelization but this study shows that they are better understood as indigenous expressions of devotional knowledge dumbarton oaks research library and collection 2017 28 color illus 3 line illus 4 tables 64-page color insert 400 pp $69.95 • £55.95 paper 9780884024187 social policies and decentralization in cuba change in the context of 21st-century latin america edited by jorge i domínguez

forthcoming in spring 2018 the chinese must go beth lew-williams february $39.95 • £31.95 9780674976016 law and legitimacy in the supreme court richard h fallon jr february belknap press $39.95 • £31.95 9780674975811 boundaries of the international jennifer pitts march $45.00 • £35.95 9780674980815 beyond abortion mary ziegler february $45.00 • £35.95 9780674976702 blockchain and the law primavera de filippi • aaron wright april $35.00 • £27.95 9780674976429 markets morals politics edited by béla kapossy • isaac nakhimovsky • sophus a reinert • richard whatmore march $55.00 • £43.95 9780674976337 good government pierre rosanvallon global inequality branko milanovic march $39.95 • £31.95 9780674979437 h bruno kreisky prize for best political book karl-rennerinstitut how the other half banks mehrsa baradaran march $19.95 • £15.95 paper 9780674983960 april belknap press $18.95 •

recently published capital without borders brooke harrington $29.95 • £23.95 9780674743809 mere civility teresa m bejan $45.00 • £35.95 9780674545496 who owns the dead jay d aronson strangers in our midst david miller $29.95 • £23.95 9780674971493 $35.00 • £27.95 9780674088900 prophecy without contempt cathleen kaveny reality and its dreams raymond geuss $49.95 • £39.95 9780674495036 $35.00 • £25.00 9780674504950 political political theory jeremy waldron $35.00 • £29.95 9780674743854 deepwater horizon earl boebert • james m blossom h an ise magazine best book of the year $39.95 • £31.95 9780674545236 politics against domination ian shapiro belknap press $35.00 • £27.95 9780674743847 30 the digital difference w russell neuman $49.95 • £39.95 9780674504936 harvard university press choice preferences and procedures kotaro suzumura $75.00 • £59.95 9780674725126

79 garden st cambridge ma 02138 non-profit u.s postage paid boston ma permit no 2709 the personal memoirs of ulysses s grant the complete annotated edition ulysses s grant edited by john f marszalek with david s nolen • louie p gallo preface by frank j williams “a richly annotated new edition.” —t j stiles new york times “grant’s style is direct and plain but it has a kind of quiet music to it the indescribable quality of an authentic voice…grant’s assessment of the civil war and the decisions that went into its waging is mostly brisk and engaging…he was a man who could cringe at the cruelty of a bullfight but was willing to send men into certain slaughter to gain a riverbank a man who understood both dignity and disgrace.” —louisa thomas new yorker belknap press 2017 1 halftone 8 charts 2 tables 816 pp $39.95 • £31.95 9780674976290 h19800 /16m