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pandora’s box a history of the first world war jörn leonhard translated by patrick camiller in this monumental history of the first world war germany’s leading historian of the twentieth century’s first great catastrophe explains the war’s origins course and consequences with an unrivaled combination of depth and global reach pandora’s box reveals how profoundly the war shaped the world to come jörn leonhard treats the clash of arms with a sure feel for grand strategy the everyday tactics of dynamic movement and slow attrition the race for ever more destructive technologies and the grim experiences of frontline soldiers but the war was much more than a military conflict or an exclusively european one leonhard renders the perspectives of leaders intellectuals artists and ordinary men and women on diverse home fronts as they grappled with the urgency of the moment and the rise of unprecedented political and social pressures and he shows how the

to shape a new world essays on the political philosophy of martin luther king jr edited by tommie shelby • brandon m terry “this book highlights the profound importance of king as a philosopher grappling with the compatibility of liberation and modern american identity and power king is just as critical to making sense of the trajectory of american intellectual thought as any of the more academic mid-twentieth-century philosophical figures in the canon—chief among them rawls.” —aziz rana cornell university martin luther king jr may be america’s most revered political figure commemorated in statues celebrations and street names around the world on the fiftieth anniversary of king’s assassination the man and his activism are as close to public consciousness as ever but despite his stature the significance of king’s writings and political thought remains underappreciated in to shape a new world tommie shelby and brandon terry write

jesus in asia r s sugirtharajah “jesus in asia is an extraordinary gift with great erudition sugirtharajah illuminates a broad history of previously neglected writings on jesus across many centuries and from diverse parts of asia.” —halvor moxnes author of jesus and the rise of nationalism reconstructions of jesus occurred in asia long before the western search for the historical jesus began in earnest this enterprise sprang up in seventh-century china and seventeenth-century india encouraged by the patronage and openness of the chinese and indian imperial courts while the western quest was largely a protestant preoccupation in asia the search was marked by its diversity participants included hindus jains muslims catholics and members of the church of the east during the age of european colonialism jesus was first seen by many asians as a tribal god of the farangis or white europeans but as his story circulated asians remade jesus at times appreciatively and at

leftism reinvented western parties from socialism to neoliberalism stephanie l mudge left-leaning political parties play an important role as representatives of the vulnerable they once did so by promising protections from the inequality-inducing tendencies of markets but in the 1990s they asked voters to adapt to a market-driven world meanwhile new extreme parties came to the fore promising protections of their own to better understand this political puzzle stephanie l mudge analyzes the history of left-leaning parties in the united states sweden germany and the united kingdom she shows that left parties changed not because of external forces but because of the changing worldviews of party experts leftism reinvented shows how keynesian economists came to speak for left parties by the early 1960s these economists saw their task in terms of discretionary politically-sensitive economic management but a different sort of economist began to speak for left parties in the 1980s this figure

the rise of the working-class shareholder labor s last best weapon david h webber “this book could be the modern bible of the movement to harness labor’s capital for workingclass interests and it couldn’t be timelier.” —teresa ghilarducci director of the schwartz center for economic policy analysis scepa at the new school when steven burd ceo of the grocery chain safeway cut wages and benefits starting a five-month strike by 57,000 unionized workers he was confident he would win but where traditional labor action failed a novel approach was more successful with the aid of the california public employees retirement system a $300 billion pension fund workers led a shareholder revolt that unseated three of burd’s boardroom allies in the rise of the working-class shareholder david h webber uses cases such as safeway’s to shine a light on labor’s most potent remaining weapon its multitrillion-dollar pension funds outmaneuvered at the

law • economics boundaries of the international law and empire jennifer pitts it is commonly believed that international law originated in relations among european states that respected one another as free and equal but international law was forged at least as much through europeans’ domineering relations with non-european states and empires leaving a legacy still visible in the unequal structures of today’s international order jennifer pitts focuses on the great age of imperial expansion as european intellectuals and administrators worked to justify laws governing relationships with non-europeans relying on military and commercial dominance european states typically dictated their own terms on the basis of their own norms and interests but despite claims about the universality of a law of nations rooted in equality and reciprocity the laws that came to govern the world were parochial and entangled in imperialism key legal authorities along with some of the

social science • education moving toward integration the past and future of fair housing richard h sander • yana a kucheva • jonathan m zasloff reducing residential segregation is the best way to reduce racial inequality in the united states african american employment rates earnings test scores and longevity improve sharply as residential integration increases yet far too many participants in our policy and political conversations have come to believe that the battle to integrate america’s cities cannot be won richard sander yana kucheva and jonathan zasloff write that the pessimism surrounding desegregation in housing arises from an inadequate understanding of how segregation has evolved and how policy interventions have already set many metropolitan areas on the path to integration moving toward integration provides a definitive account of how fair housing laws were shaped and implemented and why they had a larger impact in some parts of the country than

river cities city rivers edited by thaïsa way cities have been built alongside rivers throughout history these rivers can shape a city’s success or cause its destruction at the same time citybuilding reshapes rivers and their landscapes cities have harnessed modified and engineered rivers altering ecologies and creating new landscapes in the process of urbanization rivers are also shaped by the development of cities as urban landscapes just as the cities are shaped by their relationship to the river in the river city the city river is a dynamic contributor to the urban landscape with its flow of urban economies geographies and cultures yet we have rarely given these urban landscapes their due building on emerging interest in the resilience of cities this book and the original symposium consider river cities and city rivers to explore how histories have shaped the present and how they might inform our visions of the future thaïsa way is professor in the department of

lokaprakāśa by ksemendra with the commentary of sahaja bhatta volume 2 edited by simon strickland michael witzel introduction by materials for the study of gurung pe volumes i and ii p filliozat the lokaprakāśa by well-known kashmirian author ksemendra fl 1050 ce is a unique sanskrit text that deals with details of public administration from the king down to the village level it includes private sale and mortgage documents as well as marriage contracts—documents that are little attested outside medieval kashmir in the first decade of the 20th century famous explorer and kashmiri specialist sir m aurel stein asked his friend learned kashmiri pandit sahaja bhatta to prepare an edition of this significant text with commentary explaining many otherwise obscure terms the manuscript was originally projected to be published by stein and charles lanman in the early 1930s in a facsimile edition long lost the manuscript has been recovered in the société asiatique in

lincoln s tragic pragmatism inferno lincoln douglas and moral conflict an anatomy of american punishment john burt robert a ferguson h a new york times book review editors’ choice h an open letters monthly best nonfiction book of the year in 1858 abraham lincoln debated incumbent stephen douglas seven times in the race for a u.s senate seat more was at stake than slavery in those debates in lincoln’s tragic pragmatism john burt contends that the very legitimacy of democratic governance was on the line in a united states stubbornly divided over ethical issues the overarching question posed by the debates has not lost its urgency can a liberal political system be used to mediate moral disputes and if it cannot is violence inevitable “burt refracts lincoln through the philosophy of kant rawls and contemporary liberal political theory his is a lincoln for our time.” —steven b smith new york times book review “this is a book i expect to be picking up