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4 and 6 Piston Front Brake Calipers Hawg Halters, Inc. offers a complete line of 4 6 piston brake calipers for your American V-twin. These calipers are engineered for maximum braking performance and show quality looks. Our front caliper applications are direct bolt on for 1984 and up models except the Springer. Direct bolt on provides the most rigid and cleanest attachment method of mounting. All calipers are manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum which provides a stronger more rigid caliper with less weight as compared to stock and some competitors cast aluminum product. Our 500 series differential bore 4 piston caliper continues to be unmatched for performance and value. Utilizing a smaller diameter piston at the lead-in of the rotor and a larger piston on the trailing side provides optimum friction dynamics by equalizing the heat distribution throughout the brake pad to rotor interface. In addition, the differential bore ratio and total volumetric displacement are

4 and 6 Piston Rear Caliper Kits HHI manufacturers the most comprehensive product selection of rear brake calipers for the American V-Twin Market. Kits are available for models 1973 to present and most any custom bike including 1" axle applications and RSD. Most kits feature the latest design 500 series differential bore caliper for optimum performance in your choice of finish: chrome, polish or black anodize. -(RK) Rear Kit -(ST) Softail Models, Right Side Brake (LS) Softail Models, Left Side Brake (SX) FX Softail Models, 06-up (FR) FXR Models (DG) Dyna Models (SP) Sportster Models (HT) FLH Models (VR) V-Rod Models (LX10) FX/FL 73-80, 10" Rotor (LX11) FX/FL 81-83, 11 1/2" Rotor -(CC) Chrome (PP) Polish, (AB) Black Anodize RKSTCC500 4 Piston Differential Bore Caliper Kits 99-Earlier Axle (500) 2000-Up Axle (501) 04 Sportster only (504) 06 FX Softail only (506) 99-Earlier 1" Axle (530) 2002-Up 1" Axle (HT only) (532) 05-Up 1" axle (SP and VR only)


Drive Side In-Board Rear Brake Systems HHI continues to set the standard with our ever popular Driveside Inboard Brake System. We now have several designs to fit more applications than any of our competitors. This system is designed to locate the brake caliper and rotor behind the drive pulley or sprocket providing an uncluttered view of your custom wheels. Utilizing a purpose built version of our proven 4 piston caliper and an engineered attachment system, a bullet proof system can be configured to match your requirements. Applications include 18" x 5.5" and wider billet wheels and 18" x 8" and up spoke wheels, left or right side drive, belt or chain drive. We have also developed an offset rotor system to fit most custom wheels available. You can adapt a wheel without an inboard rotor or convert a conventional wheel to the driveside brake set up. We also offer a variety of hub covers for the opposite hub side when removing the rotor.

-(RKSB) Rear Kit Sprocket Brake -(L) Left Side or (R) Right Side -(CC) Chrome, (PP) Polish or (AB) Black Anodize RKSBLCC351 17 Matching Front Rotor Available Transmission sprockets available in various offsets. Nickel plated o-ring chains in stock. Belt drive tag/tail light kits now

Hand Control Systems To complement our Forward Controls, HHI comes through with a superbly styled and engineered Hand Control package. These matched designed controls provide you with a total package resulting in a show winning combination. Check out the sleek lines, smooth curves, and hidden hardware all in a compact package. This is the design the industry has been looking for! Our new hand control features a 9/16" master cylinder bore size for single disc applications and is compatible with most stock and aftermarket 4 and 6 piston calipers. We also offer an 11/16" bore for dual disc set ups and both utilize late model OEM seals for assured performance and quick serviceability. The clutch and brake lever pivots contain nylon bearings and spring loading for smooth, no rattle operation and long term performance. Other features include a recessed cover with a flex type seal for leak proof operation. Controls will fit up to 1 diameter bars and work with standard

Triple Trees HHI offers an industry leading triple tree product line, precision CNC made in our plant and treated to a variety of show quality finishes. Triple trees have a smooth top design hiding the fork tubes and neck stem for the true custom look. 39mm and 41mm lower trees utilize hidden clamp bushings to secure the tubes in a clean, positive method. Dial in the best trail for your application by choosing from a variety of rakes. Triple trees for both 39mm and 41mm fork tubes are available in narrow, mid and wide glide widths. 41mm NG trees use a 99-earlier narrow glide wheel for a unique custom look. 39mm NG trees are stock H-D width and available for a lower mount headlight or stock upper visor mount. All trees are predrilled to accept a variety of optional internal fork stop kits. Trees can also be ordered with an external stop kit which is standard for the Sportster, Dyna and FXR models. Our newest addition is the SLADE design triple tree. Special radius angle

RAKE AND TRAIL Rake Rake is defined as the angle in degrees of the steering axis as measured from a vertical line either through the center of the front wheel axle or at a point in the neck stem. Trail Trail is the measurement of the distance between the steering neck axis and the front axle centerline as projected onto the floor. Rake Trail Rake and trail work together controlling how the motorcycle handles at various speeds. Increasing rake will improve stability when riding in a straight line but will sacrifice low speed maneuverability as the front end will feel heavy and have a tendency to flop. Conversely, decreased rakes will provide a light front end feel and quick response but lack in high speed stability. Typically as you increase or decrease rake angle the trail measurement does the same. To measure the trail of your bike you can use the following method: The bike needs to be in an upright stationary position at ride height. Adjusting rear shocks


33 DEVIOUS Wheels -(1635)16" x 3.5", (1762)17" x 6.25" (1835)18" x 3.5", (1855)18" x 5.5", (1885)18" x 8.5", (1810)18" x 10" (1815)18" x 10.5", (1921)19" x 2.15" (1930)19" x 3.0", (2121)21" x 2.12" (2135)21" x 3.5" -(MON)Monterey, (MID)Midevil, (VEN)Venice, (NEW)Newport, (COB)Cobra, (PHO)Phoenix, (VOR)Vortex, (SLA)Slayer, (DEV)Devious, (TRI)Trinity, (CLA)Classic -(C)Chrome, or (P)Polish 1635-VOR-C-1Y2 (1)1999-Earlier Rear Axle (1Y2)2000-Up Rear Axle (1Y3)2000-Up Rear 1" Axle (2)1999-Earlier Fatboy/Heritage Front (2Y2)2000-Up Fatboy/Heritage Front (3S)1999-Earlier Wide Glide Front, Single Disc (3SY2)2000-Up Wide Glide Front, Single Disc (4S)1999-Earlier Narrow Glide Front, Single Disc (4SY2)2000-Up Narrow Glide Front, Single Disc (4D)1999-Earlier Narrow Glide Front, Dual Disc (4DY2)2000-Up Narrow Glide Front, Dual Disc (5S)1999-Earlier FX Springer Front (5SY2)2000-Up FS Springer Front (3D)1999-Earlier Wide Glide Front, Dual Disc (3DY2)2000-2001 Wide