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Futura Cookware by Hawkins Cookers

Catalog: Futura Cookware
Company/Brand: Hawkins Cookers

futura cooking utensils in Futura Cookware by Hawkins Cookers

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anodised saucepans and stewpots the futura hard anodised handi saucepan is a ... version of the traditional indian cooking utensil used for flavourful less-water ... cooking its lid holds water on the top and on ... handle and with two short handles the futura stewpot is a modern version of the ... indian patila or degchi a deep cooking vessel in these stewpots you can ... firni sooji halwa and ras malai in the futura hard anodised stewpot instruction ... the elegant stewpots may be used for cooking as well as serving on the table l 91 l ... 40 l 93 the one litre futura hard anodised saucepan comes with a ... handles nonstick saucepans and stewpots futura nonstick saucepans and curry pans saut ...
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hard anodised cook-n-serve bowls futura hard anodised cook-n-serve bowls are ... ideal for cooking a wide range of indian and western ... for a long time making them excellent utensils for both cooking and serving cooking ... these bowls are designed for convenient cooking and elegance on the dining table the ... q 92 nonstick pans with glass lid l 65 cooking and serving in pans with glass lids has ... appeal you can see the food while it is cooking and on the table you don t have to lift ... s there the pans are selected from the futura nonstick range to present a wide ... variety of cooking and food serving opportunities the ... of the trademarks hawkins and futura in india and in various other countries ...
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