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the man who loved what skiing could be for hundreds of years ski technology barely changed sure stronger woods made an appearance camber came onto the scene and tips and tails got wider but that was about it and then one day in 1947 an aeronautical engineer named howard head went skiing for the first time and he was not impressed howard knew there had to be a way to make skis lighter faster and more friendly he set to work for three years creating one prototype after another and step by step the head ski came to life with its plywood core aluminum sheets plastic sidewalls and a continuous steel edge it was a revolution on the slopes suddenly anyone could ski and have fun at the same time and the rest along with the competition was

technology skis technology i graphene cores women specific cores wc sandwich cap construction gkc superlite sandwich cap construction 2 3 1 4 6 9 5 7 2 developed with the most sophisticated material known to man the superlite sandwich construction uses graphene koroyd and carbon to guarantee the lightest ski in the world without compromising on performance the ultimate construction for a high performing women ski 1 5 7 6 3 1 top sheet 2 glass fiber fleece 3 titanal layer 4 glass fiber 5 wood core 6 graphene 7 sidewall 8 edge 9 dampening layer 10 reinforced fiberglas 11 base 2 9 10 8 11 power sidewall ti jacket construction 1 top sheet 2 reinforced glass fiber 3 graphene 4 carbon glass fiber 5 koroyd 6 wood core 7 sidewall 8 dampening layer 9 edge 10 carbon 11 base 2 1 3 4 4 diagonal glass fibers 5 synthetic core 6 sidewall 7 edge 8 titanal 9 base 9 11 5 6 3 graphene 8 7 9 2 thanks to the unique properties of graphene the superlite sandwich cap construction has had a

skis skis allride allride power instinct ti pro raw instinct ti pro strong instinct ti supreme instinct ti natural instinct skiers who long for freshly groomed snow as much as they do perfect powder have a new friend the woo-and-metalmade power instinct shaped for medium length turns and built with the perfect mix of metal and wood the raw is nimble stable and fun finally a mid-fat ski made ideal for mid-level skiers hard soft fast or slow find your inner arnold on the strong instinct curvy and carvy this ski is designed to make easy work of the piste and the bumps your search for supreme fun ends here it’s true some people are intimidated by skiing fear no more this instinct will make skiing feel easy fun and natural article number article number article number article number article number 310906 310946 310966 310986 311006 features features features features features era 3.0 graphene wc sandwich cap construction structured uhm c base allride rocker era 3.0 graphene wc

boot technology r ap tor vector evo and challenger spineflex buckles spineflex buckle power efficent design better skiing with less effort e vo s ta n ce independent from the degree of closure modern skiing requires comfort efficiency and control head‘s new evo frame is built around the leg the vector evo shell also has a new hinge cept with a flexible element and a constant the increased precision and comfort cre endary vector last but features a new highly efficient dynamic frame which directs 80 of the energy position 18 mm backward precisely located closure point the flexible element allows ated from the absence of pressure points directed from the body toward the rear of the shell this stiff area cradles the skiers heel with comfort to provide a progressive flex for expert skiers the buckle to adapt to the shell profile and results in better performance and power however the forefoot is able to articulate for better balance the new evo stance construction is the combi

dream 100 w article number buckles article number buckles 606400 4 micro-adjustable alloy buckles 2 double power levers 1 supermacro ratchet 605610 4 micro-adjustable spine-tech alloy buckles low profile buckles features liner women s perfect fit hp liner fur lining self-shaping footbed with sanitized® 30 mm velcro strap prepared for heating system details level flex index sizes shell last last size professional 100/90 220-225-230 275 pu wp 1950cc 96 24.5 98 25.5 100 26.5 features jr racing flex tuning jr cuff double canting fis approved sole thickness adult norm liner jr heatfit pro liner hp frame footbed 40 mm velcro strap gray-blue color details level professional flex index 90/80 sizes 220-225 -275-280-285 shell pu last rs 1800cc last size 94 25.5 96 26.5 junior stiffer/softer flex adjustment adjustable wedge arch support double canting double adjustable profile woman-specific supportive heel option form fit women raptor 90 rs 98 27.5 color white race balance forward lean

aaadrenalin 16 short long the tyrolia aaadrenalin 16 is a revolution in freeski bindings combining outstanding riding performance with an ergonomic walking mechanism for short uphill hikes article number details 111806 tyrolia aaadrenalin 16 w/o brake [b short solid black/flash green 111807 tyrolia aaadrenalin 16 w/o brake [b long solid black/flash green stand height din weight colors 38 mm 5-16 2440 g 2740 g short 2460 g 2760 g long solid black/flash green bindings aaambition 12 carbon the tyrolia aaambition 12 is a world-class alpine touring binding with innovative climbing technology and loads of downhill performance with a multi-range easy-to-use climbing aid extensive boot adaptability and the ability to let skis perform unhindered the tyrolia aaambition 10 is the ultimate alpine touring binding the tyrolia aaambition carbon is an at binding with proven downhill performance and safety features its very low weight is a true advantage you can feel especially when hiking and

queen alia women’s helmet with maximum protection and integrated visor performance all-mountain women’s helmet with an urban edge article number 325006 white 325016 black article number 325306 white 325316 rubin red in-mold technology visor construction lower microshell thermal ventilation microfur beanie liner neckgator head 2d fit features sizes xs/s m/l 50-54 cm 54-57 cm average weight 490 g sizes xs/s m/l 52-55 cm 56-59 cm average weight 500 g vanda valery the perfect head protection for steaming groomers and getting fly all-mountain head protection flexcore technology active ventilation sympatex liner neckgator 360° boa fit women women features article number protection 325206 white 325216 lightblue features in-mold technology adjustable ventilation active bottom edge venturi effect microfur beanie liner ergonomical neckgator head 3d fit sizes xs/s m/l 52-55 cm 56-59 cm xl/xxl 60-63 cm average weight 440 g 116 325606 white 325616 purple features in-mold

abs® twinbag for life accessories winter collection 2016-17 a quick tug on the abs® twinbag’s activation handle is all it takes to instantly inflate two airbags with a total volume of 170 liters this extra volume will almost certainly prevent the wearer from being buried in an avalanche two separate airbag chambers make the abs® system twice as reliable if one airbag is damaged during the descent the other will remain inflated for a sufficient length of time the wide bearing surface due to laterally placed twinbags stabilizes the body and increases the lifting effect precisely in the critical avalanche run-out zone of the 262 persons who activated their abs® avalanche airbag 97  survived and 84  of those were uninjured source slf known and documented avalanche accidents with abs® avalanche airbags august 2010 abs® compatible the abs® avalanche airbag is the original self-rescue system – produced and tested by german avalanche experts

ski the link r residue r track absolut joy r slr 2 light joy r slr 2 article number article number article number article number article number article number 312535 track 312475 track 312495 black 312505 yellow 312415 track 312425 black 312435 yellow 314106 track 312486 312466 features features features heavy duty twin tip model mesh top sheet heavy duty woodcore uhm c base pre-mounted rental track libra graphene-super light weight distribution women´s camber era 3.0 power sidewall jacket superlite composite core allride rocker tip protector black uhm c base libra graphene-super light weight distribution women´s camber era 3.0 power sidewall jacket allride rocker tip protector black uhm c base details features features features era 2.0 early rise composite radius construction snakeskin top sheet woodcore torsion box cap construction era 2.0 early rise composite radius construction snakeskin top sheet woodcore torsion box cap construction era 2.0 early rise composite radius

rental sr rental jr article number article number 329513 black 329525 blue 329813 white 329825 green features features thermal ventilation 2d fit system tpr goggle retainer rental barcode identification color coded thermal ventilation 2d fit system tpr goggle retainer rental barcode identification color coded sizes xs / s m / l 52-55 cm 56-58 cm average weight sizes xxs xs/s 48-51 cm 52-55 cm average weight xl / xxl 59-63 cm 520 g m/l 56-58 cm 470 g flexor unit r / jr unit r article number 395453 senior 395463 junior features scan-barcode sas tec viscoelastic foam removable protection unit 3d mesh nylon fabric polygiene junior back senior back junior back sizes xxs – xl / xxl removable protection unit junior front rental beanie sr / jr helmet sizer article number article number 375108 rental beanie sr 375208 rental beanie jr 375812 helmet sizer features measure the right head