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the man who loved what skiing could be for hundreds of years ski technology barely changed sure stronger woods made an appearance camber came onto the scene and tips and tails got wider but that was about it and then one day in 1947 an aeronautical engineer named howard head went skiing for the first time and he was not impressed howard knew there had to be a way to make skis lighter faster and more friendly he set to work for three years creating one prototype after another and step by step the head ski came to life with its plywood core aluminum sheets plastic sidewalls and a continuous steel edge it was a revolution on the slopes suddenly anyone could ski and have fun at the same time and the rest along with the competition was

race skis race worldcup rebels i.speed worldcup rebels i.race worldcup rebels i.sl worldcup rebels i.slr worldcup rebels i.gsr worldcup rebels i.shape pro buckle up and stay off all slow-marked slopes because with the i speed you might have your ticket pulled a combi race ski for those who know where fis can stick their rules for those who never stop turning and always turn quickly this ski will take the fun-meter to 11 edge to edge and short turns have never been so much fun big smiles included a true race ski without those huge fis radius easy race turns for the whole day want to ski like ted ligety can’t squat 200kgs no worries the ishape pro will make you feel like a champion article number article number article number article number article number article number 313248 313268 313208 313368 313388 313408 product features product features product features product features product features product features kers intelligence technology g ­ raphene worldcup sandwich cap

junior skis junior kore 87 caddy jr residue slr 2 joy slr 2 the kore 87 is an exhilarating experience children and juniors will never forget parents know that parks and pipes are rough on their kids’ gear the caddy jr stands up to the big hits and delivers durable fun the only thing sticking around after this residue fl ys by will be the trail of snow dust following your smiling child taking their first jump in the park skiing brings joy joy brings laughter this player is for little riders with big therefore skiing brings laughter and ambitions when fun is the goal look there’s nothing better than a giggling no further than the souphead girl on skis for boys who want to have skis just like their dads the monster is perfect for learning to enjoy a lifetime of skiing article number new article number souphead slr 2 monster slr 2 article number article number article number article number 314048 314068 314118 314248 314498 314288 product features product features product

headline headline a new concept in womens boots we have built a new and innovative boot designed for women the new light weight boot is designed for women with slim feet extra rear spoiler extra rear spoiler to increase performance last •  women’s last a unique fit and size profile optimized to suit womens’s foot morphology •  a comfortable fit due to a narrow heel with more comfort in the toe box boots lightness has never offered so much performance in a womens boot fur lining this new fur lining makes the liner more comfortable and warmer liquid fit 3d liner pre-shaped thermoformable ankle areas create an anatomical and comfortable fit primaloft is a very lightweight breathable material that provides effective thermal insulation double adjustable profile a new design in rear spoiler you are able to increase the calf circumference by 1cm rotate the 2 screws hidden under the rear part of the velcro the low cuff and adjustable profile will

boot technology raptor and vector rs spineflex buckles spineflex is a revolutionary buckle concept with a flexible element and a constant closure point the flexible element allows the buckle to adapt to the shell profile and this provides a homogeneous foot wrapping independent from the degree of closure the increased precision and comfort created from the abscence of pressure points results in better performance normal buckles spineflex buckles triad ergotech shell 4 closing points the innovative three piece construction “triad ergotech shell” provides precision and performance in any terrain and snow conditions precise and effective foot retention with maximum performance through improved balance and control the boots progressive and natural flex is provided by the open throat shell in addition to the interchangeable tongue and pivot point the pivot point is placed where the ankle flexes at the rotating point of the shell ergo stance 16º 360 full cushioning system

bindings se t-alternative s overvie wskiart n r name bindingart n r binding name binding colors 100743 114157 100742 114157 100741 114157 100740 114157 100739 114157 100739 114157 prd 12 brake 85 [f prd 12 mbs brake 85 [f prd 12 brake 85 [f prd 12 mbs brake 85 [f prd 12 brake 85 [f prd 12 mbs brake 85 [f prd 12 brake 85 [f prd 12 mbs brake 85 [f prd 14 brake 85 [f prd 12 mbs brake 85 [f prd 14 brake 85 [f prd 12 mbs brake 85 [f matt black/matt white/light blue solid black matt black/matt white/fl red solid black matt black/matt white/fl green solid black matt black/matt white/fl yellow solid black matt black/grey solid black matt black/grey solid black 114122 114130 114114 114112 114115 114129 114114 114115 114147 100749 114161 100744 100741 100748 114160 100740 100747 114160 100746 114160 114271 100746 114160 114271 100746 114160 aaattack2 13 gw brake 95 [a aaattack2 13 gw brake 95 [a aaattack2 16 gw w/o brake [a aaattack2 16 gw w/o brake [a aaattack2 14 at w/o brake [a aaattack2

race t-series visor head goggles 2018-19 goggles v-series women

139 –– 140 footer race freeski accessories allride head accessories 2018-19 women performance allride freeski women

snowboard protection boots poles features 312375 balance track length 100 312385 glide track length 125 312395 steer track length 150 era 2.0 early rise composite radius construction snakeskin surface woodcore torsion box cap construction black uhm c base article number bindings head way dimensions bindings 128/ 85/ 106 119/ 81/ 97 128/ 76/ 111 sp10 abs rental ski

helmets ten​ article number sizes 329617 ten sr apple 329607 ten sr black 329907 ten jr white 329917 ten jr blue adult product features ­hardshell ­technology ­thermal ­ventilation ­rental ­goggle ­retainer rental color coding ­rental ­size ­adjustment ­speedlock ­buckle junior ​ xs/s m/l xl/xxl xxs xs/s m/l 52-55 cm 56-59 cm 60-63 cm 48-51 cm 52-55 cm 56-59 cm snowboards rental​ article number sizes 329513 rental sr black 329813 rental jr white adult product features junior ­hardshell ­technology ­thermal ­ventilation ­rental ­goggle ­retainer rental color coding ­rental ­size ­adjustment ​ xs/s m/l xl/xxl xxs xs/s m/l 52-55 cm 56-59 cm 59-63 cm 48-51 cm 52-55 cm 56-59 cm xs/s m/l xl/xxl xxs xs/s m/l 52-55 cm 56-59 cm 60-63 cm 48-51 cm 52-55 cm 56-59 cm 2018/19 tracer​ article number sizes 329117 tracer sr apple 329107 tracer sr black 329207

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