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team japan switzerland shunta akagawa kazuki nakamura juri shibazaki masaomi harada yuka itagaki sayaka nemoto ayumi kitahara sena tomita ruki tomita sumi takeuchi yuuri yoshika rina yoshika gaku mabuchi kanami okuyama   sina candrian nick pÜnter cÉdric neff norway marius bakken   spain nÚria castan great britain lewis courtier jones   austria mathias weissenbacher clemens schattschneider   germany thomas kigle luis eckert   usa graham banks andrew kratz taelor mattingley hailee mattingley alec vandeweerd   what is futureheads futureheads is a new support program from head snowboards only a few will be selected to join our global futureheads team being equipped with everything needed for the perfect season the only thing you have to do to win this spot is sharing sharing sharing

power distributio n control amplifier usually power transmission is homogeneously distributed along the board’s effective edge based on shape and camber by using the combination of super light hexagonal core together with the stabilizing effect of graphene this balance can be shifted by reducing weight at the same time without decreasing the boards performance the stabilizing characteristics of graphene also have a positive effect on the board control as it reduces vibrations and fatigue in critical areas think of it as a control amplifier gra phene in tip&ta il gra phene in nose framewall topsheet topsheet graphene graphene hexagonal core kers woodcore sidewall less w e ig htintip&ta i l less we i gh tinn os e hexagonal core woodcore fiberglass less fatigue reduced swing weight power shifted to the boards center increased float increased reactivity power shifted to the boards back fiberglass steel edge steel edge base base less swing weight for a playful ride more

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sizes 340106 s m l xl product features ​ boards sizes 341716 black 341728 white s m product features bindings boots article number 22.5-24.5 25.0-27.0 ​ ­auto ­open ­toe ­strap ­f lex ­index ­3 ­g lass ­reinforced ­base ­35 ­ ­easy ­grip ­buckle rental ­auto ­open ­total ­flex ­index ­8 ­g lass ­reinforced ­base ­45 ­ ­l s ­highback ­adjustable ­toe ­ramps ­adjustable ­d ensity ­strap full covered ­­eva ­basepads ­s ilicone ­dampening dual density dampiflex­ 22.5-24.5 25.0-27.0 27.5-29.0 29.5-31.5 the nx fay i is an instinctive binding that makes snowboarding progression hassle-free tool-free adjustability makes customisation a cinch while the laidback yet reactive all-terrain baseplate and auto open toe straps deliver comfort and responsiveness in equal measures hassle free

mon cm eur us product features sizes 350518 white 350508 black white product features ​ boards article number ­ asy ­e ntry liner boa® e frequency ­technology ­perfect ­fit easy-in liner flylite ­o utsole ­comfort ­cuff ­f lex ­index ­3 ­forward ­lean ­7° black mon cm eur us mon cm eur us bindings 23.0 31.5 36.0 48.0 4.5 13.5 24.0 31.5 37.0 48.0 5.5 13.5 ​ rental ­­boa® ­instep ­grasp ­perfect ­fit ­2 nd ­s kin liner ­frequency ­technology ­a symmetric ­cuff ­cut ­heel ­transmission ­system ­p rogressive ­power ­strap ­flex ­index ­5 ­forward ­lean ­11° 23.0 31.5 36.0 48.0 4.5 13.5 boots sizes 350015 the fresh one boa is an easy-riding entry-level boot with an on-point profile no corners have been cut in its design sporting sleek running shoe inspired

boards p jr s m product features boots sizes 343616 18.5-24.5 25.0-28.0 youth article number bindings designed for groms the p jr is a comfortable easy-riding binding for fun snowboarding the lightweight base and subtle highback are forgiving yet reactive while strategic eva pads and snug straps provide comfort and confidence in equal measures ​ technology bags ­fit ­ankle ­strap ­jr ­highback ­flex ­index ­1 p kid article number sizes 343706 xs product features ​ rental the p kid binding provides hassle-free accessibility to the world of snowboarding it is armed with a single triangular strap for easy exit and entry is ultimately adjustable so that it can grow with kids and is comfortable enough to make a kid want to come back for more happy kids make better snowboarders 15.5-20.5 ­fit ­ankle ­strap ­jr ­highback ­flex ­index ­1 defiance youth rowdy jr rowdy kid the defiance youth is a versa

boards bindings commuter bag article number art no 374488 dimension 31 x 15 x 51 cm volume 23 liters bags youth boots • water resistant nylon material • 15” laptop compartment with easy side access • high comfort mash padding • straps for handle attachement • reinforced bottom webbing technology travel boardbag article number 170 x 35 x 25 cm 150 liter • water learjet resistant nylon material ripstop construction • highquality ykk zipper • 3 inside pockets • board protection separation • heavy duty webbing reinforcements • waterproof outer bag pocket • wheel and edge protection • comfy neoprene handles • durable article number art no 374438 dimension volume rental art no 374518 dimension 55 x 35 x 28 cm volume 55 liter • water resistant nylon material • durable ripstop construction • highquality ykk zipper • heavy duty webbing reinforcements • bottom edge

comfort 2nd skin s.cafÉ® lining mesh the floating webbings on the perfect fit liner const the asymmetric perfect fit 2nd skin liner is ergono s.café® fabrics feature extraordinary odor conrol and ruction provides a close comfortable fit with ultimate mic and fully customizable for the perfect fit it also fast drying properties this is achieved by incorpo lacing performance features a socket construction and smooth traction rating real coffee grounds into fabric by using the features which distributes lacing load over a greater area for a sustainable s.café® technology s.café® fabrics • perfect fit more comfortable fit absorb and transport moisture from the body to the • s.café® lining mesh features outside – resulting in a close to 200 faster drying • fpg insole • perfect fit time compared to cotton liner type • s.café® lining mesh easy-in • adaptive fit fpt insole bringing comfort to the next level the

357045 650 4d boa focus 357055 650 4d boa focus wmn ­frequency ­technology ­pro ­fit ­liner ­double ­­boa® ­lacing ­­s.café® ­lining ­mesh ­4d ­compatible ­heavy ­profile ­rubber ­outsole ­full ­toe ­and ­heel ­protection ­fully ­covered ­lace ­protection sizes 650 4d boa focus 22.5 23.5 24.5 30.5 31.5 32.5 650 4d boa focus wmn 22.5 23.5 24.5 28.0 boards article number sizes 329617 329607 329907 329917 adult ten sr apple ten sr black ten jr white ten jr blue junior xs/s m/l xl/xxl xxs xs/s m/l 52-55 cm 56-59 cm 60-63 cm 48-51 cm 52-55 cm 56-59 cm xs/s m/l xl/xxl xxs xs/s m/l 52-55 cm 56-59 cm 59-63 cm 48-51 cm 52-55 cm 56-59 cm xs/s m/l xl/xxl xxs xs/s m/l 52-55 cm 56-59 cm 60-63 cm 48-51 cm 52-55 cm 56-59 cm boots product features product features ­hardshell ­technology ­thermal ­ventilation

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