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unisex boards flocka unisex boards camba daymaker dct evil i flocka all-mountain affordable workhorse the daymaker dct’s no-nonsense directional twin build combination with a host of tech make this board an allmountain workhorse for all-day sessioning the combined cambers of dct give the daymaker dct its pop and responsiveness while precision edge hold and on-the-button spin initiation come from a narrowed waist and aggressive sidecut throw in a tip-to-tail poplar core a super durable and easy to maintain extruded base and the aesthetics of the power shovel nose and tail and you have a handsome stick that will hold its own from park and pipe to drops and powder length waist contact radius med stance setback 146 149 153 156 159 162 156w 159w 162w 23.9 24.3 24.8 25.0 25.2 25.4 26.2 26.4 26.6 110.5 115.4 118.3 121.1 122.2 126.0 119.8 123.5 126.0 7.8/7.5 7.9/7.8 7.9/7.8 7.9/7.8 7.9/7.8 7.9/7.8 7.9/7.8 7.9/7.8 7.9/7.8 52 54 56 58 60 60 58 60 60 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 features twin

women boards women snowboards r i d er atti h o lst p h o to flo r i an j aeg er headhasalong tr ad i ti o n at su ppo rti ngwom en ’ ssno wb oard in g b o th th rough th e d evelo pm en tofcutt in gedgebo ar d s b o o ts an dbindings an dthesponsor sh ipof so meof th e b est fem ale s n o wb oardersin th ewor ld w e ar e pr oudofourrel at io n s h ip an d d eli ver th e to o ls th at allo w g ir l s ’ tobo th h ave fu n an d pr o g r ess

unisex bindings easy-entry bindings head bindings translate a rider’s input into great snowboarding through a mix of precision comfort and ease-of-use they are also tough enough to withstand the rigors of contemporary progressive snowboarding they are like an elevator button push them and they’ll take you to the next level head has taken a two-pronged approach to easy-entry one for those who like a traditional binding and another for those who want the ease of a reclining highback head’s auto open strap system for those who like to ride a fixed highback and straps allows either both the toe and ankle strap to ‘fold’ out from the baseplate with auto open total or just the toe strap in auto open toe straps both allow for a hassle free step in to the bindings without the grief of kicking straps asymmet r ic e va padded l s h ig hback our reclining highback easy-entry system allows for quick and easy access through the rear of the binding and for simple

unisex bindings women bindings rx two easy all-rounder if you like your bindings to be hassle free yet still performance enhancing then the rx two is for you the key component of the binding is the reclining lightweight highback which once engaged provides maximum flex for tweaking and plenty of support for holding an edge like the straps this highback also has tool-free adjustability for its forward lean the baseplate has a forgiving flex pattern and the dampening qualities of its full-cover eva cushion add to the comfort and functionality of the binding what more do you want from an easy-entry binding size m l xl 25.0 27.0 27.5 29.0 29.5 32.5 rx two n° 344614 rx one from linking turns to easy spins features the rx one is an easy-riding easy-entry binding for beginner to intermediate riders like the rx two it features the ease and functionality of head’s reclining highback as well as the tool-free adjustability of the 3d comfort ankle strap and dura tech toe strap the

women bindings unisex boots rx fay ii time and space to progress the rx fay ii is built for beginner to intermediate girls who want to ride without messing with straps the one-hand engagement of the reclining highback is easy and quick while tool free adjustability of the straps and forward lean make customization simple the ft1 base and power transmission strap provide precision response to a rider’s input at a progressive pace the rx fay ii gives you the time and space to progress features boots ri der f redri k evensen al ex tank phot o f l ori an jaeger size s m 22.5 24.5 25.0 27.0 rx fay ii n° 345414 rx fay i easy on the legs light on the purse features with a forgiving flex and a host of easy to use features the rx fay i is built for girls who want a hassle-free binding at an affordable price the mainstay of this binding is its easy-entry reclining highback its ease of use is also accentuated by the tool free adjustability of the 3d comfort ankle strap and dura

unisex boots women boots trigger boa progression made easy the simple-to-use comfortable trigger boa is the perfect boot for snowboarders kicking off their riding career and working their way up to the medium line in the park easy-going forward lean and a forgiving yet progressive flex make the boot easy on the legs and big on comfort while the wrap strap and soft top cushioning enhance the boots all day rideability underneath a moonwalker sa sole with its shock absorbent pad in the heel sucks up shocks and chatter whilst slipping in and out of the boot is super easy thanks to the single boa the trigger boa is progression made easy size eur 24.0 31.5 us 5.5 13.5 trigger boa n° 350714 scout accessibility and comfort the scout series boot in all its guises is built for the purpose of making snowboarding accessible and comfortable lenient flex and forward lean take the stress out of riding while the cushioned soft top and comfort cuff only scout pro deliver a secure fit free of

youth youth evil youth rocka from linking turns to lapping the park the evil youth rocka accompanies the older grom from linking turns to lapping the junior line in the park that’s because rocka gives it a catch-free smooth ride that is easy to master and progress on a lightweight tip-to-tail poplar core and extruded base also add to its durability and responsiveness making it the perfect grom’s progression tool youth length waist contact radius med stance setback 118 128 138 148 22.0 23.0 24.0 24.0 50 52 54 54 15.0 16.0 17.0 18.0 42 44 46 52 0 0 0 0 features evil youth rocka n° 336314 r i d er lu i s ec kert ph o to flo r i an j aeg er youth accesiblity for groms the youth is a comfortable easy-riding binding for groms both the lightweight baseplate and jr highback are forgiving yet reactive to a grom’s input allowing them to dial their first turns ollies and spins with plenty of power in reserve for progression eva pads in the toe and heel suck up shocks

bags bags street backpack day boardbag features water resistant nylon material dureable ripstop construction highquality ykk zipper padded laptop pocket sound pocket ergonomic padded shoulder straps breathable lining inside storage system features water resistant nylon material dureable ripstop construction highquality ykk zipper separate outside pocket for helmet googles gloves heavy duty webbing reinforcements wheel and edge protection comfy neoprene handles comfy shoulder straps volume volume 17 liter size 35 × 10 × 50 cm size 135 liter 170 × 35 × 23 cm day boardbag n° 374523 street backpack n° 374483 travel boardbag features learjet features water resistant nylon material dureable ripstop construction highquality ykk zipper heavy duty webbing reinforcements bottom edge protection 3 stop telescope handle comfy neoprene handle volume 55 liter water resistant nylon material dureable ripstop construction highquality ykk zipper 3 inside pockets

technic features technic features technology boards hybrid camba dct hybrid camba dct features camba under the bindings with a flat section between this middle zone has a narrower waist and more aggressive sidecut for precision turns and fast initiation of spins pop loaded camber begins just inside the bindings and extends out to the contact points in the tip and tail camba camba is head’s traditional camber profile the board is convex from the tip and tail contact points to an apex in the center of the board which delivers optimum power transfer for pop intense maneuverability and grip flocka flocka combines the precision and predictability of camber and the playfulness of and catch-free ride of rocker in short flocka has a broken in feel but with the solid pop of a new stick technology shape camber technology bindings twin directional kers twin directional boards are not only precision all-mountain riding tools they are equally at ease in the park and pipe while the force i

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