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hello we are being on the innovative side of head snowboards has built technical superior snowboard equipment since the year 2000 our blend of experience technical knowhow innovation and team driven field testing delivers boards boots and bindings for a rider’s complete life-cycle from first turns to groomers big spi ns to steep lines head snowboards delivers the technolog y that make snowboarding better subject powder object tom klocker ride on 4 5

mathias weissenbacher age 22 type slopestyle/kicker austria fredrik evensen age 28 type powder/all mountain norway tom klocker age 24 type powder/park austria sina candrian age 26 type slopestyle kicker switzerland kazushige fujita age 26 type powder all mountain japan christian geiger at claudio schoen at tom wagner at luis eckert de michael miethig de thomas kigle de matthias bumann ch sebastian bumann ch julien emch ch elliot maire ch cÉdric neff ch fÉfÉ pellacani ch tina ramholt ch thomas rÜegg ch sam schaer ch andy walker ch jonat ste-marie ca 10 jp shunta akagawa jp erika fujihara jp itaru fujinuma jp masaomi harada jp rika hatta jp yuka itagaki jp yamato maehara jp saori okada jp asuka shin es fidel alonso se atti holst uk lewis courtier-jones uk becky menday us graham banks us jared elston us taelor mattingley us hailee mattingley 11 ai kunioka age 36 type all mountain

boards the day instinct i kers the day n° 331604 instinct i kers n° 331015 the day is a true powder hound with a nose for the steep and deep hybrid camba pop with its long floaty nose short pintail and camber under the 1.5cm setback bindings gives the board unequalled float and a loaded pop additionally the day is ‘split ready’ thanks to its water-resistant bamboo stringer the instinct i kers is an all-mountain twin directional packed with pop and responsiveness in addition to a kers chip and hybrid camba dct the board is also equipped with framewall which delivers shock absorption and even power distribution for enhanced control and response • hover board architecture • long directional • pro board architecture i • twin directional • sintered base • flex index 6 length cm waist cm effective edge cm sidecut m med stance cm setback cm 147 153 156 161 25.9 26.0 26.6 27.0 104.0 109.0 111.5 112.5 6.0 6.8 6.8 6.8 48 54 56 58 1.5 1.5

new libra architecture graphene is the centerpiece of libra woman snowboard architecture it enables us to build lighter boards that perform to the highest spec 3 shapes feature graphene dct – a lightweight graphene waist combined with control areas in tip tail make this shape our most progressive flocka – lightweight graphene tip tail and control in the board effective edge endows flocka with increased versatility rocka – this forgiving construction profile has an easy-going waist supported by responsive graphene zones in the tip tail libra board architecture iii 1 – topsheet 2 – fiberglass sina 3 – graphene 1 4 – wood core 2 3 5 – sidewall 4 6 – steel edge 5 7 – base 2 6 7 becky libra • lightweight • balance erika saori tina this is the top of the line board architecture for progressive girl rippers endowed with the combined camber shape of hybrid camba dct which is improved with the insertion of a

women boards shine shine n° 331515 pride she s good pride n° 331815 she s good n° 332815 stella stella n° 333815 the shine is an all-mountain twin directional packed with the precision and response of hybrid camba dct’s combined camber it also sports the easy-riding yet reactive torsional flex of a narrowed waist and benefits from a lightweight poplar core for added responsiveness the pride houses traditional camba in a twin directional shape ideal for beginners and intermediates who want to push their riding built features include a weight-saving tip-to-tail poplar core and tough low-maintenance extruded base that guarantees girls durability and flexibility of use the true twin she’s good is a rookie girl’s all-access pass to the world of freestyling the twin shape makes switch tricks a cinch while the tip-to-tail wood core and extruded base make the board poppy yet forgiving and extremely hardwearing the stella is an easy-riding true twin ideal for

bindings nx five df nx one nx five df n° 341314 the nx five df is the binding for progressive shredding featuring dual density dampiflex to enhance the communication of a rider’s intentions to the board’s tip and tail and provide suspension to the inside of the foot the binding also has a full-length grippy eva base cushion with silicone gel pads for added shock-absorption and dual density padding in the auto open total straps for ultimate comfortable and power transmission • silicon dampening • ls highback • toe heel base pads • adjustable toeramp • adjustable toeramp • flex index 8 m l xl 25.0 27.0 27.5 29.0 29.5 32.5 nx one yellow n° 341335 the nx one is an easy-riding all-mountain binding that features a tool-free setup from adjusting the forward lean to finding the perfect fit on the auto open toe straps add to this a forgiving flex pattern exemplary cushioning from an eva base and 3d comfort straps which are both

boots subject object subject powder object kazushige fujita 38 39 lifestyle kazushige fujita fredrik evensen graham

boots seven boa five boa seven boa n° 350015 the seven boa is endowed with performance flex and with serious forward lean for those who like to charge the list of tech in this boot is impressive with enhanced waterproofing from head’s seamless frequency technology support grip and weight-saving qualities of the ninja pro sole an asymmetric cuff cut that delivers an ergonomic fit for supreme comfort boa instep grasp and the progressive power strap for quick and precise fastening and finally perfect fit 2nd skin liner for ultimate comfort and hold • 2nd skin liner • boa instep grasp • frequency technology • control liner • forward lean 9° • ips lacing • flex index 3 • frequency technology • forward lean 11° • flex index 5 eur 24.0 31.5 us 5.5 13.5 six boa focus five boa n° 350115 the five boa is an easy-riding boot for intermediate to advanced riders characterized by a mid forward lean and forgiving yet

youth youth boards subject park object becky menday evil youth evil youth n° 336315 the evil youth is a versatile board built to progress a rookie from linking turns to lapping the park the board’s rocka provides a catch-free smooth ride while an extruded base and tip to tail poplar wood core add to its durability and responsiveness • easy board architecture • true twin 48 49 • extruded base • flex index 3 length cm waist cm effective edge cm sidecut m med stance cm setback cm 118 128 138 148 22.0 23.0 24.0 24.0 50.0 52.0 54.0 54.0 5.5 6.0 7.0 6.5 42 44 46 52 0 0 0 0 rowdy jr rowdy jr n° 336615 the affordable rowdy jr is designed for kids learning their first turns and catching mini airs it features a sturdy cap construction that is short and wide to fit a kid’s proportions and a tip to tail poplar wood core • cap board architecture • true twin • extruded base • flex index 2 length cm waist cm effective edge cm

promowear hoody men sweater men longsleeve men hoody women sweater women libra tshirt women hoody men n° 379505 sweater men n° 379515 longsleeve men n° 379605 hoody women n° 379525 sweater women n° 379535 libra tshirt women n° 379665 size s-xxl size s-xxl size s-xxl size s-l size s-l size s-l day tshirt men logo tshirt women beanie women lifestyle tshirt men force tshirt men lifestyle tshirt men n° 379615 force tshirt men n° 379625 day tshirt men n° 379635 logo tshirt women n° 379675 beanie women n° 379735 size s-xxl size s-xxl size s-xxl size s-l size one size beanie men black/red beanie men grey beanie men darkgrey polo shirt men logo tshirt men polo shirt men n° 379655 logo tshirt men n° 379645 beanie men black/red n° 379705 beanie men grey n° 379715 beanie men darkgrey n° 379725 size s-xxl size s-xxl size one size size one size size one size 54

technology boots outsoles trace the trace sole provides grip dampening stability centred tpr rubber studs offer outstanding traction while the main frame provides superior foot support and stability trace women the trace wmn provides supreme grip dampening stability for ladies feet centred tpr rubber studs deliver traction while the main frame provides world-class foot support and stability flylite weighing only 90 grams the flylite represents the zenith of lightweight and comfortable soles it also features serious shock-absorbent eva cushioning and non-slip grip profile technology boots shell lacing ­options boa the uncompromising state of the art lacing system boa coiler ninja the ninja features a special eva frame that is both lightweight and extremely shock-absorbent with rubber grip on the toe and heel for added traction on snow and ice ninja pro the ninja pro is a multi-density eva sole and features an over-moulded weight-saving mesh construction it also has a gel shock pad