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brake arm claws touching the snow while skiing brake arm claws stopping the perfect backwards landing technologies safety features aaa – series aaattack tyrolia has been the industry leader in the development of retractable ski brakes with the 360r binding revolutionizing the ski binding market in the early 80s as true leaders we do not look back celebrating the successes of the past tyrolia keeps on improving thinking ahead innovating – the result power brake² aaadrenalin aaathletes to satisfy all these demands we are presenting the newly designed superliterail system slr the slr superliterail system is available in only one size and it covers sole lengths ranging from 255 – 338 mm and is perfect for retail rental and demo uses the system is based on a new construction using highly valuable materials the new formula yields an improved weight distribution a lightweight design 15 lighter than the tyrolia powerrail system and it guarantees durability

technologies safety features aaa – series safety features only perfection provides safety aaathletes aaattack tyrolia has dedicated itself especially to active safety as a core characteristic unique safety features such as the exclusive tyrolia abs band and tyrolia diagonal heel offer optimal all-around protection for every skier aaadrenalin race diagonal toe vs full diagonal toe racing full diagonal – intelligent 180° release both horizontally and vertically of the diagonal toe and therefore ensures maximum safety in backward twisting-fall situations powerrail race pro heel vs light diagonal® heel light diagonal® heel with a 150° release range the diagonal heel releases directly into the direction of fall and reduces pressure on knees and ligaments superliterail literail trp-toe system the tyrolia roller pincer toe system trp system with its four rollers and gliding inserts ensure a180° release and exact centering of the ski boot the trp system reduces

neon orange and black are the dominating colors featuring action aesthetics and attack – access all areas for optimal backcountry performance powder skiing or park pipe action the new aaattack 18x is equipped with magnesium wings for more solidity and stability with the specific aaa construction the binding is 160g lighter than the previous peak 18x binding what limits you to make even more turns certainly not the binding now aaathletes aaattack 18x in general technologies come from the top professionals test them and eventually everyday skiers get introduced for daily use for the aaa-series it was actually the other way around free ski aficionados were the first to benefit from the new concept featuring a shorter toe-piece and a horizontal spring in the aaa-series models our tyrolia pro athletes begged us to use it in competition now everybody is happy with great bang for their buck racing the tyrolia aaattack 18x oraaattack 16 feature the race pro heel with a reduced stand

aaa-team riley leboe can “yes sure i will renew my contract i am very happy with the bindings.” jaime puigdengoles esp aaathletes “i am very happy with the bindings!” home lac des piles qc canada winter home vallée du parc qc canada homepage http philcasabon.com facebook http www.facebook.com/philcasabonakabdog the perfect equipment is just a small part of the complete package training is really important and protects you from injuries or kickbacks even in snow free time professional freeskiers like phil casabon try to start their season in good shape “to keep in shape i bike swim and stretch i don’t do too much weight lifting but i would like to get into it again.” but more important to keep the good vibe phil tries to have fun mainly and to “keep that mentality.” home barcelona spain home mountain grandvalira andorra blog http jaimepuigdengoles.blogspot.com facebook http www.facebook.com/themalaspage jaime puigdengoles from

the perfect all-rounder the tyrolia aaadrenalin binding is a perfect option for freeriders who prefer precise downhill control combined with ideal mechanics for short walks to reach untouched paths for a memorable ski experience designed together with freeskiers and backcountry skiers this member of the tyrolia aaa-series is designed for ski widths from 80 mm and wider the tyrolia aaadrenalin brings paramount freeride performance in every terrain on every slope aaambition another tyrolia feature is the possibility to walk in the 0° position after release tyrolia’s climbing aid can easily be operated with a ski pole and it can be positioned in three different angles 0° 7° and 13° for an optimal walking position this improves balance and a secure stand on your way to perfect skiing spots freeride fr pro heel the ultra-wide 80mm heel track makes all the performance difference needed to take this product over the top extra width and the superior kinematics of

alpine touring toe this newcomer in the ski touring segment features the exclusive tyrolia alpine touring at toe which can be easilyadjusted to alpine and touring boot norms one-for-all easy adjustable telescopic tube additionally the aaambition features a unique light-weight telescopic tube which offers an easy adjustment opportunity to different boot sole lengths thus with only one binding model it is possible to cover the entire range of different sole lengths – from 260mm up to 350mm furthermore with the setting of the telescopic tube and through the compact mounting perfect binding positioning on your skis is improved and mid-point deviation is avoided it does not matter if it is a walk through flat terrain or a steep slope up to the summit simply use the ski pole in order to change the climbing aid position and also to lock for the downhill ride brakes individuality considering the different ski widths the tyrolia aaambition comes without brakes this gives you the

powerrail the unrivalled technology for retail demo rental the well-received rail system developed by tyrolia meets the demands of adult skiers while being perfectly suited for both retail and rental sectors the countless features are the key to success for tyrolia powerrail they include easiest handling maximum flexibility optimized performance perfect match more stability and durability freeflex pro 11 stand height 21 mm din 3 – 11 features sx toe with trp system full diagonal abs – anti blocking system freeflex pro race lite heel dura-coated prd 12 stand height 33.5 mm din 3.5 – 12 a no 111803 – matt black/white brake 85 [d features lx light diagonal toe with trp system full diagonal abs – anti blocking system powerrail ld heel dura-coated a no 111729 – matt black/white w/o brake [f 111833 – powder red/white brake 85 [f powerrail race 16 prd 11

junior light diagonal super light diagonal you are never too young to ski safe the tyrolia safety features are particularly important for the next generation of ski stars the easiest imaginable handling coupled with high safety standards guarantee rapid progress for all levels of younger skiers now the tyrolia sx junior as well as the sx kid toes and heels feature the proven kinematic advantages first demonstrated by the adult lx/sx line and perfectly integrated for the younger set the pleasure of steering light and easy lighter and easier to handle the light diagonal bindings from tyrolia are ideally suited for special skiing enjoyment at a low cost a distinction is made between light diagonal and super light diagonal bindings lx – light diagonal the light diagonal binding for experienced skier is the lightest diagonal binding that has ever been available on the market and it is equipped with the innovative lx toe and updated kinematic features above all it still provides the

symrent in these bindings the heel is moveable and can be simply adjusted to almost any size of boot in no time at all it is therefore ideal for mounting on any ski without an integrated system sr 10 stand height 22 mm din 2.5 – 10 features sx toe with trp system full diagonal rent one touch heel length adjustment 84 mm boot length 263 – 351 mm solid colored a no 111876 – solid black/anthracite brake 85 [d sr 4.5 ac stand height 15 mm din 0.75 – 4.5 features sx kid toe with trp system full diagonal afs – anti friction slider junior sx kid one touch heel length adjustment 52 mm boot length 199 – 255 mm spare part 231 – 287 mm solid colored rental a no 111574 – solid black online support plates w/o brake see brake overview for more information page 62 52 53 product overview weight with

a direct link to the spare part oms is available on work.head.com alpine catalogue and databases as well as in thewww.tyrolia.com dealer area “technical support” “spareparts information” “oms icon” technologies safety features 1.1 download once you login-in on your mobile device you will find the head/tyrolia mobile apps in our new technical support section by clicking ”spare parts and information“ you can choose between two operating systems ios for iphone and ipad and android os then select the app compatible with your personal device’s operating system the download will begin as soon as you select the appropriate version installing the apps requires the following for either operating system aaambition access to your internal storage unrestricted access to the internet reading and identifying your device status two different modes you may navigate through the spare parts oms via two different “views”

model color a no z–din prd 12 brake 85 [f powder red/white 111833 3,5-12 prd 12 w /o brake [f matt black/white 111729 prd 11 brake 85 [f white/black stand height heel type toe type toe system afd brake from ab 36 36kg kg 2090 g powerrail 79 lbs lx full diagonal abs powerrail brake² ld 85 33,5 ld 3,5-12 from ab 36 36kg kg 1790 g powerrail 79 lbs 2090 g lx full diagonal abs w/o brake 33,5 ld 111834 3-11 from ab 31 31kg kg 2040 g powerrail 67 lbs sx full diagonal abs powerrail brake² ld 85 33,5 ld prd 11 brake 85 [f powder red/white 111835 3-11 from ab 31 31kg kg 2040 g powerrail 67 lbs sx full diagonal abs powerrail brake² ld 85 33,5 ld pr 11 brake 78 [g solid black/silver 111733 3-11 from ab 31 31kg kg 1770 g powerrail 67 lbs sx full diagonal afs powerrail brake sl 78 31,0 sx 3-11 from ab 31 31kg kg 1770 g powerrail 67 lbs afs powerrail brake sl 90 31,0 sx sx full diagonal afs powerrail brake sl 78 31,0 sx pr