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everything you need to know about binocular loupes ergonomic and optical factors magnification the most commonly used magnification is 2.5 x this applies to dentistry as well as other specialist medical areas the 2.5 is equally suitable for novices and experienced users with more experience higher magnifications can be used particularly for micro-surgery the complete range of heine loupes covers magnifications from 2 x to 6 x x y working distance x depth focus y heine offers the ideal working distance for every application and user from 250 mm to 520 mm the optimum working distance is not based on the loupe but on the size of the user and the type of treatment the depth of focus for loupes is very simple to determine you measure the closest and furthest distance in which an object can be seen in focus the advantage of heine loupes is that due to an extremely high depth of focus of up to 290mm you can choose the working distance which is best and most ergonomic for you ­ regardless

bright crisp images heine binocular loupes heine binocular loupes set standards for innovative optics combined with high-tech materials and production techniques a wide range of applications in many disciplines general medicine dermatology minor and some major surgery plastic surgery neuro-surgery ent ophthalmology veterinary medicine dentistry etc the use of magnifying loupes will increase your visual acuity and reduce eye strain careful selection of working distance and correct viewing angle will prevent back and neck strain by allowing a comfortable working position in combination with the heine s-frame® or s-guard® spectacle frames and your choice of led light the binocular loupes form part of an integrated system suitable for universal applications heine-tip three easy steps to select your heine binocular loupe 1 simply select the lowest magnification that will meet your needs the lower the magnification the larger the field of view and the easier the loupe will be to use 2

009 heine hr® binocular loupe sets set a contents optics s-frame with rigid loupe-carrier for hr 2 x or s-frame with i-view loupe mount for hr 2.5 x loupes with i-view for s-frame detachable protective lenses 2 sterilisable swivel levers retaining cord cleaning fluid carrying case set b contents optics professional l headband with i-view loupe-carrier for the professional l headband s-guard splash protection detachable protective lenses 2 sterilisable swivel levers cleaning fluid set a set c contents optics s-frame with i-view loupe-carrier detachable protective lenses 2 sterilisable swivel levers retaining cord cleaning fluid carrying case led loupelight mpack ll en 50 with protective lenses large lg set b binocular loupe sets with 2 x magnification ideal for general medicine minor surgery and hygienists working-distance 340 mm c-000.32.325 c-000.32.505 working-distance 420 mm c-000.32.322 c-000.32.502 working-distance 520 mm c-000.32.326 c-000.32.506 set configuration a with

012 heine hr-c® binocular loupes super-compact and lightweight binocular loupe particularly recommended for general dental use and surgery colour correction and excellent depth of focus hr high resolution ­ chromatic optics with exclusive multi-coating technology for the brightest crispest images super light weight 45 g including frame greatest user-comfort over extended periods modern compact design the advanced compact and functional design makes it easy to look past the optics when an unmagnified view is preferred precise optical adjustment heine binocular loupes have independently-adjustable optics left and right to adjust the exact inter-pupillary distance pd and a 3-link adjustable mounting arm water and dust-resistant the loupes are water and dust resistant according to [ip65/iec 60529 2000 ensuring ease of cleaning/disinfection specifications magnification working distance field of view dia weight with frame depth of field hr-c 2.5 x 340 mm 2.5 x 340 mm 60 mm 50 g 110

014 accessories for heine s-frame® heine s-guard® s-frame retaining cord s-frame replacement part set with side rubbers nosepad 1 piece and screw correction frame for corrective lenses protective lenses large lg 1 pair protective lenses small sm 1 pair cleaning fluid for lenses pack of 2 c-000.32.305 c-000.32.308 c-000.32.309 c-000.32.306 c-000.32.307 c-000.32.542 headbands for heine hr® hrp® und hr-c® binocular loupes professional l headband highly-recommended for hrp and hr 2.5 x prismatic loupes adjustable for height and width so that a comfortable fit is always assured in this way the headband can be customized to fit one or more users perfectly optics can be swung out of the line of sight and returned to the original position in one easy movement lets you combine the magnification optics with your own glasses if preferred comfortable head cushions front and back fits any head shape elongated optics mount for increased downward viewing angle as far as 30° ergonomic

heine led loupelight® compact loupelight for hr-c hr and hrp binocular

019 heine 3s led headlight® powerful led illumination the ultra bright and compact 3s led headlight for powerful coaxial illumination 50,000 lux of bright white light with a reference colour temperature of 6,250 kelvin and an extraordinary 50,000 lux of illumination compact and lightweight the compact design ensures clear unobstructed co-axial illumination the 3s led headlight weighs only 70 grams ensuring user comfort even during long periods of use flexibility continuously-adjustable spot size and brightness control mains or portable power supply integrated attachment options for hr hrp binocular loupes and prism optics for video adaptation micro-absorption system for the integrated cooling fan ensures quiet and vibration-free operation optional yellow filter reduces blue light can be selected to avoid premature hardening of composite materials 3s led headlight with headband professional l technical specification illumination colour temperature led operating life 3s led

021 heine 3s led headlight® kits and unplugged kits recommended 3s led hr hrp kits recommended product order configurations to ensure the most flexibility the 3s led hr/hrp system has to offer the following kits include main system elements but no carrying case or ancillary accessories consisting of 3s led with headband professional l mpack and plug-in transformer headband-mounted brightness control s-guard splash protection i-view loupe bracket cleaning fluid kit 1 with hr binocular loupe 2.5 x 340 mm j-008.31.345 kit 2 with hr binocular loupe 2.5 x 420 mm j-008.31.346 kit 3 with hrp binocular loupe 3.5 x 420 mm j-008.31.347 kit 4 with hrp binocular loupe 4 x 340 mm j-008.31.348 kit 5 with hrp binocular loupe 6 x 340 mm j-008.31.349 recommended 3s led unplugged hr hrp kits contents similar to 3s led hr hrp kits 1-5 but with wall unit en 50 unplugged with 2 x mpack unplugged kit 6 with hr binocular loupe 2.5 x 340 mm kit 7 with hr binocular loupe 2.5 x 420 mm kit 8 with

024 heine mpack® heine mpack ll® freedom from cables that tie the user to desk wall or static power supplies triple the capacity with li-ion technology compared with current nicd systems when fully charged at least 3 x the capacity of conventional nicd systems more than double of other li-ion systems no memory effect fast charge charges to full capacity in just 2 hours charge status display always lets you know how much operating charge you have left flexible charging options charge in the en 50 base station or with mobile transformer intelligent automatically switches to charge mode when inserted in en50 can also be used as mains power supply even while in charge mode automatic remote power adjustment for compatibility with all heine 6 v and selected led instruments flexible illumination control can be used in conjunction with hc 50 headband mounted rheostat 100­240 v compatible transformer incl 4 plugs for world wide compatibility new li-ion battery city battery capa fast

heine subsidiary companies heine representatives a company makes history and gives a name to outstanding product quality heine founded in 1946 family owned rich in tradition and today international market leader in a complete range of diagnostic instruments heine products meet all international standards iso/ce and represent the leading edge in precision and ergonomic design ongoing dedication to research and development has created a solid and diverse technology base for continued quality and product leadership over 500 employees worldwide contribute to this success germany heine optotechnik gmbh co kg 82211 herrsching kientalstr 7 tel +49 0 81 52-38 0 fax +49 0 81 52-3 82 02 e-mail north america heine usa ltd 10 innovation way dover nh 03820 tel 603 742 -7103 fax 603 742 -7217 toll free 800 367 4872 e-mail australia heine australia pty ltd unit 9 98 old pittwater road p.o box 717 brookvale 2100 new south wales tel +61 0 2-99 38 95