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11 section dermatoscopes 081 early recognition of malignant melanoma is becoming increasingly important in dermatology in germany the annual increase in reported new cases is between 5 and 10 in parts of the world with a fair-skinned population the incidence has almost doubled in the last 15 years early recognition and diagnosis is the key to improved healing rates heine optotechnik s long experience as market leader in dermatoscopy has enabled us to set a new standard for image quality with the delta 20 dermatoscope heine delta 20® dermatoscope dermatoscope with led illumination for dermatoscopic examination of pigmented skin lesions and early diagnosis of malignant melanoma dermatoscopy oil is applied to the skin to make the outer skin layers more transparent the delta 20 makes structure changes visible the differential diagnosis of initial malignant melanoma and other pathologies is made easier and more accurate with delta 20 high-resolution optics with achromatic lense system

082 11 section dermatoscopes heine mini 3000® dermatoscope a dermatoscope in a handy pocket format modern pocket dermatoscope in a compact design with high-quality optics 10 x magnification with focusing optics metal threaded connector can only be used with the mini 3000 handle system 10 x magnification large high-resolution image solid metal construction durable and tough enhanced xhl xenon halogen technology for more light very bright concentrated white light for perfect illumination attachment clip with integrated on off switch secure switches off automatically when returned to the pocket 20.000 switch cycles guaranteed high-quality handle chrome-finish upper section refined plastic shockproof sturdy non-slip 2-piece handle and head easy to maintain flexible detailed compendium with photographic atlas included simplifies the differential diagnosis of pigmented lesions replaceable batteries size aa mini 3000 dermatoscope et de modern pock solid rmatoscope 2.5 v ction metal

11 section dermatoscope accessories 083 accessories for the delta 20 dermatoscope contact plate 23 mm dia without scale 01 23 mm dia with scale 01 small contact plate 8 mm dia 02 for the examination of inaccessible lesions k-000.34.203 k-000.34.204 k-000.34.205 01 02 dermatoscopy oil pack of 6 x 10 ml it is applied to the external skin layers making them transparent k-000.34.005 adaptor cord 1.3 m for instrument handle x-000.99.231 beta belt clip for beta handle x-000.99.008 photo accessory set not shown includes slr photo adaptor adaptor cord and beta belt clip photo accessory set for canon k-000.34.190 same for nikon k-000.34.191 same for olympus k-000.34.192 accessories for mini 3000 dermatoscope contact plate contact plate without scale 01 contact plate with scale 01 small contact plate 8 mm dia 02 for the examination of inaccessible lesions d-000.78.116 d-000.78.117 k-000.34.008 01 02 dermatoscopy oil pack of 6 x 10 ml is applied to the external skin layers