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130 20 section fiber optic projectors fiber optic f.o projector heine xenon 1000® the extraordinary light output of up to 125,000 lux and a colour temperature of 6,000 k ­ close to daylight ­ make the xenon 1000 the light source of choice for the most demanding examination conditions dimensions are identical to hk 7000 high-tech 100 w xenon bulb close to daylight extended bulb life of up to 300 hours electronic control of mains voltage aspheric illumination optics intense light with high colour temperature continuous light intensity adjustment without colour temperature changes allows brightness reduction with no red shift of light folding handle easy to transport for desk wall or floor-mounting adaptable to individual needs f.o projector xenon 1000 brightness co ntrol xenon 1000 fuse included y-096.15.117 continuous xenon bulb rature color termpe of 6,00 0 k xhl xenon spare bulb 100 w y-096.15.108 fiber optic f.o projector heine hk 7000® the f.o projector hk 7000

20 section fiber optic projectors 131 standard fiber optic f.o cable for heine fiber optic projectors for f.o projector hk 4000 hk 7000 and xenon 1000 length incl handle 180 cm 4 mm fiber bundle of high quality outstanding light transmission highly flexible cable inner metal sheathing resistant to kinking smooth outer plastic sheathing easy to clean standard fiber optic cable y-003.99.518 wheeled stand suitable for all heine fiber optic projectors and for projectors of other manufacturers dimensions height 900 mm weight 3,500 g base-plate width 180 mm height 150 mm depth 240 mm 5 legs with 60 cm wide base ensures stability 2 wheel brakes holds the stand securely in position wheeled stand ­ without base-plate wheeled stand ­ with base-plate y-096.50.001 y-096.50.002 230 v is the standard mains voltage if a different voltage is required e g 120 v please specify when ordering light powersources

132 20 section fiber optics projectors adaptor between projectors and f.o cable short adaptors projector manufacturer heine heine heine heine richard wolf storz olympus fuji pentax f.o cable manufacturer storz richard wolf acmi olympus heine heine heine heine heine f.o y-096.12.104 y-096.12.105 y-096.12.107 y-096.12.108 y-096.12.120 y-096.12.102 y-096.12.106 y-096.12.118 y-096.12.119 adaptor between instrument and f.o cable adaptor handles instrument manufacturer heine f.o cable manufacturer winter ibe storz olympus richard wolf acmi olympus f.o y-096.12.115 y-096.12.116 y-096.12.117 heine heine short adaptors instrument manufacturer heine f.o cable manufacturer winter ibe storz olympus richard wolf acmi olympus f.o y-096.12.109 y-096.12.111 y-096.12.112 heine heine winter&ibe storz olympus richard wolf up to 12/2003 from 01/2004 heine heine y-096.12.113 y-096.12.114 for information on heine fiber optic projectors see pages