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benefit plus telemedical health advice medical advice for yo u around the

benefit plus is very simple right procedure for health problems benefit plus with telemedical health advice call to centre for telemedicine patient further treatment centre for telemedicine doctor/hospital 1 when a health problem occurs the insured person first calls the centre for telemedicine at the number 0800 800 090 2 the call is answered the health problem is discussed and the urgency of the need for further treatment is assessed 3 if necessary this is followed by a visit to the doctor or hospitalisation if necessary the medical professional or doctor arranges a follow-up call to ask about the insured person›s condition important before a follow-up doctor›s visit or further referrals the insured person must again contact the centre for

in an emergency go directly to doctor hospital patient inform centre for telemedicine doctor/hospital patient centre for telemedicine 1 in an emergency the patient can go directly to an emergency doctor or a hospital a situation is considered to be an emergency if the patient›s condition is life-threatening or immediate treatment is needed 2 important after receiving treatment the insured person must inform the centre for telemedicine about the consultation this information ensures that further treatment can be

frequently asked questions about benefit plus with telemedical health advice if i suffer from a chronic illness do i can the doctor at the centre for always have to call the centre for telemedicine issue a prescription for telemedicine first before going to the medication doctor yes this is possible but only for certain yes in this case too you have to first illnesses the medical professional or contact the medical professional or doc doctor at the centre for telemedicine tor at the centre for telemedicine who would be happy to discuss this with you will arrange all further contacts with you it is possible to agree longer periods of must i also call the centre for telemedi no contact or to issue a referral that is cine first before i go for a vaccination valid for one year yes you also have to call the telemedical health advice if you need a vaccination how is the right treatment plan for me determined what happens in an emergency you agree the binding treatment plan that you have to

what happens if the insured person what is a real consultation does not meet the above obligations a real consultation is a visit to the doctor the insurer is entitled to exclude the recommended by the centre for telemed insured person from the benefit plus icine insurance if the insurance conditions or treatment plan agreed with the centre what must i do if the attending for telemedicine is not observed if an doctor refers me to another obligation is breached the insured doctor e.g specialist person can be transferred to a regular you must inform the telemedical health basic insurance policy advice so that the centre for telemedicine is always informed of the latest insured persons do not have to contact status of your treatment the centre for telemedicine before gynaecological check-ups obstetric care when do the co-payments start dental treatment and subsequent tests only with the real consultation after by an ophthalmologist to adjust visual referral by the medical professional

0800 800 090 do you have any questions about benefit plus 0844 80 81 82 more information is available at helsana group po box 8081 zurich the helsana group comprises helsana insurance company helsana supplementary insurance helsana accidents and progrès hel-01618-en-1116-0001-37107 hel-01618-de-0216-0001-34605 centre for