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helsana advocare legal expenses insurance committed to your rights your advantages at a glance legal protection tailored to your needs legal advice and representation in the event of disputes involving civil motoring and internet law legal protection on the internet helsana advocare extra innovative cover including property insurance benefits civil legal expenses insurance advocare plus and extra → insurance disputes e.g with home contents insurance → disputes with your landlord e.g following rental increases → disputes with your employer e.g after a termination → contractual disputes e.g regarding purchase agreements travel contracts or orders → disputes with neighbours e.g due to disturbances or boundary issues → disputes concerning constructions requiring permits e.g extensions or conservatories → advice in other areas e.g in matters relating to family or inheritance law or the law of persons tax law purchase of property motorists’ legal expenses cover advocare plus und extra → compensation for claims in respect of damage to property e.g to your car → contractual disputes e.g related to the purchase leasing rental or repair of a vehicle → the provision of defence in criminal proceedings e.g for an unwarranted fine → representation in administrative proceedings e.g for the confiscation of an id internet legal expenses insurance advocare extra only → property insurance benefits e.g compensation in the case of non-delivery or delivery of the wrong items → disputes arising from online agreements → disputes where the insured is the victim of a phishing or hacking attack → disputes where the insured is the victim of cybermobbing → violation of personality rights → disputes arising from copyright violations please note helsana advocare plus or helsana advocare extra can only be taken out by those who already have top completa or omnia supplementary insurance or are applying for one of these at the same time with these supplementary insurance policies helsana advocare plus and helsana advocare extra are free of charge for children and young adults up to the age of 18 young people from the age of 19 to 25 receive a 50 discount and from the age of 26 a partner discount of 25 is available.